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  2. J-Bar, just 'cause ole Jack was such a great partner. He was a rescue dog, found wandering the streets of Everett, Washington. We had had several dogs, all dearly loved, but were between. The girls were grown and had left the nest, and Gloria was left with just me. So I am sitting on the floor, leaning against the hearth seat, watching the idiot box. Gloria was doing something girly in her chair, and she suddenly announces, " We need a dog! " Where did that come from, I thought? So the next day, off to P.A.W.S. we go. She had shopped on line and found one she was interested in looking over. It was a small lap type dog. Well the pup in question showed no interest and was busy playing as pups will do. So she decided to look further. Being at loose ends, I walked around the corner, and there he was, lying in the corner of his pen in abject misery. Seems he had recently been nuetered, had kennel cough and was in a bad way. He looked up at me with hope in his eye. There was another couple looking at him also. The man said " What about this one? " She replied, " He is awfully big! " and they moved on. I called Gloria over and we had the same conversation. Meanwhile ole Jack got up and walked over to the wire and LOOKED INTO MY SOUL! Well, we did the paper work, and ole Jack had a bounce in his step as we went to the car. No way I was leaving without him.
  3. Cabelas still advertises 30-30 lever action rifles for CAS even though they are not legal in a main match. I've also heard gun store clerks spout nonsense about SASS costuming requirements. (These are the same yokels who believe they are ready for the Top Shot television series.)
  4. 05/31/2020 pm. "Saturday Astrid and I got to visit my angel for an hour outside her window. Michele enjoyed getting to see her baby and she was all smiles. Astrid enjoyed seeing her mama as well. Michele's speech was very good and I understood most of what she was saying. Sunday it was just me visiting Michele. Her spirits were good and I received some beautiful smiles. She promised she would work hard during therapy this week and continue to eat better. Good night and God bless."
  5. The only time that I shoot .38s is when we do a BAM shoot and I wear my Span Am uniform, shoot a Krag rifle and use my 1892 Colt DAs or my Colt New Service DA revolvers. Any other time I use .45s. If you have to game your loads to knock down a specific target imo that falls into a spirit of the game call. Aim high on it and hope or take the miss.
  6. am I the only one who thinks a front loading lever gun has got to be one of the most ridiculous designs ever. I just don't understand why anyone designing a gun would go that route? To me personally it is a complete deal breaker. I walk my woods with my lever guns, shoot in the backyard, and am now getting into sass, and have always thought that. I continually top off my lever guns when walking or taking a break to let another shooter shoot, and to have to take that stupid rod out every time just seems like Henry engineers wanted us to suffer lol.
  7. Sorry to here the reason for cleaning and selling. Got a picture of the hat?
  8. I've had a Thumbler Tumbler for around forty years. 'They didn't have different speeds back then. The only thing I've replaced is the lid gasket and they belt. I've used crushed walnut hulls then lizard litter. I tried ceramic media and finally found the stainless steel pins. I soak my brass with or without primers for at least 20 minutes in hot water and dawn dish washing liquid. I tumble with warm water, a squirt of dawn and a 1/2 tsp citric acid for two hours and they come out shiny clean and deprimed brass have pristine primer pockets. You can find citric acid (sometimes called sour salt) in every grocery store in the canning section. I've had the problem you mentioned with the primer pocket filling up with crud. I don't decap my pistol brass before polishing but pull it out of the press after decapping and scrape or brush the primer pocket and that has fixed the problem for me. Jasper '
  9. In '68 in Baltimore the NG had two types of baseball gas grenades ... CN and CS IIRC ... anyhow ... the "regular" tear gas type baseball (colored light grey) was for crowd dispersal ... It was simply an irritant and would allow a crowd to be able to move ... be directed ... (moving wedge etc) ... The idea was simply to make you uncomfortable and go away. But the other ... a mahogany baseball was serious stuff ... It was intended to imobilize people ... it was among other things ... extremly irritating and persistant. If you got away and dusted yourself off (or got downwind) you would be right back in a bad way. I can't imagine the "Gov" here in Arizona thinking a statewide curfew could or would be enforced everywhere ... I suspect it is simply a tool to be used to corral/disperse people when they see fit (using curfew violation as justification).
  10. This was what I was thinking. I wouldn't shoot unless there was no other option and I was being pulled from my vehicle. By the way, Pepper Spray would be my first defense.
