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  1. And use just enough mouth bell to seat the bullet without shaving lead. Just a "little more" bell and you end up with a bulge in the brass.
  2. I too thought that sticking brass is because of dirty chambers. I scrubbed the 73 chamber with bore gel and got it spotless. At least the part I can see with a flashlight. I am somewhat convinced that after 8-10 reloadings brass gets work hardened and does not spring back like it did when it was new. I know rifle brass is annealed at the factory and figure they do it to pistol brass too. Just my observation of .44-40 brass with 10+ loadings of BP sticking in the chamber and getting sooty. That does not happen with new .44-40 brass , it is nice and clean after firing with BP. When I get some new brass I will have to measure the fired brass after each reloading to see if it gets a mite larger over time.
  3. Guess I'd better pick up the pace at the monthly matches to find that ragged edge.
  4. .30-40 Krag brass all Remington 86 ea. 2 times fired, about 1/2 of them were neck sized only $31 (35.7 cents each) shipped USPS.
  5. I have been told more than once if you shot the match clean then you were not shooting fast enough. At least at Winter Range 2019 that assertion is a myth. There were 56 clean match shooters in what has to have been one of the most weather challenged matches ever. Lets look at the results: There were 39 that PLACED in their category, i.e. in the top ten. There were 15 that PLACED in 1st or 2nd in their category. There were 5 that PLACED in the top ten in the overall match. Here are the results. WR 2019 Clean match. I shot it clean too but was 12th place in FCD.
  6. I have 4 Navy Grips I got from a pard on the Wire for free. Not needed. May be Uberti or PIetta Free to Frontiersman at WR. See me around the Ranger Tent to pick them up. Coconino Pistolero
  7. Wild Bunch stuff 500 .45 acp cases cleaned, mixed headstamps $25 Sold CMC Shooting Star magazines (no basepad) used , $15 each $50 for all. SOLD US GI pouches - original issue 1 each L.C.C. Co 1918, F.S.F 1918, Avery 1942, Russel 1918 $20 each, $70 for all. I am available at WR starting Sunday 17 Feb. Send an IM to contact me. .38-40 brass almost all Winchester, some Starline and Remington I kept track of reloadings (# of Xs)since I bought it on the Wire, not needed now. 100 ea. 1X $20 SPF to Barry Sloe 100 ea. 1X $20 SPF to Barry Sloe 210 ea. 4X $35 150 ea. 4X $25 150 ea. 4X $25 All for $110 ALL SOLD .30-40 Krag brass all Remington 93 ea. 3X $28 (30 cents each) SOLD 126 ea. 2X $42 (35 cents each) .44 Mag brass (was mixed in with .44-40 brass I bought - mixed headstamp) 135 ea. $13 Sold 0 12 ga. Winchester AA Low Recoil Low noise New, 12 boxes plus partial of 15 rounds $90 - thats $7.15 a box which is 50 cents less than what I paid for from Brownells with discount SPF to Southwest Shooter 12 ga Nitro hulls, once fired 133 per bag, $10 each (7.5 cents each) Reloading Lee Precision scale - new in box $10 RCBS .44 special 3 die set (not carbide) appears unused $10 Non CAS Winchester .41 magnum ammunition box of 50 $20 (SOLD 10 each 1911 ,45 CMC Power Mag used in USPSA and Gunsite $18 each all for $165 1 each 1911 Shooting Star (black) $10
  8. Hey, Rattlesnake Slim, Let us break out that special paint for this year.. The 'cain't miss" paint in the back of the locker. CP
  9. I ain't gonna stir this bubbling pot, no sirree. Just one thing to say: I like real black for the smell! Swiss is the most piquant. Goex has that peppery finish.
  10. They will just re-open the fruit police stations and start looking for evil bullets. Agricultural inspection station just to be clear.
  11. There was a biggun! Not sure how since I look at them to see if there were defects like a large sprue ring when the mould is not closed right. I took out the cylinder from the 1860 Army and pounded the ball in with a plastic punch so the cylinder would rotate. Took off the nipple and filled in the powder gap. Went bang and really could not tell the difference. Another day in capgun paradise! Not a Ninja but a sooty cowboy
  12. I learned Saturday that oversize balls are worse. First time in years of casting RB. My Uberti and Pietta prefer .454.
  13. One-shot has its uses. It is all I need to resize .44 WCF. I started using One Shot when I discovered a downside to pin cleaning brass. If it gets like-new clean I noticed drag on the Dillon belling die and little streaks of brass being deposited on it. Especially with .45 acp and .45 Colt. I dump the brass in a tub and give a quick spray to get some inside the case mouth of some of the cases. It is enough to stop the drag. It turns out the residue inside the case mouth acts as a lubricant in the belling operation. One Shot does not work sizing larger rifle cases well. I learned that with .308 Win. If the case was WET with the One Shot it sort of worked some time. I picked up some lanolin grease at the local hippy grocery and it works like a champ. Just a little smear around the case below the neck and sizing is SMOOTH. I will have to get the liquid stuff and make some spray.
  14. Good luck on the surgery Dawg. Next time ask if anyone has a gently used on the Wire!
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