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  1. I work with a carpenter one time who would call out all is fractions in 16s
  2. As a retired farrier, I can tell you depending who you talk to there is no such thing as a reliable, dependable prompt farrier
  3. Our governor follows what California does, we suspect he calls Newsome to ask what should he do
  4. My dad did our back to around the 12 or 1300s and my mom has a book that was done for her side but not sure how far it goes back. I did ancestory DNA and national geographical DNA ( I don't know if NG still does one) turns out I have a lot of Scottish, English and irish in me.
  5. I have worn jeans and t shirts my whole life and either cowboy boots or work boots, but since I retired last year all it has been is swear pants and flip flops
  6. The town I live in right now is the exit for burning man, we can smell the burners for a week before to about a week after, they also destroy everything in sight. Not even going to say anything about all the garbage they leave trailing from black rock all the way back to fernley and reno
  7. Glad you posted that link, when my wife and I start our new adventures next year that will add more fun
  8. Some of mine have done that, I put a 20 gauge( i was given a couple thousand from a friend) shot card over the top of shoot so it don't leak out.
  9. Electric eacher i think that is the way it is spelled
  10. All I can tell you is it is a home made gagit not sure what it would be used for Sorry I can't help
  11. For those that do not know. The streaming service frndly has most all your old time favorites, combat, 12 o'clock high, rat patrol and a bunch of western, I think it cost us 7 bucks a month. IMDB ( they changed there name i think it is freevee ) has a bunch of shows, I know they have a channel just for wanted dead or alive and the rifleman, imdb is free.
  12. Have to check it out, we have been looking for a good new serious to start watching
  13. I have respectfully disagree with all of you about the VA medical coverage. 1 was in the Army from Feb. '79 till Sept. '84 went to Germany 2 time, no combat no wars no disabilitys, no nothing and I get full coverage on medical. I have had primary Drs, been to a bunch of specialist, I have been told I have bunions, carpeltunel, neuropathy, sleep apniea, arthritis basically from the middle of the back down to my ankles, right shoulder and neck to just recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure, and never cost me a dime( sorry for any misspelled words). I also get all my medications mailed to me at no cost. I have also never been asked about anything related to guns or shooting and I have been to 4 different facility's one of which was persideo of San Francisco. At San Francisco when I was been fitted for sleep apnea the Tech was a SASS shooter.
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