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  1. I always kept a few in my car to give out to prospective SASS'ers. Got out of a speeding ticket in N.C. one time, we spent about a half hour on the side of the road. He turned off the lights and all. I don't know if he ever joined or not, but we talked SASS, guns , cowboys and everything. They did come in handy. Think I've still got some. Isom
  2. Google in "handloading cost calculator" and you'll find a few to choose from. Isom
  3. I think it was about $200.00 at the time. Had a time putting the forearm on, smithy wondered why he had to cut another dovetail for the hanger for the forearm cap, they wouldn't line up . It was shorter. Told him to cut the shorter one and just put a filler in the old one and cold blue it. Found out later that "Short Rifle" forearms are shorter than "Rifle" forearms. Learn something new everyday. Isom
  4. Happened to me once in the mid 2000's. In a '73 with b/p in 38-40. I didn't even notice , at the ULT was told about the bulge in my barrel. Shot it for about 3 mos. , ordered another barrel. 10 mos. later it gets here, smith changes barrel , everything's good. Says hey, you've got about 18in. left behind the bulge. Hmmmmm short rifle coming up. Order one in 44-40 , swap barrels, couple of dovetails and I've got a short rifle in 38-40. I'm happy! Isom
  5. +1 for HKU and the Warden. I've got 73's and 92's in the dash calibers. The 73's get shot at matches once and a while along with my Colts ,, in all three calibers. They do get looks. They are fun. Isom
  6. Semper Fi from a zoomie, (USAF 62-82) Thanks to all who served ! Isom
  7. Raising a glass to "Dunc" ( that's what I called him) knew him a long time. Quite a guy, and gentleman. All heart and a mile wide. Here's to you. Isom
  8. Have you tried homesteadparts.com ? Isom
  9. You'd probably do better finding a .357 cyl. and having it bored out. I couldn't find any blue OMV's in 38-40 ,,,,,,, got a pair of OMV's in .357 , had the cyls bored for 38-40 and they worked good. Still working. YMMV, Isom
  10. Well here it comes. Colt's not making any more AR-15's for the civilian populace. For more info go to www.firearmdaily.com for full story. Try to do it today, topics change daily. Aaannd here it starts. Isom
  11. Just a question ,,,, can't you fire a '97 by holding the trigger and smartly running the slide forward ? Isn't that normal for '97's?
  12. Building a '73 in 32-20 from parts. Using a new barrel. Does anyone know who does barrel roll stamping ? Also their web site or address. Thanks, Isom
  13. Desperado bullets are good for b/p or smkless. I've used them. I thought whyte leather works made a big lube bullet in 32-20 but I see they don't. Any dies will do , I'm partial to RCBS ,,,,,,,,,, just because. I tried the Cowboy dies from RCBS , but didn't seem to make any difference. Went back to the regular dies. Any press will do. I'm partial to RCBS and Dillon,,,,, again ,,,,, just 'cause. My main match calibers are 38-40, 44-40 and sometimes 32-20. +1 to Three Foot,, try to use all same headstamps, I went through that about 10-12 yrs. ago. I've never been able to find carbide dies in 32-20, 38-40 or 44-40. Be safe, have fun, Isom
  14. RR, it's "Lemi-Shine" ,not Lemon Shine. Just so you won't be looking for the wrong thing. Isom
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