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  1. Sold

    send recipient info and how you’d like the gold.

    ill send FFL info

    Thanx Sir

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    2. Fast Freddy

      Fast Freddy

      Nobody’s called anybody yet. I’m callin now

    3. Fast Freddy

      Fast Freddy

      Rifle showed today. She’s a beauty



    4. Bittertrigger


      I’m so glad 

      enjoy her 



  2. I got a pair of 1860 colts and Buffalo Classic sign me up for plainsman T-Bone
  3. Yep 1 miss for the pistol Rifle shoot the 10th round where the knock down was at
  4. Congrats It's not as hard as some make it to be But your not loading 44-40 if you don't screw up a few cases Betting on the 428 also
  5. I have shot my own power coating with the Subs in my rifle and pistols and have had not one issues as of yet for six stages and no swabbing the barrelsI'm sold that this is about as good as a PJ sandwich
  6. I use the lowest load for the 200gr bullet list with Trail Boss a sweet load in my carbine no recoil and still can do a hold on 75-100 yard targets
  7. Go to Harbor freight and get their mini chopsaw about $40, then make you a small jig that will fit in it's vice, make it out of metal or wood, metal hold up longer, drill a hole the size of the 45 case and then cut the jig to the length that you want the case to be, 45acp length. Off set the hole some but you will have to rotate the brass some to cut all the way through, then just de-bur the brass
  8. Been powder coating all my bullets close to a year now and got the process down pretty good, I do a smash test just see how the hold up with a 3 pound shop hammer if the coating don't crack then I know I've got the process right and it will hold up in the rifles and pistols, shot smokeless powder with them and have recently switched over shooting black powder sub and have had no issues whatsoever. Like Colorado Jackson said powder coating and poly coating is two different things and both work great
  9. Man I want to thank everybody here, there is a large wealth of information that is freely given amongst us
  10. Thanks guys Silver Sam, Yusta Be and Sedalia Dave thank you for your help and the info you have given me
  11. Getting into Frontier Cartridge and have been ghosting the web sights and interrogating the guys at my club and got my loads all worked out, what to do with my brass and all, even shot a couple of matches. I'm afraid that I'm hooked, I have one question that I cannot find and forgot to ask at my club, About how many reloads can you get out of your hulls and do you drop them into your brass cleaning solution at the range Thanks
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