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  1. Here is a chart that someone smarter than me put together.
  2. Prayers up for a great guy and his wife.
  3. If I remember correctly through means by way of. Thru might have been the correct word. But I’m just an Arkansas redneck
  4. Cimarron LNIB 7.5” OCT BBL 357mag/ 38 special. Shot 20 rds thru it. Nice trigger. I shoot Bisleys so I’m looking to move it out of my safe $400 shipped FFL to FFL cont. 48 states
  5. I’d take 1000 if still available. Will send a PM. Tks JB
  6. We have 3 windows high up on the back wall. Had the same problem with birds. Put a stuffed owl on the middle one’s ledge and bird problem vanished
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