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  1. I just order the cotton pants I normally wear from Lands End one size larger then add suspender buttons. Have a pair of kaki and light gray. Also check 2nd hand stores for suit paint. Good Luck Dan does a great job on his mexi-injun costumes Good Luck
  2. Hmmm, This is the part I highlighted...….seems to work ok. Good Luck
  3. Yep, give me the Pietta's, GW II or the Cimarron Frontier for Colt replicas. But be careful there too, EMF has some models with transfer bars. Good Luck
  4. Holly Guacamole Batman!! Start over with what do you need in it. Two long guns, ammo, hand towel and umbrella. Pistols and leather are on me, screw driver in bullet loop. Everything else is in the truck as needed......or look for someone with too much stuff in theirs and borrow anything you may need from them. Good Luck
  5. Yep, the only thing I wish is if you sold it post it SOLD!!.....nothing to see here.....keep the line moving Ta Daaaa!!
  6. I break down my BP guns about twice a year, mag tube gets cleaned and lubed also. I have had new Uberti and used Marlin with nasty mag tubes. Once cleaned I replaced with SS mag springs. Good Luck
  7. Yep, stick to 32-20, 38-40 or 44/40. Goex is great, but if you get chance to bulk buy with one or two other shooters try the German charcoal like Schuetzen, Graf's for the same price, it burns a little cleaner. We were shooting KIK, great price, but they were out last time we ordered. Good Luck Yep, when we shoot a 38sp Marlin it's no problem for 2 shooters 6 stages with 158gr Snakebite big lubes. Easy to flush with Murphy's mix at home. I usually squirt just a touch of Ballistol in the action and down the pipe after the match, makes clean up real easy later.
  8. BPI has most everything you need, they often offer half or no hazmat fee for primers and powder Like Mr. Canby said try to find some local shooters that buy shot in quantity, right now I'm using reclaimed one of our shooters found. BPI also has a good selection of short shell wads that are great for Black Powder. The 072SSW is my fav for 1 1/8oz loads. The Helix Drivers are good for 1oz and 7/8oz loads, don't forget Win Pink. https://www.ballisticproducts.com/ https://www.ballisticproducts.com/Short-Shell-Wad-12ga-250_bag/productinfo/072SSW/ Here's a couple more, Good Luck http://www.conniescomponents.com/ https://recobstargetshop.com/
  9. Yep, and some good argu discussions about mouse fart and warthog loads with Reverend Say Yer Prayers Sure do miss him
  10. Ballistol is for lube and protect after cleaning with water flavor of choice, mine is Murphy's mix. Also used by some for sticky cylinders between stages, If needed I use baby wipes, or a mix of Murphy's mix with a little Ballistol, used to be called Mule Snot. I have some mixed in an eye dropper and in little spray bottle. Good Luck
  11. Wow very nice, love my Piettas, a pair of GW II and Cimarron Frontiers. Good Luck
  12. Yep, from the correct position you can walk and chew gum, and glance at the timer. No side arm sliders with the timer please, we have shooters that will not start if they can see the TO in their peripheral vision. With movement I try to be a half step out of the way before last shot. And how else can you help the lost shooter if you are not looking where the barrel is pointed for correct target engagement?? All good points, and part of RO I, with a little practice not hard to do. Good Luck
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