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  1. How many small rifle primers would you trade for 5lb jug of trailboss?


    thanks, Jim

    1. Navy Davey

      Navy Davey

      I'm looking for primers

  2. Typing is terrible today I have sm rifle primers and maybe 1lb of unique
  3. I live in Avondale interested in the LG and sm primers and unique powder
  4. This year's WB at EOT 38 knock downs...... Also Montana State match had you shoot a stick that was in a widow than the door swung open and more shotgun knock downs....( but don't go forward with a loaded sg)
  5. Put everybody in the category in one group oldest to youngest then divide by 3. All groups would be the same size
  6. 120 seems like a small number for a state match. You had 130 2020 during Covid
  7. My application has been sent a couple weeks ago just waiting for a reply
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