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  1. Saw the mount at his museum in Apple Valley 20 or so years ago. It was a monster! Roy was quite a big game hunter.
  2. Congrats Stoney! As a reward, we’ll let you set up the range for the shoot next week! Laramie
  3. I always tattle on myself. It’s not serious enough for me not to add to the fun. Laramie
  4. Don’t be silly! Overpopulation is going to destroy the planet long before that. Remember “finite “.
  5. I have a conversion kit. New in the box $75 plus shipping. laramie
  6. My oldest friend has two of them. An original and a reproduction. We’ve shot them both many times. The original version is much better made.
  7. I think Hondo for me. Tough decision!
  8. My apologies. I shouldn’t try to text while driving my tractor! The usual price for Eley Tenex was $12 to $15 per box of 50.
  9. That’s good. I’ve never see Eley Tenex for less than $24 for a box of 50.
  10. That’s the other cool thing about benchrest rimfire, if you like to shoot a lot. Ever gun reacts differently with every brand of ammunition. You have to just try it all. My goto standard was Eley, but it is extremely expensive. Before the shortage, it was $150 for a box of 50!
  11. Same .223 case and a caliper. We saw the most improvement in mid priced ammo such as Wolf. Laramie
  12. I used to shoot rim fire bench rest and we sorted ammo by both weight and rim thickness. Tedious, but it does seem to work. Laramie
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