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  1. Good Cowboy to do business with u can trust him he will do just what he says. I have done business with him Happy
  2. Hi Appy, I tried to pm you but it said you can't get messages-so-

    please send a copy of your ffl to ---vanhook1 @charter.net --

    and the check to --

    Mark Van Hook

    94315 Orchard Lane

    Gold Beach, oregon 97444

    541-698-7689--call me

    thank you 


  3. Fretless I'm sure you didn't mean anything by the remark. I'm sure you will agree that white or any other race will need lots of time to get over what happened to them in those times in WW II
  4. Bandit is the fourth or fifth 97 left.  I'll take the fifth if it is?  Happy

  5. Bandit what are u selling. Going on 90 my next birthday I may not be long behind u. Happy
  6. Ole Blue Eyes nailed it Danny Murphy does great work with leather. Has made leather for me a couple times. Happy
  7. Kid belt size bothers me but I'll give u $85 if are willing . Happy
  8. I started in sass with 1875 Rem and luv the gun and let a new shooter talk me out of them and have regretted it to this day. U sure don't see many shooters with 1875. They are a little heavy but they sure shoot good. Luv the looks. Happy
  9. started in SASS with 1875 and sorry I let someone talk me into seeing them. Luv the gun a little heavy but they are great. Happy
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