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  1. I use the jeweling kit for Brownells. 080-558-101MB DELUXE ENGINE TURNING KIT I then located a quality X and Y axis mill vice to use on my drill press. The cheaper X Y vise from Harbor Freight was too sloppy for me. And yes, practice on some general flat metals to get your spacing perfected.
  2. I know someone who can use these too and will take them. PM on the way
  3. I know someone who can use these and will take them. PM on the way.
  4. I have used Corrosion X for years. Prior to that, my 97 would get a light patina after every match due to my sweating hands. Not any more. Also, I don’t have to clean the barrels or chambers nearly as often as before. I also keep a bottle at the drill press. I would recommend it. HNH
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