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  1. Just wanted to say that I shot at the first shoot of the season today, and all went well with the new rig. Really glad I got the cartridge loading pouch for the belt, eliminating carrying loading blocks to and from the loading bench. The angles of the holsters seem just about right, I wasn't sure that I was going to see the revolver into the left side well enough when reholstering, but that didn't seem to be a problem today. Managed to shoot my first-ever clean stages, so that's a plus. Very happy with the rig so far.
  2. Didn't realize folks had been posting in this thread again until I got a message about Raincrow's post, sorry about that. I got my holster rig from Dan Parmenter a couple of weeks ago, I'm very pleased with how it all turned out. I haven't shot competitively with it yet, first shoot is this weekend. I'll let folks know how it goes. Here's some pics, probably the last time they'll look this clean. My thanks again to everyone who helped me think through what I needed in a rig. Rusty
  3. Have had to do this through UPS and it really went smoothly. Definitely some cost involved, but UPS is providing a service and for the most part it is hassle-free. Certainly if you could find a local FFL to ship it for you that might save you some money--or not, since the FFL will likely charge you the normal transfer fee as well as the cost to ship via USPS, whose rates all just went up on January 1 this year. I'd just keep it simple and go through UPS.
  4. I've used some of the HSM 38-55 bullets for a new-to-me Winchester Miroku highwall. So far so good, ordered them through Mountain States Ammo. Will probably buy more.
  5. Didn't mean to make a secret of it or anything, and hopefully not violating any rules re advertising (apologies if that's the case), but these are made by Dan Parmenter in Indiana, his web site has lots of photos: Murphy Custom Gunleather . Dan has been great on the phone and in emails back and forth, and I'm looking forward to shooting this season with his holsters.
  6. thanks Rance, I'm going to keep the bullet loops off the belt and have a couple of cartridge reload loops on the shotshell belt. I talked with the holster maker this afternoon and I'm going to go with the more upright holsters but with a bit more tilt out away from the body--hopefully combining the best features of both. I had trouble reholstering the light tan ones with my weakside hand, the toe angle on those are 20 degrees he said. The darker ones are 12 degrees, which he says is a pretty common angle for holsters that he has built. That was much more comfortable for my offhand, and ult
  7. I really, really appreciate all the comments so far, even the ones about crotch holsters. I'm going to try timing my draw and reholstering with each. I don't have these until the start of the season and will need to return them shortly, but I do have enough time to play with them for several days and to get out in the backyard and actually shoot some steel from each. I think the main concern with the second set would be the mobility factor when not shooting, the belt loops on these are suede-lined to keep them from shifting on the belt, and they really do stay put. And I'm not sure I'd want
  8. Pat, this is really good advice, when I readjusted the second set of holsters I wondered what they would feel like if I had to bend down--picking up brass might be a challenge I think, so I'll have to try that. Great piece of advice.
  9. Ripsaw, I appreciate these comments as well. Haven't given much thought to cross draw, everything I read when I started suggested learning to shoot double strong side. I also went on Mernickle's site and was overwhelmed, wasn't quite sure where to start. Still trying just to learn what features are important for function and smooth shooting technique.
  10. that was really helpful advice, I repositioned them, and you were right, that makes it feel much more natural. Here's what that set looks like now. thanks!
  11. these are pics of the two sets I have, the first sit more upright and have less of an aggressive angle away from the body: The seond set has more of a forward tilt and cants away from the body a bit more. These feel like they need to ride a bit lower on the body to work. Any thoughts, advice? thanks again.
  12. Relatively new shooter (one season), I'm getting ready to order some real holsters. One of the well-known holster makers generously sent me a couple of sets to try out, I'm afraid I'm not knowledgeable enough yet to know exactly what I'm looking for, how they should feel, etc. These vary in drop and toe angle and feel like they should ride differently on the hip (I took some photos and can include them if it would help). I could really use some advice thinking through what I need to know about holster design features before I talk with him on the phone again. Thanks in advance! Rusty
  13. I've been casting off and on for 30 years. A $40 Coleman stove, a $12 Lodge skillet, and a $20 Lyman ladle will get the job done better and with more control than any lead furnace I've ever worked with. Spend the rest on propane and lead.
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