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  1. What does the front sight look like under the brass? Was it shaved? ( I also noticed the price drops on GB; 45 colt also dropped.)
  2. Rossini's "William Tell" opera overture would never again be heard or thought of like it was prior to the debut of the "Lone Ranger" series! (And that parade worthy Bohlin gear he and Silver wore; just the best!)
  3. Also a most excellent soundtrack score by Peter (son) and Elmer (father) Bernstein (yes, the composer of the original Mag 7 soundtrack score!) as I recall!
  4. Been to Ash Meadows, Beatty, Tecopa, and China Ranch. The China Date Ranch is really neat and the various dates, date shakes and cookies/bars are great! Ash Meadows is an amazing place; multiple crystal blue ponds filled by springs and rivulets with surrounding greenery. Just not what one expects to see in the middle of the dry, hot, barren Mohave Desert.
  5. Hi all, Here' a pair of wheat colored Frontier Classics canvas pants with button fly and back belt., size 44, inseam (crotch to bottom of pants leg) 28 inches; good for tucking in one's boots! No rips/tears, lots of life left in them! $40 shipped; USPS MO or personal check ok if SASS member.
  6. Hi all, Have two very nice Men's Levi Jeans jackets for sale. These were purchased awhile ago and are nicer quality that what Levi's is putting out now in my opinion! Both XXL, one Blue and one Black. Some wear where the sleeve meets the cuff on the Blue one (my guy used to fold up the cuffs to accommodate his short arms!), otherwise both in very nice condition! ( The color on the black one is the darker picture; don't know why my cell phone lightened the other image!) $75 each shipped; USPS MO or personal check ok if SASS member! Blue one Gone! Black still available!
  7. HI all, I just bought this last month and the holster earlier this month and have had a change of heart. New, never fired, comes with the holster (a nice one!) Pietta 1851 navy steel frame, 44 cal cap and ball revolver. $275 shipped to your door where legal. Must be able to purchase this and confirm age. USPS MO only.--SPF
  8. Hi all, Have a Nice Brauer Brothers, St. Louis MO, flap holster for 7 1/2 inch barrel revolver (will fit Vaqueros and Blackhawks!). Still supple, no rips/tears. $45 shipped; USPS MO or personal check ok if SASS member--SPF
  9. Hi all, These were IB's 'dress' spurs; Californio style blued steel with silver inlay, snake design, with silver rowel discs and jingle bobs (a little tarnished but they'll shine right up!), bought from JM Capriola in Elko, Nevada. They owned the rights to the GS Garcia name and these are marked with a serial number, Garcia and Elko Nev. These are a very nice pre-1900 design and are in very nice condition; no rust or loss of any silver! A similar pair is shown in "Tombstone; The Guns and Gear" book. JM Capriola doesn't sell these (or anything like them) any more. $495 Firm; shipped; USPS MO only. Also for sale are a brand new pair of JM Capriola's Visalia type spur straps; bought them in December at Cowboy Christmas from them here in LV. This style is very comfortable and secure on one's boot! $95 shipped; USPS MO or personal check ok if SASS member.
  10. Hi all, Picked this up recently with a pair of holsters (which is what I really wanted). Can't use this belt, so it's up for sale! Russet color, leather in good condition; used but still nice and supple, no tears/rips. 357 caliber loops, 37 1/2 inches to first hole and 43 1/2 inches to last hole. $45 shipped, USPS MO or personal check ok if SASS member-SPF
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