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  1. Barrel down can be done safely, position cart at side berm or near LT and maintain muzzle control. As always check with the MD first. Good Luck
  2. Yep, only two categories require boots. Shoes...I can't wear boots so I wear my Red Wing oxfords, have a pair of cap toes for dress-up. Or you could just go barefoot and shirtless with rolled up bibs and a stove top hat Might look like one of Fetus Hagans cousins...."Nobody" would know the difference. Good Luck
  3. This, I usually wear my Red Wing Oxford shoes...…..have a pair of cap toes for dress up. Good Luck
  4. Ta Daaa!! there you go Ta Daaa!! and he has a Marlin Good Luck
  5. Yep, start going to some matches, tell MD you are coming, someone will let you borrow one and/or may have one you can try to buy. FWIH the new Marlins are ok now, get a spring kit including SS mag spring and follower. Have a gunsmith fix Marlin jamb and install new springs. Check out the folks at Paradise Pass, not to far from you. Good Luck http://www.paradisepassregulators.com/
  6. I use the Hornady Powder Cop, works for me. Good Luck
  7. I know one feller that used oven cleaner on a 97s wood to remove years of oily dark stain. He made sure he rinsed all the cleaner before moving on to sand and refinish. Good Luck
  8. Nope, I like thick heavy clouds with a low ceiling I shoot the KY state match one time when it was like that in the mornings, you could barely see anything after a couple of shots It was great Get some black and red paint and just do it We paint a border on all of our rifle/pistol targets. Good Luck JefroRelax-Enjoy
  9. Dang, he catches every trick...……….GAMER!!
  10. Gamer is not a dirty word The ones I know I call friend
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