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  1. I've made it before never tested any of it. Believe it or not there are a couple of places on the internet you can buy BP kits, that is what I used, it was/is real dirty and I have to clean my guns more.
  2. Glad your staying in Fernley for a while
  3. I am just impressed by OLG and Yul, I didn't even know they knew how to read (English or American)
  4. You know Joe the worst part is most all or maybe all those home along the river have collected FEMA/government money so they can't collect again and a lot of them cannot get flood insurance untill they rasie and repair their home/business form the last flood.
  5. I know that just didn't want to bring the sex scandal in on this conversation
  6. How many of you Leo's heard them called prowel car ?
  7. Ike it is not the CHP it is the California department of agriculture that man's that station and most of them just ask questions, I go through there everyday 5 days a week
  8. They are for weight, they have hydrolics to raise and lower them
  9. When did they start giving/selling those ?
  10. There is, I hear the ad for them on Xmas radio, next time I hear it will get some info for you
  11. Hey Alpo, I quit drinking soda except for ginger ale and the only other things I drink are water(a lot) coffee and ice tea , I just do not like the taste of most sodas
  12. That is the way Nevada is going, Las Vegas is starting to control what happens in Nevada
  13. Brother Hardpan this and many other reason are why I left California,
  14. not true i killed the 3 fords i had but my chevys/gmcs just keep on going with minor maintaince
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