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  1. Sad to hear this. I am happy I was able to visit a few times, I will miss going to the ranch. A brighter future ahead
  2. My sincerest condolences to you and your family.
  3. Traditionally breakfast would have been smoked fish, herring, eggs, bacon rye bread , bagels cream cheese. Dinner would be beef or a ham maybe a pork loin plus beans or lentils a potato, salad and a vegetable all delicious. Cookies and cake and probably wine, beer. This year its lox, bagels, cream cheese smoked white fish and an egg casserole for brunch, dinner is Puerto Rican pernil I need to get it in the oven about 8am for dinner about 5pm, Cuban black beans and rice, roasted Brussel sprouts with bacon and fresh garlic, a salad and maybe beer & wine. Dessert w
  4. Wishing you and the Mrs a brighter future and good health.
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