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  1. My right hammer was dragging on the stock might check that out. Also all the screws on the lock was loose and one came out and was under the spring.
  2. I find if I take Motrin or any of that family of medicine the ringing gets louder.
  3. Correct 200 gr sorry I did not state that. I would cast lighter as soon as Lee makes. 6 round mold (I'm spoiled)
  4. Hand cast lee 452 rnfp powder coated sized to 452 3.5 grains Bullseye gets me 560 ps and a power factor 112 in my revolver. Over the top in my rifle feels like a .22
  5. Navy Davey my kids sister's called me that after I joined in 83 after serving 23 years they still use it also starts a few conversations
  6. I'll give you twice what you paid for it...
  7. Enjoy shooting my 7" nickel SW #3, not fast but I look good
  8. I shot my first WR last year after only 3 months of shooting sass jump in and have fun.
  9. I also shoot classic cowboy just finished my second year. Goal finish above 50% at Winter Range in CC, next year top ten. So today I'm off to the range to practice
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