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  1. For sale at EOT swap meet. If any items are left I will repost them after the match. Reducing my shooting so clearing out some stuff from old categories and backups. Brass: 45 acp mixed, mostly commercial with some military (crimps removed) once fired to 3x loaded cleaned and ready to reload. $40/500 there are 4 bags. 2 BAGS SOLD .30-40 Krag NEW Winchester brass $45/bag of 50 there are 3 bags .45-70 Starline NEW one box of 100 $95 and bag of 90 for $85 ALL SOLD NOE 5 gang .45 round nose 230 gr mould for .45 acp $150 new cast about 2000 bullets for $95 SPF 2 Spurs with straps. Cannot remember the maker. $65 RM Bachman Jockstrap style holster, belt and two magazine pouches. 40” from center of buckle to last hole on the belt. Worked great shooting WB Traditional. New is $375 now $200 SPF CZ Amarillo 12 ga. SxS shotgun, double trigger, with chokes, shows cart wear and falling brass dings, $500 SOLD Stetson hat 7 ¼ with stampede string $150 Bear and Son Damascus Bowie with sheath $200 SOLD
  2. Flip up sights and original equipment peep sights on permitted rifles are now allowed. Use the Buffington sight in any manner that you want. I'll use my barely visible 1878 Trapdoor sights if I get a chance. Coconino Pistolero EOT Long Range match director
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