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  1. You will be a little over 3 hours away from the Long Riders in Shortsville NY
  2. WE also shot muskets and used Crisco for lube on the mini balls. Well one time a team member's glove stated to smother from the heat of the barrel of the Henry., I guess the glove had too much embedded Crisco. He took the glove off really fast and was lucky he did not burned. Nawlins
  3. I shot a Henry for years in N-SSA competition for years,and we loaded up the magazine all the way. Never had a problem by holding it like John Boy stated . The only thing is had to wear a glove because the barrel gets really hot with BP loads. Nawlins
  4. I wish I had a bridge to sell the knuckleheads who paid $7000 for the primers. Do they really think someone is really going to pay those prices. Nawlins
  5. I remember way back when we would use Express Mail to make sure we could get registered for Helluva Ruckus.
  6. So what it looks like it was 300 registrations in maybe 3 hours , that is impressive!!!
  7. There are a lot of shooters on this side of the Mississippi that never shoot at EOT and wanted to try it at least once. It's to bad the cut off was 500 . I still believe there would be a large amount of more reservations if the limit of shooters could be raised!!!!
  8. Sorry to hear. You know you and your bride will welcomed to visit our trailer and Jake will be looking forward into seeing you. NK
  9. I imagine there has never been so many people trying to register for EOT before today. To bad they can't move up the registrations up to WR levels or more. Nawlins
  10. After LPL (my better half) tried multiple times, with multiple combos, we signed up! Just put the match fees, camping, and/or t-shirt and checkout. At the payment screen, put your SASS numbers, aliases, and shooting categories for each person. Don't forget your spouse!
  11. New for this year the WB mini match will be shot first on side match day. After WB than the three stage squall mini match and the plainsman three stage mini match will be shot. So we are giving a shooter a chance to shoot all three. Nawlins
  12. Howdy kR, First thing LPL told to make sure that I to say hi to Bess from the both of us. We are looking forward to seeing you and Bess. Not this year for a military class. We could talk about it when we meet. Nawlins
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