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  1. Need a category for girls (with short hair)
  2. Cheers mates, the replies from everyone has built my confidence to shoot slowly and enjoy meself. I must remember this line When you shoot slower the fun lasts longer. Thank you for that one.
  3. Thank you. I'm enjoying myself more thinking about what I'm doing and going slow. Little concerned that I'm holding things up a little though.
  4. I'm trying to shoot clean stages and want to shoot a clean match hopefully. Its making me slow down a real lot like really slow down. Getting some ribbing from others but I'll never shoot clean at my age fast. Do you care if people shoot really slow trying to shoot clean?
  5. Just wondering if referring to a Uberti 1873 rifle as a 'Winchester' is common? I've noticed a few folks at matches refer to there's like this.
  6. Last night doing some reading I came across these two threads, so did the Not for Profit thing fall over???
  7. Thanks Abiline (Cool alias) and thanks for the link. Also there's a WB forum????? I haven't ponied up for the WB gear yet, but thinking of it.
  8. Just solely out of interest when did the rule about publishing powder amounts for reloading change and why? Doing a lot of searching on the forum last night looking up reloading for different calibres and woe betide if anyone published load data, they were piled on with "you can't post load data on the wire" and heaps of threads with the reason why the Wild Bunch wouldn't allow it for legal reasons etc and everyone was in agreement (or nearly everyone) and saying that "never will load data be allowed to be published on the Wire" etc and if someone did the forum cops would kick there arse. Then working my way through the years, all of a sudden load data is published and not a peep out of anyone? When did the rule about publishing powder amounts for reloading change and why? P.S I'm for load data, thankful that I was able to find what I was after last night because CAS loads are thin on the ground in reloading manuals (though there is some) and the Wire is the perfect place to share and ask and be able to be told what others are using.
  9. Probably a stooopid question Is a black powder pistol in .44 calibre known as a .44-40 because of the calibre and BP grains it uses as a load or does .44-40 only refer to a cartridge?
  10. Agree and agree, and double agree with your last three lines!
  11. Doesn't matter to me either, I just asked the question out of interest how did two handed cowboy shooting with a sixgun come about. The general public are surprised when they see people dressed in cowboy garb shooting sixguns using two hands. Heck, I did a simple search on the Wire and there's a ton of threads where us CAS cowpokes have started threads that they were surprised! I can't answer for anyone else, but when I was shooting my Roy Rogers cap gun as a kid, I sure wasn't (nor any of the other boys) shootin' two handed style so you can see how it does bewilder folks a touch when they see dressed up cowboys shooting 'tacticool' style.
  12. How many CAS shoots have you been to and used your pistols and the targets were placed at 100yds?
  13. I've never heard a comment questioning two handed hold on modern pistols, but its a common comment when they see cowboys using two hands on a six shooter, it does take them by surprise as they don't expect to see that. Its just not the image they imagine.
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