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  1. I lived in Fresno from 1963 to 1974. Can remember when the new convention center opened up.
  2. If you’re not signed in, you can’t open it
  3. Fertilizer, diesel and a little black powder will do the trick.
  4. Good to see u back. Hope things keep getting close to normal.
  5. Let’s see how long he can stay out this time
  6. After saying yes to Dem’s invite to Capital Hiill, she’s quoted as saying” i’ll met with people who agree with me”. Problem with the world today, your either with me or against me. Doesn’t jive with “ Love more, hate less” And yes what happened to entertainers just keeping their opinions to themselves.
  7. I always say if I don’t shoot myself or someone else, GREAT day. The rest of it is just stuff. Glad you got to shoot with what sounds like some good folks
  8. Congrats to AZ governor. The only way we can make these big companies pay attention is to effect their bottom line. The folks on the left are not the only ones with money to spend.
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