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  1. As long as shooters are willing to pay scalper prices, they will continue to scalp.
  2. A like-new, older model, used three times and not used for the past 20 years. Still in original shipping box, with instructions. $225, shipped. If interested, send PM. Thank you.
  3. Nine "Special Edition" True West magazines. 2001-2009. Some out of print. $90 shipped. If interested, please email direct: mildbill2@verizon.net Thank you.
  4. They were not quality pieces. I had one, but not for long.
  5. Five CAS shirts, all with pocket, Medium size, and very good condition. Satisfaction guaranteed. Group of five $65.00 shipped. Group of six $70.00. If interested, please send PM. T hank you.
  6. Python cufflinks. 20 years old, but unused. $35 shipped. If interested, please send a PM. Thank you.
  7. Speer collectible or shootable .25 (.257) Jacketed soft point bullets 60 gr. 3 boxes of 100 each 70$ shipped. If interested please PM
  8. WTS early Speer .25 (.257) jackets bullets, either collectibles or shooters. Three boxes - 100 each - $70 shipped. If

    interested, please sent PM. Thank you. If photo doesn't show, I'll send direct.


  9. I've had many like those that held up well. They're good to use, if they'll fit in your shell plate or holder. notice there's no groove above the heads.
  10. The more I read on this issue, the more I'm confused. I've been wanting to sell some collectible ammo, but can't determine how to do it lawfully. I'll keep looking.
  11. Frenchie, the photo I sent to your email would not go through. Try mildbill2@verizon.net Thank you.

  12. I'm sorry. I don't know how to get around this site well. The .44 mag casings have been sold, as well as the .38 Special casings.



    1. G W Wade

      G W Wade

      He all have the learning curve .  Thanks for your reply,  But a lot of us had a great time messing with your ad.    Thanks  GW

  13. Dear Lorelei,


    Thank you for your response. The type of brass bag I’m looking for is made of soft canvas. It has ties on the open end, and the shooter’s alias, badge number and club name, all in bold, black letters. A local fellow - not a shooter - made them for a reasonable cost. I bought several for gifts. He quit making them years ago, so I looking for replacements.


    I see that you will celebrate another birthday next week. May you enjoy many more with good health.

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