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  1. Wow Hardpan,,, I got tired reading after the 16th "simple question". Glad I'm not there. At least they haven't started sticking it to reloaders yet. ( sorry,,, didn't mean to say that out loud) Isom
  2. Pee Wee, ballisticproducts.com should have everything you need. Isom
  3. Talking to a couple of friends and we started talking about guns we bought years ago for chump-change and now you'd have to mortage your first born to get one. Whatcha' got ? When you bought it, what it is, when it was made and how much you paid for it. SASS type or not, doesn't matter. I'll start ; Winchester '73 , 32-20 , good ++, 24" oct bbl., bbl inside fair, born,1892, purch 1966 for ,,,,,,, $65.00 That's it for me, Isom
  4. Before I heard of SASS, I had a Ruger Blackhawk .357. A Winchester '73 in 32-20, both bought in 1966. A Marlin 336-30-30, a 39A .22, both bought in 1968. A 12ga. double I got from my dad. Always did like hammered doubles, bought a Rossi 12 ga. in 1983, Was my rabbit and squrril gun. Enter SASS,,,, late 1995, 1st gun, Ruger OMV , 44-40, 7 1/2" bbl, only needed one pistol, a Rossi '92 in 44-40. Another OMV 44-40 in 4 3/4". I've been so deep down that darn rabbit hole,, Dark sider, smokeless, 38-40, 32-20 , 10ga. Rugers, Colts, original Winchesters. They're gonna have to bury me standing up so I
  5. Bought my first one in 1995 in 44-40 and I joined SASS about 5-6 months later. Already had a Blackhawk in 357 I bought in 1966, but it didn't look cowboy enough to me with the sights and caliber. Also a single-six. In my LGS the lady said she had a 7 1/2" and a 4 3/4" in 44-40, asked if she knew about the recoil. She didn't and didn't have any ammo. Found some ammo a few days later, went to the range, shot it and it was sweet. Went back and put the other one on lay a way. Told her now I've got to find a rifle ,,,, she goes "oh" , I've got a rifle", a Rossi, put that on the ticket also. At a g
  6. I must admit that title caught me off guard. When I saw the title, I thought it was going to be an explanation of the name Barleycorn in connection with alcohol ,,,,,, drinking type alcohol. Must have had a flashback !! Didn't catch it until I was 1/3 the way down. Slow saturday ! Isom
  7. You guys are funny ,,,,,,,,, (with a mouth full of popcorn) Isom
  8. +1 Imis,, I think we were on the same possee,,,,,,,,, Howdy back atcha' Isom
  9. I order most of mine from Whyte's. I don't like to cast,,,, but I have when I've had to . I use 20-1, I think that comes out to about bh-10, but it's pretty soft.
  10. Period Correct doesn't bother me as much as "costumes" used to. my reply was "clowns wear costumes,,, we wear outfits",,,now,, don't care either way. Havin' to much fun shootin' to worry about it. Life's to short. Lighten and have fun, Isom
  11. +1 Ace of Hearts ,,, shoot Holy Black, wet tumble with primers out,, pockets come out clean. No sweat ! Isom
  12. I'm a member of quite a few forums, and some I just go on for info and to read.Without a doubt this is one of the nicest sites I've been on, with the nicest people,,,,,,,,,, even with our differences about whatever the issue is. Cowboys seem to know how to agree to disagree.Some of the forums are just unbelievable, sometimes they're like a barroom brawl. Cowboys are the best !! : Just sayin" Be proud Cowboys, I am. Isom
  13. KISS !! Blue 50 round boxes--44-40 smokeless Red " " " ---38-40 B/P, main match ammo Anything else gets a blank business card with : bullet wt., powder type and weight in the can or box. Isom
  14. Hickok 45, would you like another grandson ?? I reload. Caliber not important,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, just askin'. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. You're one cool Granpa. Isom
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