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  1. This^, sign up in any legal age group and the rest will come by going to more matches. Good Luck
  2. Howdy Jake, I get several reloads with Rem STS hulls and plastic wads using the star crimp. My loads vary anywhere from 45gr-47 real BP, 7/8oz shot and Win WAA12SL Pink wad, to 57gr with Ballistic Products short wads, and to 65gr BP, 1 1/8oz shot and Red Wad. IMHO 75gr is a bit much for our game. Here's a copy and paste from several years ago at CAS City. Good Luck "Howdy Two-Bits, I shoot a load simular to Noz wtih the Pink wad. Again as others have said the Win WAA 12R (CB 1138-12) is good for about 60-65gr and 1 1/8oz shot. I prefer to use a little less BP and have found several wads that fit all my needs. Besides the Win Pink wad there are several short shell wads from BPI that really work well.1 1/8oz - 54-57gr ffg with BPI short wad #72SSW..........my favorite for big matches Short Shell #72SSW1oz - 48-50gr ffg with BPI Helix Driver #18.......another big match favHelix #187/8oz - 43-45gr ffg with Win Pink wad AA12SL (CB1100-12).......my local fav WAA12SSL7/8oz - 45-47gr ffg with BPI Helix Driver #21......works good with the new two piece AA hullsHelix #21
  3. Thanks, my EZ9 is not effected. Great little pistol
  4. The most common I've seen where flyer is used for a 5 second bonus is; "shoot the popper and hit the clay bird. A hit on the bird is a 5sec bonus, a miss is not a miss. Failure to engage the bird will be scored as a miss." Or when a makeup target is used for a missed bird; "Failure to engage the makeup will be scored as a miss." Or this if bird is not a bonus and just a required target. "failure to shoot the makeup will be scored as a miss" Yep Jefro RelaxEnjoy
  5. Graf's used to be Schuetzen which does burn a little cleaner than Goex, (and smells sweeter according to some lady shooters) don't now why they switched. Got my last batch at Maine Powder House. Good Luck
  6. Wow, the best chance I'll ever have of getting one of his pieces of furniture. Good Luck
  7. Come on one and all, shooters young, fat, short, old and tall!! Lets give these folks a hand, you'll sleep better. Good Luck Jefro
  8. Shhhhwee!! That wore me out Sure glad I got a Grabber Interesting find though....Good Luck
  9. Yep, and/or whomever is returning the shooters brass Yep, at the shooters meeting we are reminded that everyone is a LTO, once you have checked the pistols, rifle, and SG shells of shooter in front of you then their on their own. Last shooter gets checked by shooter in front or who ever is wandering by
  10. Sell them, trade them, melt them into Big Lube mold and use BP lube, 12 stages no problem Good Luck
  11. What Cliff said, it takes more power to push a light bullet. Try some factory rounds to see if it happens there. Years ago at an ER shooting school he had us shooting paper to find out where we actually hitting, said most guns have one cylinder that is just a little off, find it, mark it so you never load it. Good Luck Never mind I type to slow, glad you got figured out
  12. Howdy Miss Allie, lets say Hoss has that hat for sale (1st I'll Take It) for $6.00. I call him on the phone and tell him "I don't want that ugly hat band on that hat" I'll give you $5 bucks and you keep the hat band". Hoss says "well, you give me $5 bucks and then buy me an RC Cola next time I see you". "ok" "ok". Now, I still have go to classifieds and post an "I'll Take It" so Hoss can mark it SOLD. If while we were haggling on the phone (or PM) and someone posted an I'll Take It first, then that's the end. They get the hat and the ugly band. By the way, we now have our neighbors cat First one I ever liked
  13. Yep, we use if you can touch the table yer there
  14. They already do it, it's called the North South Skirmish. They know how to burn some BP As Tyrel says "Black Powder Matters" Good Luck http://www.n-ssa.org/ Jefro Relax-Enjoy
  15. Yep, prayers up for our pards out there. I sent Possum a message, haven't heard back, course no telling when the power will return. After hurricanes Berth and Fran we didn't have running water till Thanksgiving week. Hope all are ok. Jefro
  16. #8 or #9 low recoil. I've been using reclaimed for about a year. If yer gettin ricochet from SG targets you've got more problems that shot size. Good Luck
  17. Local eye Doc knew exactly what I wanted. Left lens my regular script + bifocal........right eye for front sight. Added a pair of B-52 side shields. Works great, and easy to read stages. Used the same type wire frames I wear now with the darkest gray progressive tint. Good Luck
  18. Howdy BK, lotta matches between now and October...go to as many as you can. Call the MD and they can usually have enough guns and gear for you to try. Most of the time folks will be handing you all the guns you need to carry Best to try before you buy...Good Luck JefroRelax-Enjoy
  19. Just make sure there's not a steel wrench above your loading area that could fall and strike something hard enough to create a hot spark into your powder. In other words, reload-enjoy Jefro Relax-Enjoy
  20. This is a great place to shoot, and the food is good. I went there several years ago and shot the Indiana Black Powder Guild match. I sure wish I could make this one. Good Luck y'all
  21. Howdy OLG, I've been using it about 10+ years. It's used in shrink wrap for cars, bikes, boats....Also a lota stuff is treated with it for packaging parts, the Hornady powder drum is wrapped in what looks about like brown paper treated with it, I think it goes under the Cortex brand but it's the same stuff. Dies and shell plates come with a little 1"x1" cardboard piece in the box treated with it, no more need for camisol or heavy bearing grease on all kinds of parts. One other product that I really like for moving parts like base pins or 1911 slide is Gun Butter, not bore butter Watch Todd Jarret run 1000 rounds as fast as he can I was glad to see how well Ballistol did on this fellers tests, except the smell part he didn't like http://www.gunbutter.com/
  22. They left out one of the best "Bull Frog" the original salt water tested rust blocker, lubricant and cleaner. Tested in Alaska and by the Navy and Coast Guard. Been using their products for years here on the Carolina coast. Bull Frog Rusthunter Firearm Cleaner and Bull Frog Lubricant with Rust Blocker for every day use, Emitter Shield for the safe, tackle and tool box. Bull Frog Electronic Cleaner on all our heavy equipment and boats......git ya some yull like it http://www.bull-frog.com/products/ http://www.bull-frog.com/publications/articles.php
  23. Thank you SASS for the new menu bar at the top!! Now we can go straight to Home and many other features
  24. Wow!! Great stuff there Duc ..........With all them categories I wonder what the trophy budget was Thanks fer sharing......Good Luck JefroRelax-Enjoy
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