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  1. Don’t pick on Thunder Creek too much! He had a rough day! lol Laramie
  2. Jodie Foster in Nell Daniel Day Lewis in Last of the Mohicans.
  3. We try to make it there once a year. It’s truly one of the most beautiful places on earth. Laramie
  4. I’m sure you already have several! lol
  5. Take all the rough edges off the hammer strut and put in a spring from An old model vaquero. Polishing will do the most good.
  6. Many years ago, my best friend and I built a Ken Rand designed plane called a KR2. It was a two seat side by side. It even had retractable gear! It took about three years to complete. We went to Oshkosh one year with it. After a while, life and kids were more important. It was more fun to build than to fly. lol Laramie
  7. I have two of the Miroku 92s. Nary a hiccup. laramie
  8. Hey, Jack. I have an extra 9mm set. I’ll bring them to the next shoot if you want. Or I can ship them to you. We’ll work something out for the trade. Laramie Leadslinger
  9. Way cool, Crossdraw! Hope you have a great time! Thanks for what you do every day! Laramie Leadslinger
  10. It’s a casting plug for when they machine the heads for the camshafts. I’m not sure why you couldn’t just replace the o-ring. Have a little compassion for the mechanic! Did you look at his hands?!!
  11. Great choice! I lost mine to my lovely wife! Laramie
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