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  1. Up for sale is a box of approximately 2500 (keep loosing count) .40 SW range brass. This is unprocessed brass, looks like it is mostly Winchester, CCI and Independence brass. $98 plus $15 flat rate shipping. Much Obliged
  2. Hell, I would have given it to you. Will mark it sold and we can settle up next time. Ya'll take care, and Much Obliged
  3. I think I can ship for around $7 - so make it $32. Thanks
  4. In case you need more choices, I've got a Gen4 41 Glock in excellent condition. Can send pics. Much Obliged,
  5. Up for sale: A. Frontier Classic canvas pants in size 36x32 - lightly used - $30 plus shipping B. Wah Maker Canvas Vest - size Large - lightly used - $25 plus shipping C. Wah Maker Brown Canvas Vest - size Large - Used but still good - $15 plus shipping D. Black Leather Vest - Like new - U.S. made by Roman with conceal carry pocket on the inside - Size Large - $45 plus shipping
  6. Yep, you are el correcto. How about a swap of dies?
  7. Hey All, I've got a Caliber Conversion for a Dillon 550 in .40 SW that I'd like to swap for the same in 9mm. And, I've got the Lee Dies for .40 S&W. Come to think of it, I'll throw in a box of brass. If anybody's interested please let me know. Much Obliged, Jack
  8. Couldn't say, Harry. Probably could have someone make one for you if not available from Ruger. FYI - This gun is SPF. Thanks.
  9. I try to load all my gear in my truck at least two days before the match and lay out the cowboy clothes I'll be wearing. So, depending on the severity of my hangover, all I have to do the morning of the match is find my keys and try to remember where the heck I'm headed.
  10. This is the Ruger Vaquero, Birdshead. Original frame.
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