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  1. County sent me summons on 3 occasions. Each time it seems the mailman lost it or the dog ate it. Finally got a notice if I didn't appear they would send a warrant for my arrest. I went. I was there an hour and they sent us home. Recently I got a Federal notice. I tossed it. A year later I got another Federal notice. I tossed it. Why because it said if your over 70 send it back and we'll take you off the list. I also noticed it said if I didn't respond they would arrest me. So the arrest thing makes me mad. Its a Civic Duty thing. But if I choose not to how is that arrestable? Besides, I'm well educated, conservative, with a strong commitment to the death penalty and as severe of a sentence that is allowed. I would never be put on a jury.
  2. Some of these guys interact with the cops poorly, even though what they are doing is legal. I watch a lot of these and here is common rights violations the cops do; 1. They think ID is required to be given just because they say so. Terry V. Ohio now requires an actual RAS to ask for ID. And some states you don't have to show ID unless you are "lawfully arrested. 2. Cops think police, fire, and court house properties are "private properties. They are not. Anyone can video/photo anything they can see if they are on "public property. 3. Cops think they can trespass you fro public property for no reason. And they think its criminal trespass if you don't leave upon the first ask. 4. Homeland Security says anyone can photo/video Federal properties including the inside of public spaces. 5. Passengers in vehicles do not have to provide ID. 6. Anyone can say anything to cops as long as it doesn't threaten violence. 7. Cops get mad when people invoke their 1st, 4th, 5ht, and 6th amendment rights. They are under the impression that citizens " must" answer their questions. Some think the 5th amendment doesn't apply until you're arrested. The auditors that do this with some element of respect and reasonable interaction are informing people of their rights. And many times the cops learn something. Body cameras have become the best tools for defense and criminal complaints for citizens.
  3. We don't use a shotgun. Why because Josey didn't. We use single shot big bore rifles and 4 pistols. Stage 2 pistols Stage the rifle, must cary the rounds on your person. Big bore targets are out about 25 yards, You can download a Big bore for recoil and still hit 25 yards.
  4. Swiss, while more expensive, is the most consistent burning powder for Long Range.
  5. Marketing department is going to get fired. Whats the idea? We take a fast shooting AR and make it a lever gun with 9mm.
  6. One of the few classes I took while attending college was an elective class on California. I still have the book. It was an eye opener on how it got to where it is. Mulholland went to he Owens valley and start buying water rights. Ranchers were like, " i don't need that much water'. He then sold access to the water to the California Department of Water and Power. Mulholland his buddies got rich and the valley almost went dry. People in the valley still hate the DWP. What the video sort of got too was, population is declining. But the people coming into Calif. to offset retirees, businesses are low income, illegals etc. All of whom drain the social benefits funding. I read another study that said California is loosing all the people and taxes to support the system and will soon face collapse.
  7. Right shoulder replaced. Has a tough time drawing pistol because of the height. Mernickle, new owner, had the same issue. He made me a holster that dropped, buskadero style below the bellt. Problem solved.
  8. Back in the 90's we were designing some new buildings for the San Diego Naval Base. The base goes back to the Spanish explorers. We were driven around to show us the base and its history. They took us to a Battery. Guns were gone but.....they had been place behind a large berm/hill with the powder/shell storage rooms built into the berms. The idea was they could shoot over the berms and not be seen. We were trying to see if we could convert the rooms to some sort of use.
  9. We got the bright idea that taking the NRA Range Safety/Officer course would lower the cost of our range insurance. 4 of us took it and passed. Insurance company could care less.
  10. They never told us stuff would wear out in HS Health class!
  11. Everything mentioned makes shooting BP impossible. Unless you can allow for wiping the bore or using a blow tube BP can't compete against smokeless.
  12. Just my opinion but any 1/2 ton truck is just an SUV without a top. F150 demand make them over priced.
  13. You have to listen to some of his lines. They have meanings to them that some won't get. Great entertainer. Godfreid Daniels!
  14. As a family we always watch Its a Wonderful Life, and A Miracle on 34th Street. Both excellent feel good movies.
  15. Side bar. My daughter and I were going to buy a pair of draft horses, get a wagin etc. The horses were around $5K each. The harness for 1 was $10K. We moved on.
  16. Originally they sealed the documents for 50 years! There's a lot of people around who remember that day. SO maybe they pushed it out.
  17. Imagine going through boot and they have you assigned to this thing! Just go ahead and shoot me.
  18. If every episode had gun play or butt kicking it would get old fast. Me the last 2 episodes are building up to address the finality of the cowboy way and the ranch. Getting up in the dark and the somberness made me feel like this was going to be the last roundup. Especially the comments to Buck. John telling KC that everyone should be able to live like this. And KC saying all those who would are living that life. As in no one wants to be a cowboy anymore. Jamie is going to get eaten alive and swept away. And buck dying as a last cowboy should. All very emotional stuff if you listen and understand.
  19. Watching it I told the wife, 'you never hand over a gun to a new shooter without telling them how it functions, where and how the safety works, how to insure its clear etc'. And again my wife reminded me it's TV and has no basis in reality!
  20. I shoot .410 in my 40-65 C-Sharps Highwall.
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