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  1. No one has been able to actually point to or reference an actual rule that says LTO's are required! From the Shooters Handbook, UNIT 8: Match Positions & Roles. This section describes roles. And some may never be used at a match. As in expeditor. This isn't the section that says a LTO is required as a rule. I can't find a page 89 in ROI.....Am I looking at the wrong book?
  2. These are match directors for those events. It's not ROC or the TG's voting/reinforcing a rule. As MD's they can decide how their match is to run. But do they speak for all the clubs?
  3. I didn't call you anything. I was referring to the posts in the past when the LTO thing came about. Many shooters came across LTO's that took their role way beyond what was was intended and called them Nazi's. Must use our loading strips Only one shooter can load at a time. You can't start loading until I say you can You will load you guns in this order. You can not holster your pistols until you're called to the line. That sort of "Nazi" stuff Using an LTO only insures you have one person in your way while you are trying to concentrate. It still doesn't eliminate the items of concern. You make the LTO get some penalties, responsibility for missed items, then sign me up. But no one would do it. The organization went on for years before the LTO suggestion. What major safety infractions or accidents occurred on a large scale. None. The final thing is SASS allows "local clubs" to deviate from the rules all the time. Using LTO's is not a rule it's a suggestion. How can WB, Josey Wales, Outlaw, Tom Horn, unofficial categories allowed to be used if the SASS rules don't list them? We just put on an annual match where Tom Horn shooters got to shoot 12 stages with big bore single or repeater rifles. Where are the SASS rules for that? What special safety precautions should be used? As to safety, with or without an LTO, and a major safety accident injured someone the attorneys would still be lining up.
  4. Can you send me a PM with the approximate cost, no engraving, for all of the action work? THnaks Ike
  5. The "rules" don't require an LTO. Its more of a guideline!
  6. Well, there ya go. I'm going to impose my will, but have no responsibility for what I do. Sounds like a politician!
  7. HPD and Western States no longer exists. We are now the Battle Born Rangers. We are grateful that Cal invested his personal funds to build our range. But Cal never "ran" things. He shot with us. And because of his presence in SASS he was seen as some sort of celebrity figure in SASS. He was our MC for many years at our annual. And we thank him for that. He has since left SASS and is focused on Fast Draw. We, like a lot of clubs, thought the LTO was mandatory. We, like many others, discovered it wasn't. When we realized the LTO has absolutely no accountability for their actions at the LT. It was still on the shooter. We decided it was an unnecessary encumbrance. That and many of our shooters experienced LTO nazi's who wouldn't let anyone load unless he saw the entire process, slowing down the whole process. There were many posts about LTO's and how they thought they were in charge and everyone had to bend to the way they wanted things done. All the things you mentioned the LTO was supposed to do is mute. The LTO's mistakes were still on the shooter. So why bother?
  8. Our club has never done it. Shooters are responsible for their actions. The LTO had no responsibility other than slow down the process!
  9. This is a first amendment issue. The students, Faculty and alumni have the right to freedom speech. Unless the "public" school has a policy banning any and all political commentary, flags, banners etc. the restriction is racist and violating the groups rights. The Gonzales Flag is being called racist because a bunch of "white" Texan's sent the Mexican's packing and continue to take pride in it today. Molan Labe said the same thing 2700 years ago! So is that phrase a racist comment against Persian's/middle eastern people? The University President has no ability to restrict free speech unless all free speech is restricted. Calling all attorney's. And typical Liberal mindset. We've banned it but we won't enforce it.
  10. It's a large gathering of people and potentially televised. So they reaching out to a much bigger audience than standing on a street corner.
  11. Hold on, I need some popcorn, a drink, and I'll bet this goes for 5 pages with most of the responses having nothing to do with the original OP.
  12. Cataract surgery made my long distance vision perfect. But I can still miss with the best of them.
  13. I have to ask,,,,why no sight adjustments? Every round windage was right but they were all low. 44-40 with a long barrel and scope should be clanging and banging. We're shooting 8"L by 6" H ram silhouettes at 200 meters with iron sights on 22's.
  14. I had a pair in 44-40 and sold them. Heavier than a Colt clone, and the hammer is harder to reach for dualist shooting.
  15. Being affiliated with SASS doesn't mean you have to follow 100% when it comes to categories. Josey Wales, Outlaw, Tom Horn are not official SASS categories but we offer them at our monthlies and our annual match.
  16. Netflix, all the movies you'd never watch a few you might watch.
  17. I remember working on GM cars in the 70's and 80's. Go to the tool box and grab metric and Imperial wrenches because you never knew what they used. Some choice words were applied about making up their minds. And oh yeah I have a 69 Camaro with a 427, not a 7 liter motor.
  18. At 6 I had my granddaughter start with a Red Rider BB gun. It was used to teach her the safe handling of guns, sight picture, and the fun of knocking over pop cans. At 7 I taught her how to shoot a Ruger 10/22. I am ow teaching her how to shoot a Winchester 22 highwall at 100 yard targets. Saturday the BB gun was laying in the back of the truck. I asked her to get it to see how she'd handle it. Picked it up muzzle away from both of us and then muzzle up to carry it. Range safety is course No.1
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