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  1. April Fools maybe I remember many moons ago at a very large and popular state match where they announced for the first time they would be using TT. Yuda thunk everyone had just won the lottery. Dust in the wind, thank you
  2. If it's a Californian model by Pietta it should be the same as the II. Floating firing pin, CCH and steel backstrap and trigger guard, both by Pietta and both fine firearms. Good Luck
  3. Yep, sounds about right, shooter should be able to request a reshoot. JefroRelax-Enjoy
  4. Hornady LNL-AP was my choice, easy quick-change dies, smooth running. If I had to do it over I would still get the Hornady. Good Luck.
  5. Howdy, I heard BPI is no longer gonna carry RIOs, and I've only found one place in six months that had them. The stock didn't last long. They are a favorite amongst us CFDA shooters, A couple of shooters have gone to Cheddite. Good Luck
  6. Check out a Hornady LNL AP, all the bells and whistle of 650 for the price of a 550. IMHO it's smoother, and no flipped or popping primers. Quick change bushing makes caliber change a snap. Good Luck
  7. No problem, we have the small long gun stands for an on deck position, most shooters will just rest the butts of the long guns on them. I'll just move those up about 6'-8' from the line. Then when the RO calls I'm already there. I will admit that I have been one of those line creepers, but no more. As my old uncle Fred the truck driver used to say after a few drinks "no matter where you go, there you are"
  8. Yep, I use right at 20gr Schuetzen in C45S with a 200gr Big Lube, nice load.
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