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  1. Military brass has a crimp though not much of one so many can be loaded just fine. Some cases in my experience have to have the crimp removed.
  2. After looking at the breech block with a magnifier I finally saw the pin. It was blended into the block very well. Learned something new. It was bigger than I thought. Will try to get it loose tomorrow.
  3. GJ, I did as suggested and the firing pin came out. The rear of the firing pin had some burrs on it that possibly was causing the pin to stick. Front of firing pin was straight. I will inspect all the parts for any bends. I agree about forcing the lever not being good. I didn't force it, I bobbled the lever and I may have had the case extracting when I tried closing the lever. That trying to go fast does have a downside. Probably broke the extractor from fatigue, I put almost 9000 rounds through it. Who knows what the previous owners shot through it. The base of the blown case was intact. This breech block does not have an extractor pin. It looks like a press fit. I have an email to VTI to see if a new breech block assembly will fit.
  4. Howdy Kingsnake I got a big hammer too. Figure the opening action could stand to be loosened up too.
  5. Finally got to look at the backup CZ Amarillo that let me down at Winter Range, I had cleaned it and put away until the Covids left. Firing pin appears to be broken. Never had a problem with my primary. Who is working on these now? The 1873 had an interesting malfunction last weekend starting with a BP round exploding out of the chamber during a bobbled levering. The case was wedged in the carrier when it detonated. Upon taking the gun down the firing pin was stuck out and would not retract initially and the extractor was broken. No injury other than to skivvies. Rifle was made in 1986 and the breech block does not look like the one in my newer 1866. The firing pin is now free but it does not fall out of the breech block. Can't get the firing pin out. Almost looks like the firing pin assembly was pressed into the breech. Also no retaining pin visible for the extractor. CP
  6. I have too much .45 acp brass. Not shooting Wild Bunch anymore. All brass is cleaned and ready to load. I have 4,000 pieces of commercial brass that is a mix of 1x, 2x, and 3x fired. 80% is Federal, Winchester, Remington. The rest is mostly PMC and Magtech with a smattering of Starline, Black Hills, etc. No small primer or S&B. Each 1,000 has a few extra in case I missed them pesky small primers.. ALL commercial brass is SPF. 1K is $70 shipped 2K is $125 shipped 3K is $165 shipped all 4K is $210 shipped ALL SOLD I have 1, 875 pieces of US GI brass. All has been reloaded before. Mostly WCC and WRA with some RA. $95 shipped for all. SPF Coconino PIstolero
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