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  1. Wild Bunch match at Winter Range a few years back. First stage started with the 1911. Bang then no bang. Failure to extract. My Colt 1911 fancy WW1 carbonia blue reproduction turned out to have a series 80 extractor. Broke at the notch for the safety pin. Only 19 misses!
  2. Howdy Notso Slim, 



    $110 for both shipped and insured.


    A check is fine from a pard.



  3. There was a biggun! Not sure how since I look at them to see if there were defects like a large sprue ring when the mould is not closed right. I took out the cylinder from the 1860 Army and pounded the ball in with a plastic punch so the cylinder would rotate. Took off the nipple and filled in the powder gap. Went bang and really could not tell the difference. Another day in capgun paradise! Not a Ninja but a sooty cowboy
  4. I learned Saturday that oversize balls are worse. First time in years of casting RB. My Uberti and Pietta prefer .454.
  5. One-shot has its uses. It is all I need to resize .44 WCF. I started using One Shot when I discovered a downside to pin cleaning brass. If it gets like-new clean I noticed drag on the Dillon belling die and little streaks of brass being deposited on it. Especially with .45 acp and .45 Colt. I dump the brass in a tub and give a quick spray to get some inside the case mouth of some of the cases. It is enough to stop the drag. It turns out the residue inside the case mouth acts as a lubricant in the belling operation. One Shot does not work sizing larger rifle cases well. I learne
  6. Good luck on the surgery Dawg. Next time ask if anyone has a gently used on the Wire!
  7. I got 2 sometimes 3 using either AA or Federal top gun without fiddling with the press. They get singed with real BP but as long as the crimp closes they are fine and shuck easy. I got a bushel of the Federal at our local range last summer so I am tossing them after one toasting now.
  8. I use 20:1 lead to tin but that was along with cheap lead and 50/50 bar solder on ebay for low bids . May have to start diluting WW next batch.
  9. My RCBS was from 1986. For the cost of shipping there they got it working fine again several times. I only use it for tumbling off case lube now. Have a heavy duty tumbler for pins and ceramic.
  10. Just in time for Winter Range Prepare yer wallets http://www.grafs.com/retail/catalog/product/productId/73152?utm_source=email&utm_campaign=122216&cmp=1&utm_medium=HTMLEmail
  11. I had first shot single actions (Virginia Dragoon and Ruger Blackhawk) and a Marlin 1894 back in the late 1970's. Got a bit sidetracked by life and my ex getting them guns. In 2005 I saw a copy of Shoot in a used book store and thought that looks like fun, so I did some reading on line and figured I had better git while the gittin was good. I had shot BPCR before so I figured the only thing to shoot was Holy Black from the get go. Found some guns here on the Wire and some duds from Wild West Mercantile. I looked through the Chronicle and found out about the closest club being the Tonto
  12. IM me Charlie for load and chronograph data for 231, Unique, Titegroup, and Power Pistol. Coated, lead and jacketed info.
  13. I do most of my sighting in and practice at 6400-6800 feet up in northern AZ. Shooting a .38-55 Buffalo Classic, a Trapdoor, and a Krag I have not found that an elevation change of over 5000 feet coming to Winter Range precludes me from hitting that steel at 300. Came in( 2nd/ 9 seconds behind Jackpine Bill in 2015) with the Buffalo Classic. And that was having to calculate the comeup from 150 to 300 yards using the data in the Lyman Cast Bullet handbook. I also had 2nd in Military Singleshot and 1st in the Bucky O'Neill. Not bragging but establishing my bona fides. The elevation chan
  14. fun shooting gun Start looking for magazines. And a magazine loader, yer gonna need it. Less you have Paul Bunyon thumbs.
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