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  1. W, on the opening SASS page, scroll down to "SASS Affiliated Merchants", you'll find them from all over and everything. Wild West Mercantile is "my" favorite.
  2. Newlee, I bought a new Marlin 336 when I came back from Viet-Nam in 1968 with 3 boxes of ammo. I shot the last of it in about 2002-03. They were a little dull and I Brasso'd the last box, but they shot good and didn't stick. The last 15 yrs. they were stored in a plastic container .
  3. Been on some forums and trying to understand the 3 vs 4 click controversy ?? I don't understand what the big deal is. You don't notice it when you shoot. Do they shoot any different ? Not trying to stir the pot, just trying to understand what the problem is , 'cause I don't' Evidently they're both good shooters. Isom
  4. I've got more than one set of guns in different calibers , no left no right. But one out of the set's barrel needs to be turned, it shoots about 2-3 feet to the right. I put a dab of black nail polish on the backstrap, so's I'll know to hold left. I'll get around to getting it turned one day. It's not one of my main match guns.
  5. I usually shoot 38-40, 44-40 then 32-20. Whenever I shoot the 32-20's ,,I just call them "The Girls". That's about as good as it gets.
  6. I'm sure you can still get Stag, I think you're thinking about Ivory. Can't import Ivory.
  7. Question ,,,,, Wranglers use the same mainspring as Vaqueros ? Old or new ? Don't own one, just curious.
  8. You really need an excuse to buy a new gun ?????? OK . Just askin' ?
  9. Isom Dart, SASS#8096


    Maybe they just haven't updated their serial number/year list yet. Yep ,,, 5 yrs' is quite a while. Isom
  10. Just a thought, not a Lee user, "but", if it's been sitting a long time. You might want to take it down, clean and relubricate it . You might get a more harmonious outcome.
  11. Hombre, I load at home. Over the years I've accumulated about 200+ 12ga. Magtechs and 50, 10ga brass. I only use the brass 10ga for main matches. I use plastic 10ga for regular matches and the 12ga anytime. I load in batches, I've got 3 of the 50 hole wooden reloader blocks. When I get down to about a box and a half of 12ga I reload. I deprime, wash, tumble clean dry and store until I'm ready to reload again. The 10ga. I reload then store. Like I said, I've tried most of the other stuff,,,,,,, but the hot glue works best for me. YMMV, Isom
  12. Once and a while I'd put "stripper glitter" in with the shot, or the blue carpenter chalk. If you want more smoke and fire ,,, try some 1F powder. Isom
  13. I've tried some of most of the things above, but the best I've used for my 12 ga. Magtechs and my 10ga. hand made ones are hot glue . El cheepo from Wally World , gun and glue sticks ,and you don't have to wait for it to dry. I've used water glass, Duco glue, Elmers, RTV, silicone bathtub type sealers, stuff we used on aircraft, you have to wait for all to dry. Hot glue, zip it , 10-15 seconds, dry and done. YMMV, Isom
  14. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my cowboy and cowgirl friends out there. Make sure you're back in the New Year ! Isom
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