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  1. In addition, there is now an order for 60 Boeing Chinook transport helicopters. Good this way...
  2. Why is Fiocchi always compared to Sellier & Bellot here? These are two completely different companies with different products. And no, Fiocchi brass haven´t smaller primer pockets.
  3. My short stroked Marlin runs best with 1.36.
  4. What good news. Germany buys F35 fighter jets. Good decision in terms of NATO and the German Air Force.
  5. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu dieser außerordentlichen Leistung. Und danke für die vielen lehrreichen Videos.
  6. Lot of Cowboys in Germany use Vectan BA10 (Brand from Dynamit Nobel) for .38sp, .45ACP & .45Colt It is the "fastest" European Powder, is favorit for CAS-.Shooters and burning very good by low Charges. .38Sp: 125grain TC bullet and 2,6grain BA10 (ca. 650ft/sec.from my Vaqueros 5,5") is here a standard load for the fast Shooters.
  7. From this primers is 2 times the Shell Plate Carrier from my Lee Pro 1000 broken. Very hard to sead. No good recall.
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