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  1. For Sale. I have no use for it now. I made this when I'd been thinking that I would live down in the mountain area of east San Diego county. Mountain lions are a very real problem out there. This was to be a short range ( ie. woods gun ) for a mountain lion area. Started out as an under lever Husqvarna double barred 12 ga. I put in a .45-70 insert in the right barrel. The insert is 18 in. long and has an extractor. The original barrels are 20 in. long. There is a tang sight. The insert is not a put it in/ take it out proposition. It is IN for good. Forced in with a soft copper ring around it that conformed to the interior of the 12 ga. barrel. The left 12 ga. barrel has a 3 in. chamber. I have only shot it with black power loads. The .45-70 barrel shoots very well with hard cast .459 diameter bullets. Fluid Barrels not Damascus. Bullets, brass and dies are included. $ 500.00 including shipping to C&R or to your FFL. I love it. ! But am getting rid of the things that I really .. . but have no use for. It needs to move on to someone that has a use for it and will love it. Private message to me please. Wolfgang
  2. I heard a third hand warning this morning of a bit storm coming that may bring snow to Palm Spring. I'm located about 40 miles north of there at 3,000 ft in the high desert. I played safe just now by getting out a wheel barrow and moving wood. Both in sided that cottage and filling up the outside "dry wood" storage area. Also covered the wood that is in the wood ricks. Do not know if the warning has merit or not.
  3. The Moral of that Story . . . . . "Don't carve you name on a Moose"
  4. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7647139/Heavily-pregnant-mother-uses-AR-15-kill-home-intruder-two-men-burst-Florida-home.html
  5. I have one of those. Great coat, admired wherever I go. Attempts to buy it off of me. I wear it in my Buffalo Bill Cody act. No. Do not need another one. But BTT for you . . . .
  6. Elmer Kieth related that he poked a "dead" Elk in the but with his rifle barrel and it came to life, . . almost killed him.
  7. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7610131/Arkansas-hunter-66-dies-attacked-deer-hed-just-shot.html
  8. Got one I could sell, . . but won't be home until early Nov. In case you are still looking for one then . . . .
  9. My first gun was an Ithica "Saddle Gun" . . .single shot .22 Looks like and old time lever gun, but is a falling block single shot .22 Don't know if it is still made ? But available used. I got one for my grandsons.
  10. I know I can get one at any of those. Wondered if anyone had one that didn't need.
  11. looking for a spare cylinder for a Pietta '51 Colt.
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