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  1. Yep, that and a good hat works great.....keep couple of dish towels to wipe guns and hands when needed
  2. Howdy Trooper Ozzy, here's cut and paste from another thread. My favorites are the BPI short wad #72SSW for big matches and Win Pink for locals. Right now I'm using Rem RXP12 with 1oz shot and Mec#34 (42gr Kik) cause I'm out of Pink wads. I prefer to use the individual shot bars. Good Luck Howdy Two-Bits, I shoot a load similar to Noz with the Pink wad. Again as others have said the Win WAA 12R (CB 1138-12) is good for about 60-65gr and 1 1/8oz shot. I prefer to use a little less BP and have found several wads that fit all my needs. Besides the Win Pink wad there are several short shell wads from BPI that really work well."1 1/8oz - 54-57gr ffg with BPI short wad #72SSW..........my favorite for big matches Short Shell #72SSW1oz - 48-50gr ffg with BPI Helix Driver #18.......another big match favHelix #187/8oz - 43-45gr ffg with Win Pink wad AA12SL (CB1100-12).......my local fav WAA12SSL7/8oz - 45-47gr ffg with BPI Helix Driver #21......works good with the new two piece AA hullsHelix #21
  3. (PAM) Murphy's Mix, followed by a spray, wipe and patch with Ballistol......So easy a caveman could do it. When I don't want clean for few days I'll spray a very light coat of Ballistol in the action and barrels, makes the fouling soft and very easy to clean up later. Good Luck ''Eyesa Horg'', try a hair dryer on your muzzle loader. Good Luck
  4. Mann & Sons do alota Stoeger parts. Good Luck https://www.facebook.com/42617manns/
  5. What?? I'd use my Rick Flair double tap ears slap
  6. Yep, Lee Factory Crimp die will take care of it. Good Luck
  7. SHB page 31. SASS recognizes the desire to enhance firearm performance. Firearms manufacturers, importers, gunsmiths, and the membership as a whole must use caution in any quest to develop mechanisms designed to enhance the operation of firearms for Cowboy Action Shooting™. Any firearm modification not specifically referenced in this Handbook is prohibited. Parties interested in having modifications, parts, or firearms considered for approval and inclusion in the SASS accepted modification text can request a Firearms Modification Consideration application from SASS Headquarters. Written receipt of acceptance from SASS will be the only source of approval. Unless referenced within these Covenants, any modifications, parts, or firearms used without this approval are illegal.
  8. All clear on the waterfront, gonna be a nice day for yard debris clean up
  9. We got beer and wine, enough to hold us till the 9am curfew. Power on and off, both women are asleep. Stay safe out there....Good Luck
  10. Ah ha ha, two clicks and now it's headed right at us Y'all stay safe....Good Luck JefroRelax-Enjoy
  11. Started with Lee Classic Turret, now use Hornady LNL AP. Love my Hornady Good Luck
  12. Yep, once they take that little click to the right they wind up right here. I was talking to one of they guys at the range today about how our part of the coast is shaped like a catchers mit. They gutter guy just finished the repairs here last week, two more walls to paint and I'm done
  13. Howdy TJD, when using the Arntzen type of targets and stands (these appear to be) tilt is not needed as long as they free hang. You can still adjust in tilt with free hang if needed. We are lucky that our club has allowed us to get a nice selection off targets from the top three target makers when needed. A few years ago we added to or retrofitted all of our targets and stands to this style, since then I cannot remember the last time we had any splatter. Free Hang Matters It appears that Rob is retiring and Made Targets has bought the business. Rob said he still has some full sheets of steel for sale, for everything else see Made Targets . Good Luck https://madetargets.com/cowboy-targets/
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