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  1. Slick did the belt #2 go only to the last hole or are u talking about the first hole. So the last hole means that is as short as it will go?
  2. Billy would u give me a call 409 782-0019 or give me your number so I can call u.  Thanks  Happy

    1. Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator

      Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator

      called and left message.  my cell is 903-739-5912....evening probably best. fixing to go to church then split wood and work on gun this afternoon.

      Sassy and I leave for Winter Range via Tombstone on 19th after work returning around 1st or 2nd of March.

      Billy Boots aka Bill Buckman


  3. James did the skb sell or is it still at home?

  4. Sun it is 43 in to the center hole
  5. Fits colt or ruger guns $90 shi;pped to u
  6. Web belt 12g $80 to the center hole it is 43 in we pay for shipping
  7. Not sure as they were done when I received them. They are very smooth
  8. What is the difference closing a rifle action and loading 10 or closing a 97 and loading 4?
  9. Capt. they are yours and u will luv their workmanship
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