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  1. If you find some let me know I had to do my own tuning on mine
  2. Another option in 38 is to use 38 Colt ammo 1.7grs of trail boss and a 125gr bullet has a very low felt recoil and can handle knock downs
  3. Yep been there many times been there so much they know me by name
  4. Yes you can I have a pair of Birdhead Vaqueros camber in 45acp and shoot 45cspl’s for a Classic Cowboy works just fine no issues what so ever
  5. Dave I did the same to my 1860 Army revolvers I put a 1/4in cork wad over the powder then set the ball on top then I put 1/4in grease plug on top of the ball, I now have a chamber that is filled to the top of the cylinder Clueless Bob and I will be shooting Frontiersman at or May Monthly come on out and join us and we can talk about it
  6. Great times as always Rusty Remington is an awesome shooter and friend congratulations Rusty
  7. Here’s one I saw a truck the other day and thought it would be a good one Gutter Done have fun
  8. No don’t get me wrong there was no disrespect intended After I prof read what I wrote it looked like I was getting onto Slim and I wasn’t so I just deleted it
  9. I was going to say something but it sounded mean so I’ll be nice
  10. Sold

    send recipient info and how you’d like the gold.

    ill send FFL info

    Thanx Sir

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    2. Fast Freddy

      Fast Freddy

      Nobody’s called anybody yet. I’m callin now

    3. Fast Freddy

      Fast Freddy

      Rifle showed today. She’s a beauty



    4. Bittertrigger


      I’m so glad 

      enjoy her 



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