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  1. Heck, Will Burn beat me to #7 and #22! I'll take 'em if something falls through. --Doc
  2. Probably searching for unicorns, but I'll give it a try. I'm working on a Win 94 in .38-55 to use for mid-range shooting. I really do not like the crescent-style butt plate on the rifle and am looking around for a shotgun-style butt stock. If anyone has one laying around collecting dust, I'd be interested in purchasing it or maybe working out some kind of trade. Thanks! --Doc
  3. Boomer, I'll drop them by the post office this morning.
  4. Boomer, tell me (PM) where to send them and I'll try to get them out tomorrow. --Doc
  5. Going through a box of old parts last night and ran across this. I don't believe it has ever been installed. How about $20 shipped to you? --Doc
  6. Orphan Ruger Old Army small parts and springs looking for a home. Ran across these in a box of old parts last night. I shot a Ruger Old Army through my college years (wish I still had it!) back in the early 80s. I'd ordered a supply of spare small parts and springs from Ruger. If I can read the postage correctly, they arrived from Ruger back in 1983. Anyway, looks like I have the following: XR-46 Cylinder Latch Spring XR-41 Hammer Plunger XR-43 Hammer Plunger Spring XR-50A Pawl Spring XR-51 Pawl Spring Plunger XR-38
  7. QDG, Thank you! I sincerely appreciate the offer, but another member (who shall remain nameless because he sent me a PM---Thanks, Ad!) offered to send me some, so I should be in good shape for load experimentation until I can get some from Starline. Thanks again! --Doc
  8. Tincan, FYI, the dies arrived safe and sound this morning. Thank you very much! --Doc
  9. QDG, I'm dropping by a gun shop Friday. They supposedly have a bag. If that doesn't work out, I'll yell back at you. Thanks! --Doc
  10. Filthy, Give me a little time to get my components together and I’ll send you one. Just remind me in a couple of weeks. —Doc
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