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  1. Got one when I was about six. Never been that close to the ground that often before or since! Lol
  2. I haven't heard anyone mention that shooter's handbook. It's always great, but this year's was spectacular!
  3. You guys stop picking on Howes! He's sensitive, you know.
  4. The process that bothers me the most is switching back and forth between primer sizes.
  5. Now everyone will know who's "leaving the scene "!
  6. Won't hurt a thing. Ethanol is only added because the government said it was a good idea.
  7. We fared better than the coyote too, but it was touch and go for a couple of seconds!
  8. Try hitting a coyote on a motorcycle sometime! Just be thankful that they don't fly!luckily, the coyote lost.
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