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  1. Nice, may get more lookers and sell faster in the Classifieds......Good Luck https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/forum/14-sass-wire-classifieds/
  2. SDQ - Failure to adhere to loading and unloading procedures.
  3. Yep 1 - Don't buy anything until you have been to several matches and handle all the different firearms you can. 2 - Don't buy anything until you have been to several matches and handle all the different firearms you can. 3 - Don't buy anything until you have been to several matches and handle all the different firearms you can. Get ahold of the Match Directors, they can often arrange several different firearms for you to try, and maybe some one on one time to help you get started. I used to carry enough guns and leather for several shooters in case someone new showed up, I no longer do that unless someone gets ahold of me first. If you plan on sharing guns at first try to outfit each shooter with good leather. Take your time, good deals pop up all the time...….Good Luck
  4. Howdy Shifty and welcome. Most of us use the same 38sp 125gr TC in our rifles that we use in our pistols. Just make sure to load it long enough if your rifle is OAL sensitive, 1.423 works for me. However I usually shoot 158gr Big Lubes and real BP, for smokeless powder I use Red Dot. Good Luck JR-E
  5. I'm sure the hammer was down on the rifle.....and he meet requirement for revolver hammers down on empty chambers...…..next shooter
  6. Ta Daaaaa!! At least you beat max score, good job
  7. Stick with real BP and Big Lube bullets, you'll be glad you did. Clean up is real easy with any water based cleaner, I prefer Murphy's Mix. Lube and protect with Ballistol. Check out the "Darksiders Den" and the ""Dark Arts" at CASCITY for more info. Good Luck http://www.cascity.com/forumhall/index.php?board=19.0 http://www.cascity.com/forumhall/index.php/topic,18257.0.html
  8. You don't have to wear boots, leather shoes are just fine, as are leather work boots. I usually wear my Red Wing oxfords, have a pair of captoes for dress up Good Luck
  9. HuhI remember the Blue Plate Special down at Woolworths...…..countertop and bar stools. Meatloaf day was almost as good as two hot dogs or hamburger steak 'n gravy Yum...Yum
  10. Yep, I took a pair of Piettas to my gunsmith to have the bushing removed. He asked me "why?? they were put in with a press just like Colts.....but if you want them out I have a press to remove them and I'll polish them for you." I had them removed anyhow cause I shoot BP and was worried about fouling getting in there. He told me I worry to much, keep 'em clean and lubed and they'll be fine. Good Luck
  11. Clean with Murphy's Mix...…...Spray, patch and wipe with Ballistol So easy a caveman could do it Good Luck
  12. Yep, we still do them about every other month. Reload one and hit the bonus for chance at door prize, (free match) a miss is not a miss. I wish we still did more pistol reloads, I though they were fun, and fairly easy with a little practice. Good Luck
  13. Yep GW II by Pietta, Cimarron Frontier by Pietta are really nice, same gun as the GW II but CCH is real and they're slicked up a little. Uberti models with real firing pin, I prefer the grips on the Cimarron Model P. Don't buy anything until you have been to several matches and handled the different models. Get ahold of the match directors, they can often arrange several models to try. Good Luck
  14. Howdy Toranado, straight up to and from loading tables has been allowed since as long as I can remember, ("Muzzles Up, please proceed to the unloading table") especially when loading tables are well up range from the line. Straight up and slightly downrange is recommended for common firing lines. Straight up during the stage with a loaded long gun could be a problem either racking the slide or lever, clearing a jamb, moving with shotgun, or resetting inertial triggers. Straight down is where the toes are. Same thing in WB and the 1911, clearing a jamb straight up and it goes "bang" where does the bullet go? Straight down are the toes/feet. When we first started WB trying to clear a 1911 jamb straight up happened more than once, we quickly addressed it in our safety briefing. Maybe a first time warning since a lotta folks are not aware of it. Good Luck
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