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  1. The pair of schofields and the leather worn by Ben Foster in that movie showed up in a local NM gunstore. A bit too rich for my wallet, but nice.
  2. Been in NM about 30 years and have never seen the New Mexico state magazine.
  3. I cannot speak to that, but FR only opened to shooters other than SASS (particularly during EOT) in 2011 with the beginnings of the sporting clays area.
  4. If you are a SASS member you are automatically a Founders Ranch member. The non-cowboy members of both the rifle/pistol range and the sporting clays range generate revenue to maintain and improve the facilities.
  5. Brevity is the soul of wit. As it should be with many other areas of the human endeavor. Sellers sell, buyers buy.
  6. That's a good price for a take-down model in that condition. These guns are usually pretty beat up. I'd go for it, but I already have one almost identical that I paid a lot more for.
  7. Fantastic book. Spoke about it to one of our shooters, and he said his father was a truck driver in the 3rd Armored. His Dad never got over General Rose being killed, even many years later.
  8. Some guy showed up at the range with a Wally World 100 pack of Winchester 12 gauge with a Pumpkin Spice label on it. It's gotten to the point of parody.
  9. Just gather up and reuse the plastic ones. A guy I know did this when he was stationed somewhere reloading supplies were hard to come by. Put them in a mesh bag and tumbled them in a dryer. Said it did OK.
  10. That makes me wish I'd had children so I could sell one.
  11. The S prefix was used from the late 40's when the hammer block was added as a "safety" feature until 1968, when the N prefix began following the GCA. If there is a star on the gun (probably bottom of the grip frame) that indicates it was re-nickeled at the factory. I doubt that is the case, this one looks like it had the dog squeeze buffed out of it.
  12. The possibilities are endless.
  13. It has a very substantial feel for a small gun. The trigger is excellent, both on firing and reset. It has less perceived recoil (to me) than a Walther P99 and Glock 17. Might not be best for large hands though.
  14. It's a miracle that Colt doesn't consist of empty factories. They're a text book case of how not to do things.
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