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  1. +1 on Legendary Guns! Fantastic store with awesome staff. Some great antique guns too! Go in the daytime. That neighborhood can get a bit interesting after dark.
  2. As to making your own primers, there is also the Frankford Arsenal H-48 mixture created for the 30-40 Krag round. No azides or styphnates required. There is a fella online selling a pre made mix (mix 3 parts). I would be willing to bet dollars to buttons (the exchange rate is too high on donuts these days) that his mix is the old Frankford Arsenal H-48 recipe. Do a search for “22 reloader”. Fella has a mixture called “Prime All” The main drawback on this mix is that it creates potassium chloride as one of the post combustion products. So this is not a “non-corrosive” mix. Standard wa
  3. Man do I love this shotgun! Anyone should feel comfortable doing business with Dusty Morningwood anytime! This pard is a straight shooter, could not have asked for a better transaction. -Fire N Iron
  4. Howdy Pard! for what it’s worth you may want to call Taylor’s and see if they have them and if not get on the list. I bought my boy a 4-3/4 Stallion right before the Chinese flu hit and then once I got the money together had to wait a while before getting the second one.
  5. I’ll take it! Pm coming right up. -Fire N Iron
  6. Thank you! 4.75 New Vaqueros in .357. Very kind of you to check sir!
  7. I hope so! Would love to come down the hill and shoot with you folks! Maybe some time in the heat of summer you can come up north and shoot with the NAZty bunch too! Yes please! He is interested in some lefty leather! As y’all know getting guns together takes a chunk of change. Though personally I can’t think of a better use of stimulus money!
  8. I agree! Man do I love this sport! I can’t think of anything I would rather do with my family and friends! I am trying to round up everyone I can to join our local club. Thanks for making this sport so great!! I first got interested because I love old guns, but I am staying for the people!!!
  9. Thanks for the replies so far. Extremely helpful! Our local club is fantastic and nothing but helpful! There isn’t anyone there that would give him a hard time at all. We just wanted to get a bigger picture of SASS rules in general.
  10. Howdy Everyone! interested in learning about SASS rules for matches and possible exceptions for folks with disabilities. I have a friend who would love to shoot but lost his right arm in a work accident years ago. He is a fine shot with his left hand. We would like to do some slight modifications to his rifle and shotgun so that he can hold them with his prosthetic (e.g. some lugs he can hook onto). In addition, is it ok for him to shoot both pistols with his left hand? Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions! -Fire N Iron
  11. I think the top one in 23 is a Winchester 1885 Low Wall. yup, you guys are right. Not a Winchester but a Stevens due to the protrusion. Sorry. Shoulda kept my mouth shut!
  12. I don’t know what reasonable is now...
  13. Hey pard! If you’re selling I’m interested! back before the crazy days 100 Starline Brass was about $27, and $4 for the 100 primers
  14. I’m in! Let those who bled for our freedoms not be forgotten or forsaken by those who don’t know what they have!
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