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  1. Plow bolts will work in round holes, just like a carriage bolt. Sometime you’ll have a little problem with them spinning while tighting. But if round hole is tight to squares’s shoulders it’s not too bad i use carriage bolts on my targets. Head is convex, so bullet deflection doesn’t seem to be an issue. But can’t say for sure I’ve ever hit on of the bolt head. Mine are on upper edge of targets
  2. Another name is H2O. Dihydrogen(H2) Monoxide (O) or water. Knew something was funny, took me a minute to get it
  3. Received mine today. Worth the wait
  4. A friend of mine went off grid elk hunting with us a couple years ago. His 5th wheel RV had a propane Genny. We were there for 2 weeks. He ended up renting a 100 gal tank to keep fuel for his genny. Gas is a much better way to go if your going to run generator much. I had an onboard Onan on one 5th wheeler. Current RV doesn’t have onboard genny. Use Champion generator with remote start. Wife isn’t going do pull start. That is the best route to go in my opinion
  5. ATN sells refurbished night vision scopes. Believe they start at $550. Good IR illuminator is the key to longer distances. 200 yds is max we’ll shoot hogs at, but probably could go longer.
  6. SD hit it on the head. If you carry, you need to be aware how different events can turn out. Always be aware that LE will be responding and how you will be perceived. This courageous gentleman lost his life in a tragic misunderstanding of who was who by LE
  7. Muzzleloaders have a season for most big game. Hunting in CO is a lot of fun, but very hard in some places. Enjoy the hunt Pat Jim
  8. There is a Volkswagen in the upper right corner, about half way between top and center line
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