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  1. ps I've reported the post for deletion, I sure don't want to upset folks.
  2. Apologies, that wasn't my intent. I just stumbled across it and thought it was an interesting share. As I mentioned I don't have a clue if the US side is total BS malarky or not. That was what I was interested in hearing if it was debated as a BS send up. Personally from where I'm sitting, I'd say the thread has developed a more anti-Australian slant to it
  3. I didn't write the above that I posted....the US side could be all BS trollop for all I know. Its also a bit of a furphy about Oz and guns, yes we don't have guns like the USA.....but we certainly have guns. In my small town (very small) there would be thousands of legal rifles, shotguns, pistols and you can apply for a silencer or semi auto rifle if you have a reason....there'd probably be even more illegal guns! Nearly every country town has a gun shop or two, cities have heaps. Here's just one online used gun sales (there's heaps) https://usedguns.com.au/whats-new/ Gun ownership in Australia is huge (and there is massive growth), I'm sitting here trying to think of someone I know who doesn't own a legal gun. Illegal guns? Jeez they would be everywhere. When the Chinese SKS was for sale there was around 500,000 sold and after Port Arthur massacre and they were banned only around 40, 000 thousand were handed in....so there's around 450,000 of just them floating around ....our population of the whole of Australia is just 25 million and we're the same land mass as the US....New York city alone has around 10 million people. But to reiterate we don't have the US ability to pack pistols for self defence......but we also don't have the need to.
  4. Oh my Lord....look at the photos of those innocent children. Why would anyone trust a pitbull that was bred and has it in its DNA to inflict horrific injuries and to kill with an extreme prey drive around children willingly.
  5. I wouldn't let toddlers play around with loaded firearms. I wouldn't allow any children I had control over to be around pitbulls. Those children in the article (and its just one, you could trawl the net and get 100s of stories) were mauled and ripped apart for TEN MINUTES whilst the mother tried in vain to save and she ended up in hospital with uncountable wounds and stitches. There were family pets, raised with love and they had known these children since there were born. Who would ever take the risk to be in that situation and live with that regret for the rest of their life. Some things just don't make sense to me. We can't legally carry here in Australia, but I read often on here that some folks won't even go to the corner store or out to the mailbox in their dressing gown unless their strapped and packing heat "just in case". But folks would have these canine killing machines around their families and little children?????
  6. But what of the countless stories of loved from puppy pitbulls in families and one day they rip apart the children? https://7news.com.au/news/dog-attack/baby-and-toddler-mauled-to-death-by-familys-pet-pit-bulls-mother-in-critical-condition-c-8484002
  7. I'm certainly glad that I have a far happier existence living and loving life in the best country in the world than you yourself does. Hopefully whinging and whining gives you some sort of consolatory comfort. Seems like your stuck here unfortunately, I hope you can make the best out of the horrible situation you've found yourself in living in Australia and eventually find some avenue of escape and are able to get the hell out of here and onto greener pastures......until that time, I wish you well in your day to day struggles living purgatory here.
  8. You need do some more world travel. Oz is indexed as one of the top countries of the world for freedoms and ranked right up there at the top with NZ for the best standard of living in the world. You do know that if you don't like it here, that you're free to exercise your right to emigrate to another more suitable country to abide in?
  9. Used to love watching wholesome Happy Days, sad things must have changed greatly. Hope it goes back.
  10. Wow just how dangerous is America these days that you can't go for a moment out of your home without a gun and be ready to kill some attacker at all times?
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