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  1. Red Wing Shoes is what I wear. Used Red Wing work boots for 25+ years, lots of choices, ankle boots too that look just like brogans. I still have a nice pair of 11" slip-ons for dress up somewhere, but I can't wear any kind of boot now, that's why I wear shoes. If you decide to look at them go to Red Wing store to be measured on their gizmo. Good Luck https://www.redwingshoes.com/
  2. I started out with Titegroup, 3.2gr in .38 105, 125, and 158 .357. Titegroup has a snappy recoil and a very loud report. I tried Clay's, good all round powder, light recoil. I switched to Red Dot for all my smokeless loads, 3.3gr for .38s works great. Good Luck
  3. S A L U T E ! ! Welcome aboard. And thanks for tutorial offer. JefroRelax-Enjoy
  4. Jefro, SASS#69420

    Big Drink

    Yeaaa!! Here's mud in yer eye
  5. Pietta makes the Cimarron Frontier. Great guns, real CCH, coil plunger, smooth action. I have a pair of these and pair of GWII. Good Luck. Aaa ha, Abilene beat me to it
  6. Yep, the ones everyone loves are for straight wall cases. The fingers on the bottle necks will not give that type of crimp. Good Luck
  7. Most lever guns do not like SWC, use them in pistols. You said you bought a competition Uberti, most competition ready guns have had a short stroke kit with reduced springs, and a reduced stainless steel mag spring and follower. Does yours have this action work done?? Either way it should hold 10 rounds. Good Luck
  8. So sorry to hear that DJ, condolences to you and yours. Those pictures of you, Ms. Johnson and Gus tell a happy tail. Best Regards Jefro
  9. 14 grains of Red Dot, 7/8 or 1 oz. #8, Gray wad - STS hulls Good Luck
  10. I prefer Schuetzen, a little cleaner burning, Big Lube bullets keep the fouling soft . I just finished up a batch of KIK but now I can't find anymore. You don't have to clean them same day, I usually clean on Tuesday. If it's gonna be a week or more I'll hit them with a very light mist of Ballistol and put them in the safe. Makes clean up a breeze. Good Luck
  11. Very nice my Marsupial friend. Love the backstrap JefroRelax-Enjoy
  12. Wow, very unique lite cart compared to some of the others.
  13. Winn going to the 2 piece hull messed up everything. Had to change wad or reduce powder to make BP loads work. Much prefer the STS. I'll have a surplus in about a week. Good Luck. JefroRelax-Enjoy
  14. Yep, and when in doubt just ask yourself WWWD ?? What Would Wyatt Do??
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