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  1. Howdy All, Looking for some easy going Schofield loads (pistol) using 160's and Trail Boss. Much Obliged, Jack
  2. Thanks T-Square, but I was looking for the OOOOfishal photographer's site where shootin' and posse picture were posted.
  3. Well, I fiddled and farted around for three months figuring I'd get around to looking at the photo's from the GA State Match back in May and now I can't seem to locate them anywheres. Anybody got a lead on where they might be hiding?
  4. Misty - Who in SASS could give me a little history about one of our founding fathers, R.J. Poteet.

    Much Obliged

    1. Misty Moonshine

      Misty Moonshine

      I'd suggest emailing Hipshot. He can be reached at hipshot007@aol.com or give him a call at: 714-337-8004. He'll be happy to help, I'm sure.



    2. Palmetto Jack

      Palmetto Jack

      Thankyou kindly.

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