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  1. I'll take the flintlock pistol. Let me know were to send payment.


    T Kissinger

  2. Hi all, Am divesting all flintlock gear and am ending with this; a Pedersoli Flintlock pistol in 50 cal, in overall fine condition. Clean bright bore and good spark and very accurate! $295 shipped to your door where legal. USPS MO. Need to supply proof of age and attest that you can own this. (some oil smudges on the barrel, only) (Small nick in grip, so added a pic of it.)
  3. Hi all, Have a spare canvas shotgun belt for sale. Bought it a number of years ago and never used it in a match. 12g fits snug so some smaller calibers will probably work as well. I changed out the very short tongue to a longer one so it would fit a larger number of shooters. $35 plus $15 shipping via priority flat rate; USPS MO or personal check ok if SASS member.
  4. Sorry Captain, but they sold a bit earlier on on another forum just after I posted them there and before I posted them here.; I didn't get a chance to check there though till after I posted here.
  5. Hi all,Found a bunch of 7mm projectiles in a bin and don't have a use for them. The top 3 boxes are brand new/unopened (100 each), the bottom three have varying amounts of projectiles. $60 shipped for all, USPS MO or personal check ok if SASS member.
  6. Are you asking about western holsters/rigs made by Bianchi Frontier Leather? If so they are well made and beautiful, with a very high price. They are not designed as speed rigs for Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS), but are rather Hollywood or historically correct gun leather. Mernickle also does some Hollywood and period correct stuff, but most of the Mernickle gun leather you will see on Cowboy Action Shooters are their speed rigs made specifically for the game.
  7. You might want to check the MSDS on that caulk backer material and make sure it's ok to breathe in vaporized /burned residue of it.
  8. Top of handle to tip of the clappers; 26 inches for the off white one and27 inches for the red one. Shipping is around $17; will combine and drop that much if both are purchased together.
  9. Hi all! Noticed I had three of these, so am putting two up for sale! These are real useable quirts; one off white rawhide and one smooth red leather! Both in nice condition and ready to be hung on your gunbelt or wrist! Each $47 shipped to your door; personal check ok if SASS member, otherwise USPS MO.
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