  11. I very good friend of mine recently passed away, Dogwood Dave. His widow wanted to make sure his equipment went to good homes. Bob Enck, of Enck’s Gun Barn, came to her aid to sell all of his guns. Now, she is left with his Gun Cart. I suggested that if there was a new shooter in the Southern PA Area or someone that needed a basic gun cart, she should past it on for free. So, here it is, can someone make us of it?
  12. My daughter is outside of Phoenix right now and picking up a load headed towards Sacramento. She's supposed to turn it over to another truck in Ontario and not knowing where she's headed after that.
  13. It's fairly easy to buy light loads (and even easier to load light rounds) for a 12 gauge, much more so than it is for a 20 gauge! 20 gauge guns are usually lighter, too. With the heavy loads and a light gun, the 20 is a real kicker. Ask around at Rio Salado. There's a ton of cowboys there who will give you great advice. DO NOT buy more hardware until you have good reasons for what you are buying, unless you just love trading guns until you get to "right" A gun that was gifted? Unless that giver was a thoughtful cowboy shooter, there's little chance it is a great gun for the sport. If you want to get going quickly and with minimal re-buys, then CLOSELY COPY the hardware that a fellow Cowboy shooter is using that FEELS GOOD when YOU first shoot it. At least then you will have something that works well for a good shooter. DO NOT listen to most gun store/big box store clerks about Cowboy guns. They are making it all up because they have never been to a match and shot the good guns.! Good luck, GJ
  14. Well, if you want the oldest guns I shoot here you go. I get massive style points but I will admit that my times suffer somewhat.
  15. I will stay around Jackson. Only fools would come here. BTW there is a Serbian bakery two doors down on the left.
  16. Will depend on what shells you're using. Factory low noise, low recoil Winchester (or equivalent) in a 12-gauge will typically be noticeably different than the lightest 20-gauge factory loads. If you re-load shotshells it's easier to make your own low noise low recoil 20-gauge shotshells, but components will still be more expensive and more difficult to find than those for 12-gauge.
  17. All that could be changed with an honest ballot.
  18. The 73 toggle action is a WONDERMENT of almost complete visibility if you are willing to take off the right side side plate, and hold the left plate in place (a little masking tape works). "All things will be revealed to those who seek" Once the action is open and tipped to the left side, get a dummy round and feed it through a cycle, slowly. Where the action would give you the locked feeling, watch the parts that are moving VERY CLOSELY. Repeat until you see where the hangup could occur. If you have had an Out of Battery discharge (felt by a slap the your hand that transmits back through the lever), then you could have a bent lever or lifter arm. If you have damage to the extractor nose or cartridge support tab, or crud in the slots into which those parts slide into in the breech face of the barrel, you would have interference just before the action being completely into battery. If you have a dirty chamber you could also have interference right at bolt closing. If you are shooting .357 cartridges now and have shot .38 special rounds before, you could have carbon buildup at front of chamber (bell a .357 empty case enough to barely enter chamber, then push it forward with bolt to shave the carbon out of the chamber). Once you inspect with eagle eyes, and THINK about what the action and ammunition is doing, it should be pretty clear what is causing the problem. Good luck, GJ
  19. Good Morning All, hopeful everyone had a safe weekend. So after my first thread (had mentioned my son was gifted a Stoeger Coach Supreme in 20ga.) I received some PMs questioning using that gauge. Naively I figured the 20 was easier to shoot for my son and I and was looking at grabbing another with double triggers. It was mentioned the larger receiver on the 12 improved recoil for many. So before I make a purchase or need to trade away the existing coach, am asking for all of you with the wealth of experience to chime in. My experience in other shooting disciplines always has given me the thought recoil is simply perceived differently by the individual...my son loves it, I don't. Yet imagine there is other factors in play as well at a match. Not particularly knowledgable on shotguns, shot a 12 coach yesterday for maybe 40 shells and didn't notice it that different than our existing 20. Thank you for your input as we start this new activity together and with you all. Shawn
  20. I think it's really cool Starliner making a controlled landing on terra firma. With that said, I don't know how I'd feel about being the first crew chosen to do it as a manned flight/mission.
  21. This is not something I like to think about, but have been stressing about over the last several days. My brother, my son and my daughter are over the road truck drivers.
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