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  1. Dan, I bought a pair back in '03, only because I couldn't find any 38-40 OMV's in blue. I don't like shiny guns. One shot pretty good poi/poa, the other one you had to hold about 3-4 ft. off to the right to hit I was on the dark side ( they had cookies).But,,,,,,, I lucked into a pair of Colts 3-4 years later, used them while looking for a pair of OMV's in .357 to convert to 38-40. Found them , got them converted, said I'd switch up between the Colts and OMV's. But I'd been shooting the Colts for so long I'd gotten used to them, so, I stuck witth the Colts for about ten years. But did shoot the OMV's once and a while. It worked out ok. When you say "waiting on your smith to make the barrels", are you having brand new barrels made ?? I just had the .357 barrels bored and rifled, worked great for me. YMMV, have fun. Isom
  2. Bob, if you'll hit the thrift shops, you might find a used, broken but repairable food dehydrator. That's what I did, and about an hour and they're dry ,,,,,, pins too. I glued some wire screen on one for the pins. Works great, YMMV, Isom
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