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  1. Just a question ,,,, can't you fire a '97 by holding the trigger and smartly running the slide forward ? Isn't that normal for '97's?
  2. Building a '73 in 32-20 from parts. Using a new barrel. Does anyone know who does barrel roll stamping ? Also their web site or address. Thanks, Isom
  3. Desperado bullets are good for b/p or smkless. I've used them. I thought whyte leather works made a big lube bullet in 32-20 but I see they don't. Any dies will do , I'm partial to RCBS ,,,,,,,,,, just because. I tried the Cowboy dies from RCBS , but didn't seem to make any difference. Went back to the regular dies. Any press will do. I'm partial to RCBS and Dillon,,,,, again ,,,,, just 'cause. My main match calibers are 38-40, 44-40 and sometimes 32-20. +1 to Three Foot,, try to use all same headstamps, I went through that about 10-12 yrs. ago. I've never been able to find carbide dies in 32-20, 38-40 or 44-40. Be safe, have fun, Isom
  4. RR, it's "Lemi-Shine" ,not Lemon Shine. Just so you won't be looking for the wrong thing. Isom
  5. +1 for Cheyenne, but I rinse the pins off until they're clean through a piece of old t-shirt . Then, I dry everything in an old food dehydrator I got in a thrift store, Cases, pins, and the t-shirt. I spread the pins and t-shirt out on the top shelf and everything's dry in about an hour. I only do the b/p cases. Isom
  6. Maybe the newcomers will start off on the 750's. You know ,,,, the ones that are upgrading, or want to go to a progressive "blue" machine .I've been using a 650 for about 15 years. I can't understand for the life of me how primers can go off in the tube. I know it does, but don't understand how. 99.8% of the primers I use are CCI and I've crushed quite a few all kind of ways. I use Federal's for S/G because that's usually what my LGS has. B/P all the way, except for the modern stuff. Isom
  7. It all depends on your 'druthers. I'd 'druther have blue steel and brown wood. I've got a pair of OMV 38-40/40SW in SS because that's all Ruger had in 38-40 at the time. I'd gone to the Dark Side. Didn't want Blackhawks. I had contacted a couple of companies to have then coated like blue. Then "bingo" ,,,,,,, get a pair of OMV .357's and have them bored out to 38-40. Did that ,,,, semi-retired the SS ones, then went to Colts. Out of all my guns ,,,, cowboy, military ,,, and others ,,, those are the only two "shiny" guns in my safe. Just don't care for "shiny" guns. " 'druthers" Just sayin, Isom
  8. I can relate. I'm wheelchair bound (approx. 4 1/2 yrs.) and not that close to home anymore. But about every 2-3 mns. a friend comes to get me to shoot in my clubs monthly shoot. We have a ball, just like I did the first 20+ years. I shoot all three guns . the shotgun gives me a little problem but I work around it. Except when it's kind of muddy I wheel myself. I wear my holsters, my long guns are staged for me, I load and unload my own guns, get laughed at when I screw up ,,,,, just like normal. Before this happened to me, I've been to matches and have seen a few people with disabilities shoot ,"safely", and always thought "way ta' go". Just sayin', Isom
  9. Looks like you've got the primer tube feed working. Are you going to shim the hole where the primers come up, and are you going to use a longer primer feed tube? Looks like you might be able to drill the hole out and either press fit or snug fit with some epoxy. Looks like epoxy would work because there's not a lot of stress in that area. Isom
  10. (cont. accidently hit wrong button. Sorry) I don't remember who it was, but someone made a singlestage and a multistage that you could switch handles on. Don't remember who though. Seems like you've got your work cut out for you though. Have fun. I'll be following this thread to see how it comes out
  11. Jack, that's one heck of a machine. I've got a RCBS Ammomaster, and it's been in semi-retirement since I got a Dillon 650. To me, the Green Machine looks overly complicated. I know you said it was made for .38 Spec. but did RCBS not have an adapter kit or something to adapt to other calibers? You kind of sound like me ,,,, "but its not made for it" ,,,,,,,,,,,, (me) ,, "no, sweat I'll get it to work". As far as Rt/LT, I pull all my levers with my rt. arm, and put bullets/primers, or anything else with my lt. I guess I've been doing it so long I'm just used to it..
  12. RP, don't know about a Dillon setup , but you might try ebay for a set of dies. Isom
  13. I've tried the both eyes open thing, but once I start shooting my weak hand will drift over to my strong eye (right) . So I just say the heck with it,,. right eye for everything. Isom
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