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  1. When we lived in CO had a couple that were around a good bit. They were fun to watch. One year they raised some kits in a rock pile just beyond the backyard
  2. We had baseboard radiant heat in our house in Colorado. Liked it very much. Had a two story log house with basement. Had 6 different zones to regulate the temps so had a lot of control. Ours was a boiler system in basement. Boiler also supplied our hot water. Was propane fired but was pretty cheap to run
  3. Pic #11 appears to be miss lableled. Those are not German soldiers. They’re ours holding a Nazi flag
  4. Don’t believe I’d call that a distraction
  5. I guess that thing would qualify for a good reason under Australia’s gun control laws to have a gun
  6. Looks like one round has a Remington head stamp. The primer is also different. Appears there are 19 of the original 20
  7. UB you got that right. Lutefisk is worse thing I ever put in my mouth
  8. I’d guess he poured liquid out of pan, since he just picked it up off fire. Good looking taco’s. But a little to much hot stuff for my tastes.
  9. There are times when you’ll need a rd or two for your rifle. At Comin at Cha there was a 10 + 1 rifle stg. I’ve needed a rifle reload due to jacking a rd out during a stg. Never have needed a pistol reload
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