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  1. Yes it is sold. Thanks for asking.
  2. PM sent with info. Sold to Henly.
  3. New Model Vaquero 45. Really does look un-fired - 510 series - nice color case. $600 SHIPPED to your ffl in USA.
  4. Marlin 1894 45 Colt. I really can't find a mark on it! Like new in the box. $1100 SHIPPED to your ffl in USA.
  5. Bronc,

    Bullseye is a 1st Class pard to deal with.

    I have done 2 deal's with him.

    It was fun showing with you last Sat.

    Merry Christmas


  6. Still interested in the spurs, where do I send $$, is the price firm, have they been widened to accommodate a fatter boot?



  7. Wow! Jeez, sorry for stirring up such a hornets nest. It was just a question guys. Can we all calm down. It wasn't a judgement of anyone's caliber or category choice nor was it meant as a history lesson. Oh, and by the way, if it matters (as it seems to some it does) my SASS # is original, I have had it for 27 years. "Ride Hard and Shoot Straight" Bronc 1885
  8. OK. What about Duelist, Gunfighter, etc?
  9. So, Just wondering. Why, with all of the costume categories (some that require a specific firearm), are there no Major / Minor caliber categories. Surely I am not the only one who has ever broached this subject? I mean the .45 Colt and 44/40 were the most popular / produced calibers. Why??
  10. William Lang Leatherworks AKA Billy Concho. Artist quality work. Custom silver on any level (you can afford). Billy makes truly one of a kind items. Made silver and leather for "The Quick and the Dead" (Gene Hackman), Tombstone, Gunfighters Moon, Buffalo Girls, Cherokee Kid and other movies as well. 25077 Viejas Blvd. Descanso, CA, 91916 619-445-3946
  11. What's with the "no Gunfighter" thing? While I personally am not a Steam/CowPunk fan, I am pretty sure the punks would be dual gunnerss!
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