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  1. Did you make it to Land Run? I would like to take a look at them tomorrow if possible?
  2. I'll take all 3 sets. How would you like to be paid?
  3. Are the two sets with the black scrool engraving available.?
  4. I have just got an Uberti '73 in 45 Colt and need the lever safety mechanism. It was removed prior to my purchase. If you have removed yours and it's just in a drawer collecting dust please let me know.
  5. Howdy Notso Slim, 



    $110 for both shipped and insured.


    A check is fine from a pard.



  6. Posted to your WTB thread as below

    I have a brand new one as linked below that I will ship for $25.


    Let me know

    SouthGA Gent

  7. Sorry it is taking so long on pics for the golf cart. I have had some prolems getting the pics. But got them now. If you still want them. Send me your E-Mail address and I will send them right away.


    Anvil Al

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