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  1. This has me all mixed up as EOT 2021 was last month or am I loosing it? At my age that could be true...........LOL Happy
  2. Tass go to Old West Arms he works on 97 and sells them also. He has done work for me and I also have bought from him and what he says you can take it to the bank. He is honest and a fine cowboy. Tell him Happy said hello if u visit with him. Happy PS he is on the merchants site.
  3. Chuck if u change your mind about shipping I would like to be first in line to buy and pay for the shipping. I need a rifle......Have a blessed weekend. Happy
  4. Cholla saw u had temp over 115 degrees in Prescott the other day. How long and does it have any slides? Luv the buckle I got from u. Rattlesnakes should luv that temp. Any pic of trailer? Happy
  5. For a minute there I thought this was a dating site. LOL
  6. Nice rifle but get higher rings so scope will clear rear site.
  7. Thanks fellows I knew there were cowboys that could give me something to think about. Happy
  8. I mean click in not slick LOL
  9. Sgt I'm loading 38 and using a 650 Dillon but some of the bullets are ok and some want drop in the cyl. Those that don't drop in clean don't feed in the 73 ok. If I pick out the ones that slick in the cyn they run fine.
  10. Does any one know of a way to resize a bullet after it is loaded. I know this is a dumb question, but I have had a hard time with bullets being the right size after reloading. Thanks. Happy
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