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  1. Howdy I have a Patriot brand gun safe and don't know if they are still in business does anyone know? The problem is the interior door battery box (4 AA) mounted in a slot in the door frame is not powering the lock. I had previously repaired the contacts where the lock wires connect at the battery box, broken solder connection and it worked till today. Changed the batteries no luck. I can open the safe with the external battery pack so the lock works.I need to take the interior door panel off to check the connections. Is there anything I need to know other than just unscrewing the panel? I don't have an owners manual. Next safe a manual lock? Thank you.
  2. Bob, Warden,Tex, Newt, bgavin I am in the same pot. I don't like it especially slowing down on the buying but the reality is knocking at my door too. I am still fortunate on travel time for monthlies. However slowing down is still being in the race and I won't give an inch. You fellas and many others in the Saloon and the Wire keep me inspired. Privileged to know you all!! Best regards and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
  3. Happy to hear of his improvement. Keep healing and best wishes!
  4. Is this what you need Brownells 1SKU(s) found 935-000-017WB Cam LeverMfr Part: 200072 UBERTI $17.90 Add to Cart In Stock FITS: 1866 - Common Parts; 1873 - Common Parts; Henry - Common Parts
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