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  1. I have a bunch of slim Jim's around here someplace and I know how to pick locks, but my hands do not cooperate for using them anymore
  2. Sometimes it is Facebook that declines that kind of post
  3. I seen Utah Bob post couple days ago on FB trying to get more vets for his SASS vet page
  4. Ya sorry to say Pat that one has been around for a while, I got a couple those a few years ago
  5. Cops are just like any any other group, there are the good ones the real good ones then the a$$ holes. Unfortunately most all my interactions with cops have been with the last group
  6. All The old sheriff of this county said was , there are a lot of canyon blm could disappear in
  7. My daughter and new son in law will not let me do any heavy work or lifting anymore
  8. If I did not have to put out cash at the moment, yes I would help, but I don't have or carry an epipen and I reload so is no big deal. As far as the clothes part goes, the closes I get to nice, is a new pair of wrangler. I have been known to drop down an roll under a car to fix something if I have to( that's why new jeans are dress up for me) I value life more then clothes or ammo
  9. I didn't know dixie had that stuff, I have a web site that has the same stuff for sale
  10. Must be a new thing for California, I have bought cap and ball pistols through the mail when I lived there
  11. Congratulations I quit drinking 35 years ago( had to) and quit smoking around 33 years ago. I try to stay away from drinks or I should say drunks. Believe it or not cigarette smoke actually make me nauseas anymore, the only thing I miss about smoking is my zippo
  12. I am with you on that one Forty Rod. As I say about myself, I am a born and raised Californian and I will die a Californian but I will never go back to live there
  13. Where did you get that, my wife has been pestering me to get her a new broom because I will not fix her old one. Said something about needing it by October 31
  14. You all just do not know how to give your wife's a good answer. If my wife asks me about her hair, or clothes or if her but looks big. I simply ask her if she want me to tell her the truth or if she wants me to tell her a lie. She rarely ask me my opinion anymore. I am like Alpo, I have earned every dam Grey hair and wrinkle on my head
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