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  1. Tighten the cartridge retaining plate bolt more. There should be very little wobble of the cases.
  2. And use just enough mouth bell to seat the bullet without shaving lead. Just a "little more" bell and you end up with a bulge in the brass.
  3. I too thought that sticking brass is because of dirty chambers. I scrubbed the 73 chamber with bore gel and got it spotless. At least the part I can see with a flashlight. I am somewhat convinced that after 8-10 reloadings brass gets work hardened and does not spring back like it did when it was new. I know rifle brass is annealed at the factory and figure they do it to pistol brass too. Just my observation of .44-40 brass with 10+ loadings of BP sticking in the chamber and getting sooty. That does not happen with new .44-40 brass , it is nice and clean after firing with BP. When I get some new brass I will have to measure the fired brass after each reloading to see if it gets a mite larger over time.
  4. Guess I'd better pick up the pace at the monthly matches to find that ragged edge.
  5. .30-40 Krag brass all Remington 86 ea. 2 times fired, about 1/2 of them were neck sized only $31 (35.7 cents each) shipped USPS.
  6. I have been told more than once if you shot the match clean then you were not shooting fast enough. At least at Winter Range 2019 that assertion is a myth. There were 56 clean match shooters in what has to have been one of the most weather challenged matches ever. Lets look at the results: There were 39 that PLACED in their category, i.e. in the top ten. There were 15 that PLACED in 1st or 2nd in their category. There were 5 that PLACED in the top ten in the overall match. Here are the results. WR 2019 Clean match. I shot it clean too but was 12th place in FCD.
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