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  1. Military brass has a crimp though not much of one so many can be loaded just fine. Some cases in my experience have to have the crimp removed.
  2. I have too much .45 acp brass. Not shooting Wild Bunch anymore. All brass is cleaned and ready to load. I have 4,000 pieces of commercial brass that is a mix of 1x, 2x, and 3x fired. 80% is Federal, Winchester, Remington. The rest is mostly PMC and Magtech with a smattering of Starline, Black Hills, etc. No small primer or S&B. Each 1,000 has a few extra in case I missed them pesky small primers.. ALL commercial brass is SPF. 1K is $70 shipped 2K is $125 shipped 3K is $165 shipped all 4K is $210 shipped ALL SOLD I have 1, 875 pieces of US GI brass. All has been reloaded before. Mostly WCC and WRA with some RA. $95 shipped for all. SPF Coconino PIstolero
  3. Howdy Notso Slim, 



    $110 for both shipped and insured.


    A check is fine from a pard.



  4. I'll be at winter rang starting Wednesday.  I'll take the 12 boxes of AA' low recoil if their not spoken for.


    1. The Coconino Pistolero, SASS # 72432

      The Coconino Pistolero, SASS # 72432

      Howdy SW Shooter, 


      You are the first on the AA's.  I will mark them SPF and hold them.


      Is that Wed. 13th? or 20th?  We will be setting up on the 13th but I could meet you

      during lunch.  Look around the Ranger tent about noon.



    2. SouthwestShooter


      we are driving up tomorrow(Tuesday) morning the 19th.  Expect to be there by 2:00 p.m.Will be doing the "Take No Prisoners" side match first shift on Wednesday.

      I can meet you either Tuesday or Wednesday 

      You can call or text me at 520-991-1315 to set up a place to meet.




      Happy Trail To You Until We Meet Again :-)..........

  5. There was a biggun! Not sure how since I look at them to see if there were defects like a large sprue ring when the mould is not closed right. I took out the cylinder from the 1860 Army and pounded the ball in with a plastic punch so the cylinder would rotate. Took off the nipple and filled in the powder gap. Went bang and really could not tell the difference. Another day in capgun paradise! Not a Ninja but a sooty cowboy
  6. I learned Saturday that oversize balls are worse. First time in years of casting RB. My Uberti and Pietta prefer .454.
  7. One-shot has its uses. It is all I need to resize .44 WCF. I started using One Shot when I discovered a downside to pin cleaning brass. If it gets like-new clean I noticed drag on the Dillon belling die and little streaks of brass being deposited on it. Especially with .45 acp and .45 Colt. I dump the brass in a tub and give a quick spray to get some inside the case mouth of some of the cases. It is enough to stop the drag. It turns out the residue inside the case mouth acts as a lubricant in the belling operation. One Shot does not work sizing larger rifle cases well. I learned that with .308 Win. If the case was WET with the One Shot it sort of worked some time. I picked up some lanolin grease at the local hippy grocery and it works like a champ. Just a little smear around the case below the neck and sizing is SMOOTH. I will have to get the liquid stuff and make some spray.
  8. Good luck on the surgery Dawg. Next time ask if anyone has a gently used on the Wire!
  9. I got 2 sometimes 3 using either AA or Federal top gun without fiddling with the press. They get singed with real BP but as long as the crimp closes they are fine and shuck easy. I got a bushel of the Federal at our local range last summer so I am tossing them after one toasting now.
  10. I use 20:1 lead to tin but that was along with cheap lead and 50/50 bar solder on ebay for low bids . May have to start diluting WW next batch.
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