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  1. It it falls through I'll take it
  2. Snow what is this thing you talk about.
  3. Nice.... As soon as I win the lotto I'll give you a call
  4. 100 in Phoenix cool down this week
  5. Have a cowboy gunsmith look at it, probably out of timing and just been adjustment
  6. Just acquired one from my father's estate four of us were in a trap league and reloaded a lot of rounds. Wait for the weather to cool to set it up in the garage. I have a manual if you have questions.
  7. And no printed shirts with cats on them... Smile
  8. I was just going to post call Varmint Bill
  9. Looking forward to it....
  10. This flu will pass.... I have already paid and will be attending went last year and had a great time.
  11. That is a beautiful rifle. I'm not sure if it was you I bought my 1860 from but I promise you I have been taking great care of it
  12. Bought one new when I started two years ago $300 spent 5+ hours with grinder, files and sandpaper just to get it to open and lighten the springs it's tank and goes bang-bang every time. I now have two TTNs new cowboy worked on $700 and a used Johnny Meadows $525. True advice spend the money for a TTN
  13. A good series with 1860 Henry's is "Godsend"
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