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  1. I gotta have it. PM me on where to send the gold.
  2. The new world runs on two rules: Anything I don't like is racist. Anyone I don't like is Hitler.
  3. I did prisoner intake at the county lockup a few times. Never got asked if someone was in cellblock B or the like. Of course, never got cavity searched at the Embassy Suites either. Life is full of trade offs.
  4. If you're traveling on Rt 40, it's about 20 minutes from the Edgewood NM exit to see Founders Ranch. Call me at 505-934-2533, and with some advance notice I'd be glad to give you a tour even if we're not open at the time (normal hours Wed-Sun 10 to 3).
  5. So cousin Eddie doesn't have to use the storm drain.
  6. Doug Turnbull, one of the best firearms restorers in the world.
  7. The pair of schofields and the leather worn by Ben Foster in that movie showed up in a local NM gunstore. A bit too rich for my wallet, but nice.
  8. Been in NM about 30 years and have never seen the New Mexico state magazine.
  9. I cannot speak to that, but FR only opened to shooters other than SASS (particularly during EOT) in 2011 with the beginnings of the sporting clays area.
  10. If you are a SASS member you are automatically a Founders Ranch member. The non-cowboy members of both the rifle/pistol range and the sporting clays range generate revenue to maintain and improve the facilities.
  11. Brevity is the soul of wit. As it should be with many other areas of the human endeavor. Sellers sell, buyers buy.
  12. That's a good price for a take-down model in that condition. These guns are usually pretty beat up. I'd go for it, but I already have one almost identical that I paid a lot more for.
  13. Fantastic book. Spoke about it to one of our shooters, and he said his father was a truck driver in the 3rd Armored. His Dad never got over General Rose being killed, even many years later.
  14. Ithaca NID Grade 5 in 16 gauge. Less than 40 made.
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