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  1. HOLY $$^@, is that a serious price? or one of those prices where "I'll set it high enough and they'll leave me alone" type price. I didn't think they were that dear. I might have to rethink this "want" .
  2. Thanks , I don't know why but, I just had a hankerin' for a Ruger Vaquero in 38-40/40 S&W. You know how these things just kind of hit you. Isom
  3. Yeh,,,,, thanks a lot ! Oook now. I started off with 44-40 for the first 10-11 years smokeless with Rugers. Switched to 38-40's and Colts and b/p for the next 12-13 years. I had a few growing pains with the 38-40, but it didn't take long to smooth it out. I'm beginning to wonder if I really want one that bad. You know,,, the old "want vs need" thing. I'll try to keep checking. Thanks for all the help guys. Isom
  4. As stated above "I think" I WTB a Ruger 38-40/40S&W. I've heard they're verrry dear. I've been trying to find them on about 5 auction sites , but come up "0" Does anyone know how dear they are in $$$$, ballpark or in the neighborhood of . I might not want one as bad as I think I do. Thanks, Isom
  5. At our monthly shoot we have about 2-3 reactive targets with clays, knockdown/throw up type. As far as shotgun targets, sometimes we'll give a warning, "NEXT MONTH BRING PLENTY OF SHOTGUN SHELLS" Isom
  6. PS to above, about 2 yrs later I did buy a pair of late 3rd gen. Colts. Had them smoothed up and shot them for about 11 yrs. B/P only, never had a lick of trouble. I said I'd switch up between the Rugers and Colts. I started using the Colts and just kept on using them. Whenever I'd use the Rugers they felt awkward. YMMV Isom
  7. What started me on 38-40's was I found a 1st gen SAA in 38-40 at a gun show at a good price. Excellent shape fr. 1915. A year later I ran across a used Cimmaron in 38-40. I antiqued it a little to match the Colt. Then I was on the hunt for a pair of Rugers I wanted a pair of 38-40's around 2007-8. I didn't want Ruger Blackhawks, I wanted Vaqueros, they didn't make any. Didn't want the OMV's in 38-40/40SW because they only came in SS,,,, don't really care for shiny guns. Didn't even check the Italian repos. Wanted Rugers. So I found a pair of OMV's in .357 and had them converted to 38-40.. The barrels went one way the cylinders another. The barrels were bored out and rifled, the cylinders were bored and chambered. I don't have all the info, but IIRC the guns were about 450.00 each. The reboring and rechambering was about 375.00/gun. so I guess each gun came to about 800.00. Now that was around 2007-8-9. I would imagine prices have changed. That's how I got mine. Isom
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