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  1. 1982 This iconic Australian movie based on one of the best known bush poems in our history had Kirk Douglas playing two characters in the one movie. Can you identify both characters?
  2. It was 4 PM here So all good........oh wait, I was at work
  3. We do mate, but we do not need a Visa, same for Kiwi's coming to Australia. There's a Trans Tasman agreement which is a bi-lateral travel agreement between the countries.
  4. https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/23/australia/australia-firefighter-crash-intl-hnk/index.html Condolences to the family and friends, prayers sent from down under
  5. And another big thankyou to the US and Canadian crews coming our way to help out. Saw a news item where our federal government has reached out for firefighters with remote and self sufficient abilities to come over, and I know the US and Canadian firefighters are some of the best at fighting wildfires so their support is much appreciated. I was listening to one of the command centres in New South Wales tasking crews and amongst all the usual stuff a Firecom voice came over that sounded just like one of the great Utah ladies that adopted us two years ago at EOT I'm not an expert on all the drawls but definitely not Louisiana or Boston
  6. Most of you would have seen or heard about the bushfires in Australia, things are not getting better on the weather front and the firefighting effort is getting stretched. Just saw today that there are US firefighters coming over to help along with the Canadians and Kiwis already on the fireground. I was a firefighter and I know the feeling of relief when fresh legs turn up. Thankyou to all the fireys and their extended families for your support and thankyou to the US, Canada and New Zealand for helping out when needed.
  7. Here ya go https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/legendary-aussie-crocodile-wrangler-captures-monstrous-five-metre-predator-that-had-been-eating-cows-on-an-outback-property/ar-BBXzXhN?li=AA4RE4&%252525252525253Bocid=spartanntp
  8. First post here so be gentle Been lurking for a while just to get the hang of your forum and forum etiquette, now it's time to jump in and have a yarn with you blokes and ladies about all things cowboy and such. My wife and I live in Central Queensland where we own a 120 acre property, but we both work on a 100000 acre station about 4 hours up the road, where we run a mixed organic cattle, stud cattle and grain aggregation. I got involved in CAS a few years ago with our son and shoot most months at a club about 2 hours drive away. Apart from all that, the really exciting news (for us) is a change of circumstance has provided us the opportunity to head over to End of Trail this year, so our son, his fiancée, my wife and I will be heading over your way in June! Shooter number 39 and 40 (the girls aren't shooting). I was in the states back in late November 1989 (that sounds like a lifetime ago) training with the techs from head office in Chicago but we also had a bit of a holiday around LA and did some work in Washington DC so my wife and I are really looking forward to coming back and seeing some different parts of the country with the added benefit of meeting the CAS community in the US. We have already started talking to a few of the other Aussie shooters that have been to the states to get an idea of what we need to do to comply with all the regulations, but I might have a few questions for the brains trust here. Anyway, thanks for reading and it would be great to meet up if you are at EOT. Regards JP P.S. Did I mention we were excited?
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