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  1. I have two of the Miroku 92s. Nary a hiccup. laramie
  2. Hey, Jack. I have an extra 9mm set. I’ll bring them to the next shoot if you want. Or I can ship them to you. We’ll work something out for the trade. Laramie Leadslinger
  3. Way cool, Crossdraw! Hope you have a great time! Thanks for what you do every day! Laramie Leadslinger
  4. It’s a casting plug for when they machine the heads for the camshafts. I’m not sure why you couldn’t just replace the o-ring. Have a little compassion for the mechanic! Did you look at his hands?!!
  5. Great choice! I lost mine to my lovely wife! Laramie
  6. I’m thinking maybe 1971. I bought one of each with graduation money. I still have them.
  7. For years we just crossed two in a regular clip. A few years ago, some CMP matches required that you close the bolt on an empty chamber.then rack the bolt after you’re in position. The two rounders are easier to do that with. And they do ping
  8. What if I shoot it outlaw ghetto style?!
  9. I’m thinking maybe a CZ over under. They’re kinda pretty.
  10. I personally saw a young woman cream her car on a deer. She told the patrolman that she had seen it coming across the field. When asked why she didn’t stop, she replied that she had the right of way. True story!
  11. Big deal! My wife finds them all of time when she walks by my loading bench with bare feet. Lol Laramie
  12. I just hate the thought of not having enough ammunition for a match, so while I have several thousand loaded up, when I get three or four matches worth, I reload them laramie
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