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  1. Hardpan sorry to tell you buddy but your statement is wrong, when the wife and I moved to Nevada the wife had the same situation as you and the cost ended up costing her(us) over $500 to get her name changed.
  2. They do use aluminum shoes most usually rim shoes. When I was shoeing horse all the time, I had the opportunity to work at a race track. There is a lot involved with shoeing race horse or any other kind of horse used for any competition. Widder just so you know the difference between s wild horse and a domesticated horse hoofs are ( short answer) wild horses have much harder hoofs then domesticated horse.
  3. Cot them the length I want then zig zag the edge so it dose not Ravel, much more comfortable when tucking in the boot
  4. Oh I also develop nueropithy (I thank that is how it is spelled) that give me more problems in boot
  5. Lol ya nothing replaced YET, but my doc told me if I didn't quit wearing high heels, it would finish screwing up my knees and back. With all the abuse my body has taken over the years of being a horseshoer and carpenter I am still in pretty good shape. I was getting 120 a horse when I quit shoeing but I was one of the lowest price in the county
  6. My dad did our family tree before computer made it easier, and I do know the family tree back to around the 1400 or something like that. I took both ancestry and national geographic DNA test and both of them came back showing the same thing even the percentage s were real close to the same.
  7. It is not hard to live in a travel trailer, the wife and I have done it a couple of times. Just curious why are you moving to Rio Vista CA ?
  8. I had to quit wearing them a few years back, doctor's orders. I sure do miss those high heeled cowboy boots.
  9. I know the felling, my mom gave me my step dad's 96 GMC Sierra with about 34000 on it when I got it
  10. I've made it before never tested any of it. Believe it or not there are a couple of places on the internet you can buy BP kits, that is what I used, it was/is real dirty and I have to clean my guns more.
  11. Glad your staying in Fernley for a while
  12. I am just impressed by OLG and Yul, I didn't even know they knew how to read (English or American)
  13. You know Joe the worst part is most all or maybe all those home along the river have collected FEMA/government money so they can't collect again and a lot of them cannot get flood insurance untill they rasie and repair their home/business form the last flood.
  14. I know that just didn't want to bring the sex scandal in on this conversation
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