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  1. I have read that no photos exist of Crazy Horse. Can the photo shown be verified? Thank you.
  2. One box of 50, .45Colt plastic rounds, made by Alcan, and one box of wax bullets sold by Colt. I've had these at least 40 years. $65 Shipped. Please send PM, if interested. Thank you.
  3. The Rossi rifles I owned were in .45 Colt. Both would give 50-yard, 3'" groups with 250 gr. RNFP. I didn't need three, so I let two go. Also, they did not break down.
  4. I looked in Cabela's last week. They had Federal for $40/1000, their regular price. I don't believe they've had a sale on them since Bass Pro took over. The way Bass Pro is trimming gun-related products, I wouldn't be shocked if they reduced it to very little. Employees I have talked with are either considering quitting or have quit. It's a shame what they have done to the reputation Cabela's built.
  5. Frenchie, the photo I sent to your email would not go through. Try mildbill2@verizon.net Thank you.

  6. All in very good condition. Five for $65, shipped. Satisfaction guaranteed. Please send PM if interested. Thank you. May not have uploaded photos correctly. If they do not show, I will send on request. Thank you. ShirtsJPG
  7. Dear Sir, I truly appreciate your help. I simply don’t know how to do a lot of things, nor do I know where to get the info. I often wonder how everyone learned what appears to be common knowledge. Trying to thin the herd at an advanced age can be overwhelming. I did have inquiries on the shirts, and sent photos. Much obliged, M.B.
  8. Hi Joe, I have a few questions regarding the jacket. Please send a PM. Thank you
  9. All are in very good or better condition. Five for $75, shipped. Satisfaction guaranteed. If interested, please mail direct to mildbill2@verizon.net. Thank you. ShirtsJPG
  10. After things have settled down, post what he can use. How about a GoFundMe site? Then all who care to can donate to it, and he'd have a stash for shooting or other needs. Thanks for the opportunity for us to help.
  11. I'm sorry. I don't know how to get around this site well. The .44 mag casings have been sold, as well as the .38 Special casings.



    1. G W Wade

      G W Wade

      He all have the learning curve .  Thanks for your reply,  But a lot of us had a great time messing with your ad.    Thanks  GW

  12. Dear Lorelei,


    Thank you for your response. The type of brass bag I’m looking for is made of soft canvas. It has ties on the open end, and the shooter’s alias, badge number and club name, all in bold, black letters. A local fellow - not a shooter - made them for a reasonable cost. I bought several for gifts. He quit making them years ago, so I looking for replacements.


    I see that you will celebrate another birthday next week. May you enjoy many more with good health.

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