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  1. Not trying to be a smartass with you 40 but a dehydrated works real good
  2. What Ike said, plus if you go up hwy 1 Fort Ross is an old Russian fort that is from the early 1800 and very very well preserved we worth the time to check out
  3. What Yul said, I have plans for 3 or 4 styles
  4. your guys definition of wreck eggs are slightly different then mine. before I joined the Army, I worked at a egg processing plant also at a poultry processing plant at different times. At the egg plant we would do about 3000+ cases a day. Sometimes the line would back up or the machine would break and there would be wreck eggs everywhere
  5. That happen to me when I lived in California Yul, I called the register and raise hell with them
  6. This is all 3 of my dogs as soon as I open the refrigerator door
  7. Thanks Joe that first paragraph answered almost all my questions
  8. what is a good website for building a website ? I need to build a website and know very little about the websites that offer that service. I don't need or want a complicated one, like most on here i know how to turn a computer on and a little bit more but that's about it again thanks in advance
  9. I have been hearing a lot about VPNs lately on my xm radio, i hear the commercial about half way through so I am not quite sure what a VPN is, it also said you should download one for privacy. so here are my questions What is a VPN ? are they any good ? are they worth downloading? and what is a good one if they are good? Thanks ahead of time
  10. That is why I left California, but then I also know how to assimilate to anywhere I go
  11. The problem with your statement is you are categorizing all Californians as liberals, fortunately they are not. My daughter moved to Idaho and unless you knew for a fact she is a Californian you would never know.
  12. hey I was a truck driver, and all my first Sargent names were Top
  13. we bought a cheap one to try out, to see if we would like it, we love it. we are going to get a better one soon as we decide which one to buy
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