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  1. Like it was yesterday. January 1966, in a pawn shop in Warner Robins, Ga. a Winchester '73 in 32-20, 24", oct. bbl. for the big price of $65.00. He had 2 of them and would let me have both for $110.00 , but being in the USAF, married with one child ,,,, that wasn't happening. I got a part time job just to get that. But, I reenlisted in Aug. of '66 and bought a Blackhawk in 44 Mag. and a box of shells ,,,,, brand new from a gun store in Macon, Ga. for $98.00. Friend and I went to the dump that weekend, shot 6 rounds, 3 each, we looked at each other, said "damn". I cleaned up, took it back and traded it in plus $5.00 for a .357. I've still got and shoot both. Isom
  2. Grizz, this was brought up quite a few years ago. When I went to the dark side, I went to 38-40 from 44-40. That was about 04-05, it took abut 6-8 months to find out what the problem was and correct it. I started out with 1, now I've got 4. After that 2nd one , whenever I got a new one (38-40), I just pulled the bbl and reamed it. I was using Big-Lube bullets. At first I was casting them ,,, which I don't like casting. If I can buy the bullet I like ,, I'll buy it. That's the only part about shooting I don't like. I don't know why Uberti short chambers their 38-40's. I've heard of other people trimming their brass, putting the bullets in deeper, changing bullets and a few other things, and all they'd have to do is to pop the bbl. and run a reamer through it. I thought Uberti would have fixed that problem by now. I guess not. Oh well, Isom
  3. On 2 Feb 2019 Kid Concho passed to the great beyond. I hope he has a pleasant ride. He will be missed by all . He had been a member of the Lonesome Valley Regulators and the Doc Holliday Immortals. But health issues precluded him from participating for quite a while. Rest easy pard, Isom
  4. Fingers, reread your OP. Are you looking for bullets, or cartridges ? If it is bullets Ga. Arms is the place. Isom
  5. I know you said factory brand but ,,, Georgia Arms sells a darn good product. Give them a try. Isom
  6. July, started with 44-40 , RCBS dies and RCBS single stage press, smokeless. Shot more, went to RCBS Ammomaster, same dies. Shot some more. Got a Dillon 650 with bells and whistles, same dies shot a little more. Total of about 8-9 yrs. Went to the Dark Side, went to 38-40, same 650, RCBS dies, only addition was a deprime/resize die (RCBS), took the deprime punch out . That's another story. For the last 10-12 yrs. runs great. As stated above, there's a learning curve, don't try to be a speed demon, pay attention and you'll be fine. I reload about 7 different calibers on mine. But I've still got the single stage and Ammomaster mounted to my bench for when I don't need the volume . I tried the RCBS Cowboy dies but couldn't tell the difference ,,, sold them. +1 on Dillon"s customer service. Have fun, Isom
  7. I'm rebuilding/resurrecting a '73 Winchester, dated to 1892, had to rebarrel. Does anyone know anyone that does rollstamping ? Thanks in advance, Isom
  8. I'm curious, does anyone do any work on the Henry's (Big Boys type) ? I was just wondering if anyone did any smoothing, lightening, stroking or any internal work .Since quite a few people are using them. Don't have one ,,,,,, just curious. Isom
  9. klw, I ran across 4 slug loads (smokeless) that I bought about 15 yrs ago. I cut the cases open for the slugs, Winchester I think. I have the turned brass cases from the company in Montana I think (brain fart), 70gr ff, over powder wad, filler wads to bring the slug to the top of the case. Put slug in, I put a over-shot wad on top and I use hot glue gun (el cheapo from wally world)to glue the wad in . I shook the heck out of it, trying to throw the slug out ,,,, didn't budge. Using a dbl. bbl., 24" bbl. , (mod / cyl) ,and a foam picnic plate at about 25-30 yds. I hit it 3 times. That's as detailed as I can get. If you have the thin walled brass you may have to wrap or use a plastic wad cup to take up the room inside around the slug ,,,, make it like a sabot. Have fun, Isom
  10. I've got the spent primer catcher, the light that lets you see in the cases (B/P), a counter (mechanical), and the spring set replacement that goes under the case holder. That spring set really gives it a softer hit when it turns. I like all of the "improvements" Isom
  11. I've tried to pull up John Boy's "Dueling Rifles", but find it's been archived. How do I get it? Thanks, Isom
  12. Been following this post. Glad everything worked out for you. In the case of broken stocks, if you've got all the pieces ,,,,,,,,,, acetone for oil removal and epoxy glue are your two best friends. IMHO Isom
  13. You guys are funny ,,,,,,,,, (with a mouth full of popcorn) Isom
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