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  1. I requested that for WR 2019 and Long Range Wednesday's weather was pretty good. A few days later all hail broke loose.
  2. I was thinking of a flag at 150 and at 250 yards between the lever gun and single shot positions.
  3. I have received some comments about wanting wind flags for the Winter Range Long Range events. The winds are variable during the day, especially if there is nearby storm activity. Would wind indicating flags be useful for the 300 yard single shot, lever gun, and 540 yard Bison events?
  4. For all the big rifle cases I went with pure lanolin. The spray does not have enough lanolin in it. I got a 7 oz. tub at the local vegan fruit, nuts, and flakes store for $8. I put it on sparingly with my fingers then stand them in the tray to size.
  5. Rancho, there is a sight and function check table at the far left of the long range event on the 300 yard range. The normal volunteer shift is 2 1/2 hours. Scroll up to see Turquoise Bill's post with the volunteer form. Thanks pard. CP
  6. Thanks to all for your comments. My goal is to make a great match within the constraints of time and facilities. Changes will be made when I see a chance to make it better. Jackpine Bill said it eloquently, the WR long range matches are different from other matches. Lots of events to try your skill. I would also ask if you have not signed up to be a volunteer on Wednesday to please do so. Thanks to the folks that already signed up including the faithful that show up every year to help. Could not do it without you. Yeehaw. See y'all in February 2020.
  7. I appreciate the comments about the Bucky O'Neill bolt and single shot stages. I looked back at the bolt action and single shot results posted on the Winter Range site. Before 2016 there were 100 and 200 yard targets, starting on Feb 2016 the 300 yard target was added. I stayed with what Pigpen started because we get participation of 10-20 shooters depending on the weather and and the last 6 years using the bolt action the winner either cleaned it or had one miss. I changed the target distance on the Quigley to increase the likelyhood of more hits and that worked out in 2019. There are advantages to some rifles over another. The Krag was used by the winner on several of these matches but I have noticed a trend to those shooting rifles that use stripper clips placing high or winning. Just like Cowboy shooting, there is a trend for folks to use whatever might give them an edge within the rules of the game. The Bucky O'Neill match is perhaps the most challenging military rifle long range match and is a test of accuracy and speed. I suspect the winners that get to wear the marksmenship pin feel the same way. Pray for good weather!
  8. Thanks TB for posting the volunteer form. Judah, It is the Bucky O'Neill military rifle match and we try to recreate fast shooting at different ranges, hence the requirement to use the battlesight.
  9. The folded down sight may be adjusted. As you say it's a necessity on a Trapdoor. I adjust for 100, 200, and 300 yards between shooting positions. For the Krag, set at 200 and then 300.
  10. I want to welcome you to Winter Range 2020 Long Range that will happen Rain or Shine on February 26, 2020. In this post I want to update you on long range items and concerns relayed to me in the shooter comments. Long Range Volunteers: This is the most important thing I want to bring up. Without volunteers there would not be ANY side match events. One of the common items I read from the shooter post-match comments is that we need knowledgeable volunteers for long range. There are dedicated long range volunteers that I each and every year that do a great job and Long Range at Winter Range could not happen. Most of them also shoot the long range event. All the above is true, and it is from the folks that sign up for long range that I am asking for volunteers. You folks are the most knowledgeable about spotting and helping the shooter. We are presently calling up folks signed up for Winter Range 2020 to volunteer. As of last Friday we had 21 signed up volunteers and need 110+ to put on the side matches IM or email me to volunteer for side matches. Range Safety: ALL the SASS firearm handling rules apply to long range. In particular, that means uncasing firearms safely at the line or muzzle up while behind the line. Carry firearms muzzle up until returned to your guncart or case. If you need to check or make adjustments to your firearm move down to the practice table and do what is needed at the firing line. NOT at the tables under the overhead cover. Battlesights and the Bucky O’Neill event: Listed in the rifle requirements included in the score book is the following. - SHOOTERS MUST HAVE AND USE BARREL MOUNTED MILSPEC (Military Specified) BATTLE SIGHTS ONLY APPROPRIATE FOR THEIR RIFLE OR CARBINE There has been some confusion about this so I post the definition of battle sight from the manual for the M 1903 Springfield. I draw your attention to the last sentence where is states the battle sight is used with the leaf down and using the battle sight notch. This page from TM 9-1270 3 will be included in the scorebook. Take No Prisoners: Flatulent Fred is bringing his cowboy targets again! We are providing nice winner awards this year. Statue for 1st Place and buckles for 2nd and 3rd. Yeehaw! Also there were comments about needing better spotters for TNP. TNP shooters make the best spotters. Enough said. Quigley: Many more hits at the 385 m position. Three shooters with 2 hits and ten folks with one hit. Other changes: We will be adding downrange wind flags to the 300 yard and 500 m bays. I am requesting purchase of a higher quality spotting scope for the 300 yard events. Other shooter comments from the questionnaire: Shooters can’t drive to Quigley and Bison events. Yes, you can. Plenty of parking. We are working on parking for the events at the 300 yard bay. Spotting scope for practice target. We have the scopes and what we need are volunteers to man the practice position. Please volunteer. Confusion about how to queue for long range events. There are large signs explaining how to do it. You line up behind the adobe wall positions and move forward when vacant. Get prepared and when ready to shoot hold up your shooter card for the timer operator and let them know what event you are shooting. Don’t give your card to the spotter or recorder. They are busy. I have questions about ranges and round count. These questions are answered here: http://winterrange.com/longrange.html This information is also included in the score book. Finally: Folks liked the flashers. I plan two trips downrange to paint 300 yard targets. Coconino Pistolero, Winter Range Long Range Match Director
  11. Charlie, My GP says it isn't too bad to have him recommend a specialist yet. I will talk to him about it. Thanks for the comments pards. I will give FC a spin and see how it goes for now. Old habits mean that I will probably brain fart and shoot duelist from time to time anyway. CP
  12. Sedalia, I am taking the sulfate version. Sometimes the magic works sometimes it don't. Jamming my right hand thumb and fingers playing ball as a kid probably did not help. Pards, Any kind a shooting is better than no shooting. Yeehaw
  13. Thanks for the replies. Yul Lose, I will look them pills up on amazon and give them a go.
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