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  1. Another popular method is to have shooting lens for front sight, other lens for me was normal script with bifocal. Eye doc knew just what I wanted. Now I can read stages and still see without having to swap glasses. Good Luck
  2. I use Publisher then convert to PDF. Marauder's site has helpful hints and some icons in Excel that can be copied to Publisher and elsewhere. Good Luck Cowboy Action Stage Design (homestead.com) JefroRelax-Enjoy
  3. Razor knife. Even though I know most of the brand names w/stamp and shapes, some of the zinc ones are getting so close to look alike.
  4. I sure hope the 44/40 is being considered.
  5. Yep, this is a good load for Red Dot. Mec #26 = 14gr. Mec #27 = 15gr that and a gray wad with 7/8oz shot. I use Red Dot for all my smokeless stuff 38/357, 44/40, 45Colt, 45acp and 12ga. Good Luck
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