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  1. It's listed under another name. Missouri Hillbilly Sweep: Posted by Missouri Marshal (SASS#50682, VA). Ten shots on four targets, 1-1-2-3-4-4-3-2-1-1. Think of this as a Nevada Sweep, but with double taps on the end targets
  2. Yep, I like it, seems like an easy progression on five targets. I'm gonna keep it
  3. Plus 44+ what Driftwood said. I do remember at a world champs shooting school many years ago said "if your firearm will only work with Federal primers you may need a stronger spring" "Our guns should be able to work with any name brand primer". Good Luck
  4. 3.2--3.3 is nice snapping load with a loud repport.....what alotta of us started with. Later switched to Red Dot and Clays, now just RD. And of course real BP Good Luck
  5. 3.2 is very popular for 125gr & 158gr, I use 3.3. Good Luck
  6. Howdy Cavalier X and welcome. Just start out shooting 49er with an 1897 pump, that way you can use it in Wild Bunch too. But first, before you spend one dime on guns or leather go to several local matches. Bring what you have, most likely some folks will loan you what eles you need. Call the Match Directors to let them know yer coming, they can often have some different stuff for you to try. Local clubs are usually a good place to find some deals. Good Luck JefroRelax-Enjoy
  7. My eye doc fixed me right up. Left eye regular script with bifocal just like my regular glasses. Right eye for front sight only (approx 32""), they work great. I can read the stages without having to change glasses and still see the targets just fine. Good Luck
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