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  1. The post that @Popcorn Kelly did got me to thinking about another aspect of EOT and that is how many times do people attend. The back story to this is after having shot EOT in 2017 and 2019 I wondered if there was any way to have a look at the all the overall times in each category and compare them to previous years. OK, not an exact science for a whole bunch of reasons but it was interesting. Not going into that here. However, one outcome of converting the score sheets was having a list of shooters for each year. Why not have a look at how many times people have attended? Now,
  2. First post here so be gentle Been lurking for a while just to get the hang of your forum and forum etiquette, now it's time to jump in and have a yarn with you blokes and ladies about all things cowboy and such. My wife and I live in Central Queensland where we own a 120 acre property, but we both work on a 100000 acre station about 4 hours up the road, where we run a mixed organic cattle, stud cattle and grain aggregation. I got involved in CAS a few years ago with our son and shoot most months at a club about 2 hours drive away. Apart from all that, the really exciting news (fo
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