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  1. Back in the day, we used to call the steel targets that were the outline of The Marshal ---- "Harpers".
  2. My Marlin .45 is spitting blowback. Current load is 4.7 Trail Boss w/ 200 gr. bullet. This load works well in all my other guns. Maybe a faster burning powder. I would like to stick with the 200 gr. bullet. Any suggestions from those who experienced the same issue. Thank
  3. I took the Duece and Carty Training Clinic at Winter Range this year. "I highly recommend it". Money well spent! I have been a professional firearms instructor (LE) for 19 years. Just a few tips from Carty, and my pistol transitions smoothed up immediately. Couple of pointers from Duece, made a lot of difference in my shotgun shuck and load. Quality Training! If you are interested in upping your game or just want to shoot a little bit better, quality training in any form is a big help. The important thing to remember is: Listen! When a tip or change in how you are doing something is offered remember you paid for the instructors expertise, get your money's worth. I sure did. Thanks Carty and Duece.
  4. Hope for a change in that!! If the Membership does not feel they have a voice well-------------------------------!
  5. Thanks, PaleWolf. You are right. One would be hard pressed to find a contemporary cowboy boot, Ariat, Tony Lama, etc that does not have stitching, usually multi colored. Thanks again!
  6. "Soles must be non-grip enhancing (i.e., NO Lug soles)." From the shooters handbook, B-Western category, footwear. It DOES NOT say leather soles. Q: Does this mean that contemporary cowboy boots (Ariat, etc.) that have the usual non-leather, non-lug soles but are usually ribbed or NOT smooth are ok for B-Western? Thanks
  7. I left an "Australian Outback Company" brand, short drover coat, with cape size men's XL on the 3 rail fence near stages 11 -12 on Sat. It has a 2" square tear on the lower right ( i think) sleeve. It never turned up at lost and found. I'll gladly pay shipping and whatever your time is worth if you found my coat. Thanks
  8. Old Tucson is definitely worth a visit for any and all lovers of Western films.
  9. New shooter at today's match took it.
  10. SOLD - The cart in this picture is for sale. It doe NOT include the saddlebags or reata. It'll hold 4 long guns and the storage box is about 16X12X12. I will bring it to Winter Range if somebody wants it. $50.00
  11. Thanks H.D. A local shooter scooped it up a few days ago.
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