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  1. I’ve owned a sold many cap & ball pistols over the years. I’ve never owned an 1851. I bought two yesterday. I have some black powder and some 777. Also what I call floor sweep reinactors black powder. My buddy likes the floor sweep to shoot antique weapon. A little more sizzle and less bang. What’s your favorite loads. i shoot for frontiersman for fun and don’t worry too much about my scores. How does .36 caliber do on knockdowns? Use conicals for more momentum? Thanks, Come On Christmas
  2. Cimarron’s copy sez it is an 1860 with a Leech and Rigdon barrel. I'm not going for it the cylinder seems long more like one of the later dragoons. I can tell I’m gonna love it. What do other owners think? Come On Christmas
  3. I’m glad I came back under a gnu alias. i intend to have “kinder gentler” information seeking posts. Not like the “thousand points of light” over Baghdad like before. I’m a gnu man. Father Christmas
  4. Are the RWS percussion caps good quality? Like the 250 count.
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