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  1. Howdy Possum, the Dick Dastardly Tower of Power is a popular cylinder stand. And (IIRC) he has a rebated Big Lube mold for ROA. Wow, it's been a while since I visited the Darksiders Den The Darksider's Den (cascity.com) Good Luck Welcome to BigLube.com JefroRelax-Enjoy
  2. Yep 2nd Sat. Buccaneer Gun Club | North Carolina’s Best Shooting Sports Facility And Neuse River Regulators shoot every Saturday....see Marauder's map
  3. I use the Hornady Powder Cop with LNL-AP. My left hand is my case feeder, see the doughnut-slide the case
  4. Yer right, I should have expunded a little more.......that's why I give them a good spray of Murphy's. The alcohol with Murphy's should evaporate and protect, but then I hit them with a hair dryer before Ballistol to make sure. I do the same with my cartridge guns...Murphy's--Hair Dryer--Ballistol___________Safe
  5. This^ lube in a shotgun is a waste of good lube. I pour about 1/2 gal of hot water down the pipes then spray with Murphy's. Push 1/2 paper towel through with dowel rod. Finish off with Ballistol.
  6. Good gun, get rid of the auto safety........you can still use manual if you need it in the field. Good Luck
  7. That's a fact, you can subdivide a category into five year breaks if you want to, or create a totally different category with enough entrants if you like. But the base line categories do not include combining something like Classis Cowboy FCGF. You know what I mean
  8. No, you must select a single category. B Western is B Western, there is no B Western 49er, or B Western FCGF.
  9. Before you buy anything else (guns-clothes-umbrella-leather-cart........etc.....etc) go to as many local matches that you can find. Call the MD before hand, they can usually have different stuff for you to try. At the matches try out what you can, allot folks will be offering their assistance, take it. You may be surprised at the good deals you can find locally and here at our classifieds. Good Luck JefroRelax-Enjoy
  10. Leather shoes are also fine except for the costume categories...........Barefoot is also
  11. This^, sign up in any legal age group and the rest will come by going to more matches. Good Luck
  12. Howdy Jake, I get several reloads with Rem STS hulls and plastic wads using the star crimp. My loads vary anywhere from 45gr-47 real BP, 7/8oz shot and Win WAA12SL Pink wad, to 57gr with Ballistic Products short wads, and to 65gr BP, 1 1/8oz shot and Red Wad. IMHO 75gr is a bit much for our game. Here's a copy and paste from several years ago at CAS City. Good Luck "Howdy Two-Bits, I shoot a load simular to Noz wtih the Pink wad. Again as others have said the Win WAA 12R (CB 1138-12) is good for about 60-65gr and 1 1/8oz shot. I prefer to use a little less BP and have found several wads
  13. Thanks, my EZ9 is not effected. Great little pistol
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