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  1. Although expensive, custom-made boots are best. Talk with a boot maker about the problem, and ask his opinion regarding having them made large enough to accommodate inserts. I have the same problem, and have found hot foot baths and trying different creams afterward, allows some relief. I will try nearly anything to avoid surgery, which is a last resort. Good luck.
  2. Except for a relatively few clubs, those fun scenarios FJT mentions have, sadly, gone the way of the buffalo. I believe there’s still an interest in them.
  3. Look up UniqueTek.com. They may have what you need.
  4. Forty Rod, I commend you for letting us know what would have gone unknown on the east coast. It is heartwarming, and certainly made my day. I will share it with others and make their day, also. Thank you.
  5. I have been trying to learn how to post pics for well over a year; even went to the Apple store and that didn’t help. After reading this foreign language, I now understand I should give up. Pixels... 72 Dot’s... WOW! Too much for an old brain. I can’t be the only one, can I?
  6. I regularly use a Marlin model 24, in monthly matches. Worn parts were replaced, and I consider it as strong as a Winchester model 97. I've been using it for many years, without incident. Unfortunately, SASS doesn't allow them in state championships or regionals.
  7. Some folks can go through life and never experience such a heartwarming event. I would like to have a posse full of pards like the two of you. Thank you for sharing.
  8. A like-new copy of The 36 Calibers of the Colt SAA, by David Brown, published in 1965. $50, shipped. This is a hard cover, with great photos. If interested, inquire directly to me at: mildbill2@verizon.net. Thank you.
  9. This is a new, 1-1/2”, attractive belt with beautiful buckle, size 38. Also, a leather badge holder. $50 for both, shipped. I do not know how to post pics, but can send direct, if interested. Please send request to: Mildbill2@verizon.net Thank you
  10. I'm sorry. I don't know how to get around this site well. The .44 mag casings have been sold, as well as the .38 Special casings.



    1. G W Wade

      G W Wade

      He all have the learning curve .  Thanks for your reply,  But a lot of us had a great time messing with your ad.    Thanks  GW

  11. Dear Lorelei,


    Thank you for your response. The type of brass bag I’m looking for is made of soft canvas. It has ties on the open end, and the shooter’s alias, badge number and club name, all in bold, black letters. A local fellow - not a shooter - made them for a reasonable cost. I bought several for gifts. He quit making them years ago, so I looking for replacements.


    I see that you will celebrate another birthday next week. May you enjoy many more with good health.

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