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  1. I have U.S. Bank, when I opened my checking and savings accounts, I pulled out my ID ( it says Veteran on it) and showed it to the guy he also seen my veterans ID card still in my wallet, he goes "oh you're a Veteran". he then said I had free checking, saving and a whole bunch of other stuff for free that I don't remember.
  2. I agree with Forty Rod, if I spend all that money on a house ain't nobody going to tell me what I can and can't do to it
  3. When I made them I put in about 15-20 grains of black powder then that floral foam, that floral foam is gone before it hits the end of the battle.
  4. in general no they will not, but with all the horses I have shod over the years as a Horseshoer I would not do it
  5. if not all almost all Fed Ex delivery routes and truck routes and private contractors, and no I am not defending them just passing some info along
  6. what Alpo said, he know I am the boss but he runs the house lol
  7. the people we got our blue tick hound from called him moose, the next day he gave a us a look that reminded us of Jethro from the Beverly Hillbillys so that is his name now. we do call him by his name or hey buddy except when he dose something stupid or gets in trouble then we have a whole string of names we call him. some of you don't have your dogs trained very well, he can be sleeping on the other end of the house and all we have to do is walk in to the kitchen and he is right there or if he is outside all we have to do is open the refrigerator and he wants to come in.
  8. LOL I use a whiskey/hip flask (I have been sober for over 30 years ) and some of the looks I get when I pull it out of where ever I am keeping it are priceless, because of my job I don"t get to shoot very much, but I do shoot the local annual. Well last year about a month before the annual I bought a house, so went and shoot the annual came home put the guns down started doing some work around the house and had forgotten about them till 2 weeks ago. When I looked at them they were not rusty at all, just a very little bound up, quick shot of PAM and they spun freely I did just buy a 20 gallon parts washer from Harbor Freight for cleaning guns because my with said I am NOT CLEANING GUNS IN HER KITCHEN SINK!!!! lol
  9. I have an ar pistol I like it, only bought it for the house or behind the back seat of the truck when I go out into the dessert
  10. I don't use waterglass, I put a 10 gauge over powder card on top and press it in never an issue coming lose, plus my shotgun shells don't last long enough to worry about if they are good or not
  11. 45, 12 gauge 45-70, 38-55 and when my youngest son shot with me I did 38 also. One of the thing I also like about BP is the recoil is not much, I have carpal tunnel and arthritis in my left hand and with BP I can still shot gunfighter, I can't do that with smokeless.
  12. I'm I do cast my own bullets and lube them and make my own lube, I have even made my own black powder also. I also reload brass shotgun shells. My wife and I bought a house Aug of last year, I attended an annual( that's all I can shout right now)last Sept, I forgot all about cleaning my guns untill 2 weeks ago, absolutely amazing the still functioned just fine, I have since cleaned them since I found them.
  13. it is not a lot of time or extra work, it is only hard if you do not like it
  14. I thought I was going to retire this year but I bought a house so it will be 2 more years
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