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  1. My 1911 will cycle 200gn RNTP. Should I say with them or go to 230gr RN? Would there be a problem with making the necessary power factor with the 200's? I already use the 200's for 45 Colt.
  2. Where can I find an aluminum 12 gauge shell checker on one end and the other end is a roller/taperer/squisher.?
  3. Are the hammers actual hammers or just for show? (at one time someone made a hammered SXS that had non-operational hammers)
  4. Howdy Notso Slim, 



    $110 for both shipped and insured.


    A check is fine from a pard.



  5. I ran into a picture of a Charles Daly Baby Sharps and it is interesting. Does anyone have one, shot one, or know anything about it?
  6. Posted to your WTB thread as below

    I have a brand new one as linked below that I will ship for $25.


    Let me know

    SouthGA Gent

  7. Sorry it is taking so long on pics for the golf cart. I have had some prolems getting the pics. But got them now. If you still want them. Send me your E-Mail address and I will send them right away.


    Anvil Al

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