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  1. I second what Phantom says....I followed his previous Wire advice concerning BP and coated bullets... I do spray some Ballistol/H2O mix and pull a snake through the bore every second or third stage-comes out nice and shiny clean, no issues....
  2. Count me in, I had a ton of fun last year; great stages and great folks! I’m looking forward to walking up and down hill and shooting among the trees again-something we don’t get to do down on the Rio Grande, Southern Tip of Texas. PAK
  3. Hey Phantom, I see your point. I’m a new Black Powder cartridge shooter-the real deal. I really enjoy the boom; as well as, making lots of smoke and lots of flame; it has that honest, authentic feel to it. What do you suggest as far as reworking the rule?
  4. Why we follow Hazmat rules: https://blastmagazine.com/2010/12/28/man-arrested-after-bullet-parts-explode-in-baggage-at-miami-international-airport/ BTW I just picked up a box of 1000 small pistol 100 yesterday at my LGS...it had obviously been hiding in plain sight lol!
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