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  1. Older model, bought new, but used about five times. Excellent condition, in original shipping box. $125, shipped, satisfaction guaranteed. If interested, please send private message. Thank you.
  2. Willi, Will they fit a 2nd gen Colt, and how thick are they? Thank you.
  3. Book: The 36 Calibers of the Colt SAA. Excellent condition. $65.00 shipped. If interested, please send PM. Thank you.iPhoto Library.migratedphotolibrary.zipiPhoto Library.migratedphotolibrary.zipiPhoto Library.migratedphotolibrary.zip
  4. 1113962385_PhotosLibrary.photoslibrary.zip1113962385_PhotosLibrary.photoslibrary.zip1113962385_PhotosLibrary.photoslibrary.zip1113962385_PhotosLibrary.photoslibrary.zip1113962385_PhotosLibrary.photoslibrary.zip1113962385_PhotosLibrary.photoslibrary.zip1113962385_PhotosLibrary.photoslibrary.zip1113962385_PhotosLibrary.photoslibrary.zipRare set of author Ed Barthlomew's hard-back books: Wyatt Earp, The Untold Story, 1963 and Wyatt Earp, The Man and the Myth 1964. Both in very good condition and first edition, limited to 1000 copies. The 1964 copy is signed by the author. I have not seen a set in like condition at this price, and it can only increase in value. Satisfaction guaranteed. $180 shipped. Please send PM, if interested. Thank you. SPF 1340997939_PhotosLibrary.photoslibrary.zip
  5. WTS three boxes of factory .30 Carbine JSP ammo. $120 shipped. Satisfaction guaranteed. If interested, please send PM. Thank you.
  6. A total of 27 magazines, 14 Wild West and 13 True West ( some out of stock); lots of good reading. All but one - loose cover - in V.G.to exc. condition. Wild West issues are as follows: True West issues: 2007 - June, Oct. 2011 - Feb., Apr., Aug., Oct. 2010 - Apr., Aug 2015 - Mar., Apr., May, June 2008 - Feb, June, Aug. 2012 - Apr., Aug., Apr. 2011 - May, June 2010 - Apr., Aug. 2013 - Apr., Aug., Sept., Dec. Want to sell all together, $100 shipped. Satisfaction guaranteed. Please send PM, if interested. Thank you.
  7. Sold, pending funds.

  8. 25 ammo


    I would take them if they are still available. 


    Ed Topp aka Chicago Steeley

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