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  1. Tire pressure sensors and Toyota are pretty much a thing. Replace them with the tires. Once you do, they’ll have to be initialized. Aftermarket sensors don’t always work so well. laramie
  2. I’ve fished table rock twice in June over the years. Water levels can vary a whole lot. I had the most success fishing for largemouth bad around the docks. Neat lake! Don’t forget to take in the Bass Pro Shops! laramie
  3. Rest In Peace old friend. You’ve had a rough couple of years. Time to rest with the Lord. You will be missed. Laramie
  4. If memory serves, they were Hereford cross 4H steers.
  5. A few years ago, the farmer across the street left his tractor in his feedlot overnight. The steers chewed up every wire they could get to. He wasn’t amused!
  6. The rancher in Open Range.. the psycho in Dirty Harry. By the end of that movie, you wished that you could shoot him yourself!
  7. I have an original model 92 in 25-20 that I like to shoot occasionally. If the stage doesn’t look good for brass retrieval, I just shoot a different rifle on that stage. Laramie
  8. It wouldn’t bother me a bit to shoot it, but I’d hesitate to sell it. Just my thoughts. Laramie
  9. Shoot em! Style points are priceless! Laramie
  10. You’d be amazed at how much lead a bowling pin can absorb! Laramie
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