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  1. Looking into shooting a few Plainsman side matches this summer. I watched a match at winter range but could not see the rifle portion. Question what is the average distance to the targets and what is the rifle count one other is there a max power factor/speed.
  2. Reloading, fixing guns and sneaking off to the local cowboy range so I have to reload and fix guns.
  3. Thanks for the update
  4. I'm not sure if the targets were to far or the stage was to complicated or even to many shot gun targets all I want to know is WHERE DO I SIGN UP FOR NEXT YEARS
  5. This was my second WR I have only been shooting for a little over two years and only have a few complaints. 1. I got sun burned this year. 2. Didn't get to use my mud boots and rain jacket that I bought just for WR. 3. I didn't win a car or even come in first. All the kidding aside great match you and the crew deserve a BZ for a job well done. I would of liked a "line" on every stage instead of saying "none" all the time. Being new to the game I expect hard stages, mixed targets and a little change up to make it tougher.
  6. I started with a little lee pot worked well for awhile but started dripping all the time. Bought a Lyman Mag 25 night and day difference spend the money the first time. I also love the lee 6 hole molds....guess what I am doing.
  7. I see all the categories but mine "MOST FUN"
  8. Wonder why I didn't see her...send her my regards
  9. My right hammer was dragging on the stock might check that out. Also all the screws on the lock was loose and one came out and was under the spring.
  10. I find if I take Motrin or any of that family of medicine the ringing gets louder.
  11. Correct 200 gr sorry I did not state that. I would cast lighter as soon as Lee makes. 6 round mold (I'm spoiled)
  12. Hand cast lee 452 rnfp powder coated sized to 452 3.5 grains Bullseye gets me 560 ps and a power factor 112 in my revolver. Over the top in my rifle feels like a .22
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