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  1. Tex I just got a call from a friend family that he just pasted today. I call and talked to him this morning and now he is gone. I'm about 6 months older than mike. We traveled together doing disaster work all over the USA for Texas Baptist Men and now he is gone. Only serve one day at a time before that day will come.. He was not in good health this last year and I'm not sure I would want to stay here and be a burden to the family. I know where he is headed or rather gone. LOVE U MIKE. Happy
  2. Solomon at my age anything is possible. LOL Happy
  3. I have bought from Cholla in the past and his work with the snake skins is very good. I have found what he says you can take it to the bank.
  4. Ill take it. Let me know where to send the money. Hhappy
  5. I heard someone fire up a chain saw and two ladies crying. LOL
  6. I was looking thru some inventory left from my Gun Shop years back and look what I found. Some Knives of Alaska. I found three Brown Bear combos in stag. If you go on line you will see the Bear combo in stag is $515.99. I’m keeping one but I’m willing to part with two. They are high carbon D2 steel not stainless and KOA also has a lifetime warranty for life of the knife no matter who owns it. The BB was knife of the year twice when Charles first came out with it. The little cub has always been a great little skinny knife. The BB is 1/4 inches thick and can be used for chopping as well as skinning. $400 plus $25 shipping
  7. Pat are u pulling my leg? You have 9? U can't shoot but one at a time. LOL Happy
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