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  1. It's a miracle that Colt doesn't consist of empty factories. They're a text book case of how not to do things.
  2. All things Glock. A Ruger Bisley Hunter in .44 Mag. Wasn't used to the grip shape, and shot a bunch of 300 gr hard cast through it. Crushed a nerve in the web of my hand, still have a numb spot on my thumb 16 years later.
  3. S&W 4586, a stainless DAO 3rd gen gun in .45 ACP. Great trigger for a revolver shooter, enough weight to damp recoil, but I just couldn't shoot it straight. Connecticut Shotgun RBL 20 gauge. Beautiful gun, but thick through the wrist compared to AYA's and the like. Any plastic handgun until the recently introduced SIG P365.
  4. I had a bit of a "frough" in college, but that doesn't make me an expert.
  5. He learned from Cheetah, as well a how to roll your own.
  6. I remember them as a kid in Maryland. I also remember when there were small local soda makers. Frostie Root beer and Marvel's Ginger ale. Last time I saw either, it was in a vending machine with the long thin door where you pulled the bottle out.
  7. https://www.amazon.com/Cobra-45-70-416-Cleaning-Snake/dp/B06XYV4PB8/ref=sr_1_5?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_qv2vb6N5AIVF6rsCh3geQJ9EAAYASAAEgLxM_D_BwE&hvadid=178138374906&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9030437&hvnetw=g&hvpos=1t1&hvqmt=e&hvrand=15647078853874389371&hvtargid=kwd-109487182367&hydadcr=9657_9895554&keywords=bore+snake+45-70&qid=1566168010&s=gateway&sr=8-5
  8. The future sure ain't what it used to be either.
  9. My solution is to not go to California.
  10. Cool, I may be recovered by then.
  11. We find lost items on the range from time to time. Don't throw away anything that is not clearly trash. Have a box of stuff up here at the shotgun range.
  12. Just went down and made a couple passes around the tree in that area. Didn't find either badge or lock. We did range wide trash pickup yesterday and would not have thrown either away if we'd found them. Will continue to keep an eye out and let other folks know it might be out there. Just saw Garrison head down, maybe he has sharper eyes than me.
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