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  1. Savage 99 in .300 Savage Winchester M12 in 16 gauge 1911 in .38 Super Remington Rolling Block #4 in .22 short. Just so whoever ends up with my guns wastes all their time looking for ammo.
  2. If you come up to the clays range to shoot cowboy clays, the shot size is 7 1/2 or smaller.
  3. This is one I made and had on my computer at my last job
  4. Denzel Washington could have made a great western playing Bass.
  5. In two years anyone who can operate a can opener could probably learn to slick up a 97. I'm convinced many gunsmiths work are self employed because they couldn't possibly work for anyone.
  6. Don't have any post-war M&P, but my favorite is a adjustable sight model with a serial number just a couple hundred off the one Ed McGivern set a number of speed shooting records. If you feel the double action trigger you'll know why.
  7. Hamer at 50, is about 200 in Hollywood years.
  8. Never shoot a stage that has "Stop, Drop, and Roll" as part of the instructions.
  9. I've had 2 Keurigs, and finally gave up on them. Hard to clean, tempermental, etc... Bought a cheap single serve Hamilton Beach Flexbrew. It works with kcups, and also has a basket. Brews strong coffee. Slow, but who cares. Cleaning? A breeze.
  10. Handsome little fellow helping to keep mice out of the traps at Founders.
  11. Find a local club, go to a shoot, ask questions.
  12. You'd be more than welcome. EOT is like a big family party and we're always looking for new pards. If you're above ground and moving you'll have a great time!
  13. Only heard of one instance in person (as opposed to internet). It involved a lighweight scandium j frame dropped on a hard surface. Guy got it fixed and apparently has had no more issues. Only had a few of the lock guns myself (prefer pre Bangor Punta guns), but none have ever caused a problem.
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