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  1. Whaddaya hear, whaddaya say? Do they do any good? Which one do you like? Thanks, C.
  2. Thanks so much, Joe. Will check.
  3. No, still there, thanks.
  4. When I go slow, no problem. If I go fast: jacked rounds with light primer strikes. (Not just me, others have tried: same result.) Is this a timing issue?
  5. hi, been through this before, but the search engine here stinks, which are the best: serial #'s etc. thanks, c.
  6. hi, Seriously looking at the CZ Bobwhite and will need a top cowboy gunsmith. I see that Johnny Meadows has retired, would have been my first choice. Any suggestions? (Location not important, I can mail a shotguns to an FFL holder). Thanks, C.
  7. Thanks for the hands-on info.
  8. The Bobwhite has double triggers, Coachgun has one. Also seems lighter, by appearance anyway. Haven't actually handled one.
  9. Anybody know this gun? What have you heard? Personal experience? Worth buying? thanks.
  10. Wow, this is great. Talked to a Fiocci rep. about 2 years ago when the shortage first hit. He told me that they were no longer importing primers to the US. Very disappointing at the time.
  11. Any new production would help. My 1911's bust anything and I can save my Federals for my rifle.
  12. He shoots a Marlin rifle? Who worked on it?
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