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  1. I must admit that title caught me off guard. When I saw the title, I thought it was going to be an explanation of the name Barleycorn in connection with alcohol ,,,,,, drinking type alcohol. Must have had a flashback !! Didn't catch it until I was 1/3 the way down. Slow saturday ! Isom
  2. I bought a Uberti (Cimarron) in '10-11 and no issues except that big .45 cal. mag tube. After about the 7-8th cartridge it got really hard to push them in. I bought a 32-20 mag tube , spring and follower from Homestead parts and epoxied it in the 45 cal tube. A little minor fitting and it works great. If they had the carbon fiber mag tube 38/357 insert ,,, I didn't know about it. Isom
  3. Dan, it's no problem with OMV's. About '06-'08 , wanted a pair of 38-40's, found a pair of SS, OMV in 38-40/40S&W. They were ok but, I don't like "shiny" guns. So I didn't shoot them much. Ruger didn't make blue OMV's in 38-40. So, bought two blue OMV 357's, one new, one used at about $425-450.00 each, pulled the barrels , sent them one way, sent the cylinders another. In about three to four weeks ,I had a pair of "blue" OMV's in 38-40. I think it was about $375.00/gun, dividing up between cylinder and barrel. Down the line I acquired a couple of late 3rd gen. Colts in 38-40, shot the
  4. OH ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Hey Driftwood ,,,,, how say you now ???? Isom
  5. Here's my $ 0.05 for the 32-20. Its a fine lil' cartridge. It's one of my "anniversary" calibers , 1-3 times a year. She'll throw out fire and smoke just like it's big brothers. I have an original '92, '73 rifles and an original '73 short rifle (parts gun). A pair of Navy, Taylor's and a pair of late 3rd gen. Colt SAA. Oh,,, and an Uberti Deluxe rifle ,,,,,,,,,,,, always wanted one of those. I don't know about factory ammo sliding back in the cases, but, if you're loading different cases ,,,,,,,,, separate by headstamp and measure "CASE" oal. Had that problem a while back and found out that d
  6. Boy ,,,,,,,,,,,,, I hope this Covid-19 will be over with soon.
  7. I only shoot real cowboy calibers 44-40, 38-40 and 32-20. No .45. Go ahead and flame, don't care ,,, that's me. I've got Colts in all three, but I've got OMV Rugers in just 44-40 and 38-40. I've got a spare pair in 357/38 that I'd like to have barrels and cylinders made for them in 32-20. That's doable. Ahhhh, one day ,,, maybe. YMMV, Isom
  8. To me ,,,,,, it seemed like the Graf's burned a little cleaner than the Goex. " AGAIN ,,, TO ME ". Both in 2f. Other than that ,,, no difference. Isom
  9. Andy, all good advice above. Use real B/P, no air space between bullet and powder, Ballistol, bore butter and b/p lubed bullets are your friend. BUT ,,, here's the real story for your wife. Honey ,,,,, if you've been shooting smokeless powder in your guns ,,,, and try to shoot b/p in them, no matter how much you try and clean them, they'll get messed up, and I'll have to take them to a gunsmith to get them fixed. Ya see b/p gets in the metal and there's a special machine used to draw it out, and it cost a little bit. Sooooooooo, " I NEED TO BUY NEW GUNS" ,,,,, Now that's your story ,,,
  10. You guys are funny ,,,,,,,,, (with a mouth full of popcorn) Isom
  11. +1 Imis,, I think we were on the same possee,,,,,,,,, Howdy back atcha' Isom
  12. I order most of mine from Whyte's. I don't like to cast,,,, but I have when I've had to . I use 20-1, I think that comes out to about bh-10, but it's pretty soft.
  13. Period Correct doesn't bother me as much as "costumes" used to. my reply was "clowns wear costumes,,, we wear outfits",,,now,, don't care either way. Havin' to much fun shootin' to worry about it. Life's to short. Lighten and have fun, Isom
  14. +1 Ace of Hearts ,,, shoot Holy Black, wet tumble with primers out,, pockets come out clean. No sweat ! Isom
  15. I'm a member of quite a few forums, and some I just go on for info and to read.Without a doubt this is one of the nicest sites I've been on, with the nicest people,,,,,,,,,, even with our differences about whatever the issue is. Cowboys seem to know how to agree to disagree.Some of the forums are just unbelievable, sometimes they're like a barroom brawl. Cowboys are the best !! : Just sayin" Be proud Cowboys, I am. Isom
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