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  1. Dusty, if you need a few more let me know. I have a few extra I could send you.
  2. Thanks, JB. I'll keep looking. Glad you and Mezcal had such a smooth deal!
  3. Argh! Jim Brown responded as I was typing that I'd take it!! Oh well. If it falls through, I'm your huckleberry! Thank you.
  4. That’s great!! Thank you very much, Big Gus!! I will show that to him!
  5. Good idea! I'll have to share that with my buddy, who needs to put sights on his Buffalo Classic.
  6. I’ll be there, and I’ll bring some of The Dirty Rotten Gang with me!!
  7. No problem, BB. Interesting information!! I’ve learned a lot from you all. Thank you!
  8. Great information folks! I sincerely appreciate it. Lots to ponder about!
  9. I'm thinking of adding a rifle to my cart. I've been shooting SASS for a decade, but last year decided to start shooting Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter and I've really enjoyed it. My only rifle is one of Cody Conagher's 73s in .38/.357. While it works just fine, I've wanted to get another rifle for a while so I at least have a back up. I've started toying with the idea of getting one of the old bottleneck cartridges (32-20, 38-40, or 44-40) because I understand that they seal the chamber much better and prevent blow-by into the chamber and action. Too, I enjoy reloading and think one of these would be a lot of fun to tinker with. I'm probably leaning toward a 38-40. Anyone have any advice on which caliber or anything to offer? Thank you all! --Doc Altman
  10. I went over and looked at the Yellowboy. It was a carbine version with a 16" barrel, blued lever, lever safety, and 1.50" carrier, so I didn't buy it. I was hopeful, especially since it was priced at $699. But it'll give me something to keep looking for. Thank you all for the help! --Doc
  11. A buddy just called me. Apparently a local gun store has a Navy Arms imported Uberti 1866 in .38 Special at a reasonable price. I know there are some problems with some of the early Uberti 66s as far as short-stroking and finding parts for them. I haven't seen the gun yet, but I'd like to be a little more informed when I head over there later today. Can anyone offer advice on which ones to avoid, which ones are okay, and how to tell the differences? Thank you all!
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