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  1. Great video. Pretty much how I do mine with a couple of exceptions. I've cut a couple of plastic powder bottle 3-4 ins. from the bottom and use them as a powder and shot container. Dipping from them is a lot easier, for me. I've also used a couple of the "old' brass shells. The ones that used to use berdan primers. Before they changed them over to LP primers. I've cut them down to the amount of powder and shot needed , soldered a handle on them. Now I've got ready made dippers. I've tried wood glue, waterglass and duco cement, all broke seals. I found those cheap hot glue guns from Wally World did the trick. Haven't broken a seal yet. I reload 10 and 12 ga. I use the MEC Jr. to deprime, prime and seat wads. I've got over 200 cases an when I get down to about 50 shells or so I start reloading. I've got 3 of the 50 hole reloading blocks. It's like a production sometimes. I do like you ,,, pop the primers and wet clean. Well ,,,, have fun, YMMV ! Oh, side note. Watching the video, about 31/2 mins. in , your dog barked ,, scared the heck out of me ,,, I must have jumped about a foot in my chair.
  2. +1 to all of the above. They also have plastic racks that hold pistols in a muzzle up position, depending on how close you place your top shelf to the top of the safe. Also racks that hold the guns muzzle forward. Usually in 6-8 each. I have 2, muzzles up on the left and right side in one safe and muzzles forward along the back wall in another.
  3. Welcome back DB. 1. If the seal on the powder hasn't been broken or never opened and it flows freely, it should be ok. Load a few and see how it performs. If it is clumpy and smells like ammonia or off, (subjective),, I'd be suspect. 2. The Lyman #49 should be ok to use. I'd put the other ones in your library for reference. Lyman has had the #50 out for a few years. 3."MY OPINION", the Lyman and Lee manuals are the better ones. If you buy a bullet manufacturers manual they'll only have their bullets and everyone else's powder. If you buy a powder manufacturer's manual it'll have only their powder and everyone else's bullets. Lee and Lyman has just about everyone's bullets and powder. .I prefer the Lyman, it's a big book "big print", and I can read it without my glasses. I have both. 4. Powder and bullet manufacturers have their own manuals, some are free, some are online. There you go, have fun and be safe. YMMV,
  4. Get a vacuum cleaner straight tube and tape either a piece of gauze/ panty hose tight across the mouth. We used that method to get small parts, screws/nuts from small places on aircraft and in tanks . It works. But you'll probably find it a month after you get the new parts and looking for something else. Isom
  5. Thanks Hedley, just had a computer problem, got it corrected remotely. It kicked me out of a few things that I had to log back into. Got it back now. Isom
  6. JB, I knew the Open Range was closed. Hedley had taken about 8-10 DIY articles and had put them under his name in pdf form on the SASS wire. Can still pull it up, but the articles are labeled "unavailable". Isom
  7. Went to Hedley Lamar's site where had a lot of articles from The Open Range in PDF form. Everything is " unavailable ". What's up? Isom
  8. Cheyenne Ranger, I feel yur pain. For a couple of years at my club, I was the stage writer ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and I'd still screw one up every now and then. When asked , " didn't you write these ?" , I'd say no ,,, (fingers crossed) , I woke up and they on my gear ! Isom
  9. Out of the entire shooting spectrum, gun tinkering, reloading, casting, etc. What don't you like. I dislike, don't like, hate ,,,,take your pick , casting. If someone makes it ,,,,, I'll buy it. I can zen on any other part of the shooting sport except casting. Just don't like it, I've tried it , but I just can't deal with it if I don't have to. What's yours ??? Isom
  10. I bought a beam balance scale when I started reloading. RCBS kit . It was like the Lee kit you get now , it had everything. I used the scale for about 20-25 years. Walking through a flea market I saw a Redding scale for $5.00 , bought it , took it home. Didn't work properly sent it to Redding, they repaired it , worked fine . I 've got a spare, fine. Ahead about 10+ yrs, digital craze ,,,, digital scale. I'm trying to set it up, can't get it to do right. Sometimes it will balance, sometimes it won't. I fiddle around, can't figure it out. Took me a while to figure out ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I was " breathing" on it ,,,,,,, XXX ! That's it ,,,,, balance beams only. 1-3/10's of a grain just isn't that much of a problem to me. Just my view. YMMV, Isom
  11. You guys are funny ,,,,,,,,, (with a mouth full of popcorn) Isom
  12. +1 Imis,, I think we were on the same possee,,,,,,,,, Howdy back atcha' Isom
  13. I order most of mine from Whyte's. I don't like to cast,,,, but I have when I've had to . I use 20-1, I think that comes out to about bh-10, but it's pretty soft.
  14. Period Correct doesn't bother me as much as "costumes" used to. my reply was "clowns wear costumes,,, we wear outfits",,,now,, don't care either way. Havin' to much fun shootin' to worry about it. Life's to short. Lighten and have fun, Isom
  15. +1 Ace of Hearts ,,, shoot Holy Black, wet tumble with primers out,, pockets come out clean. No sweat ! Isom
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