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  1. Back in the day, we were younger, now the younger ones are faster.
  2. That's cold, it will be 89 here in Florida and sunny.
  3. I guess I might have to wait for another 150 years for my guns to look authentic.
  4. Any other history behind this piece beside being made in 1903? Otherwise, it's probably a great shooter if everything works well. Just IMO.
  5. You can always buy glasses but your eyes are priceless (you only got one set and no spares). Do yourself a favor and use the 21st century eye protection. It is much better than 19th century ones.
  6. +1 on drill bits. It's cheaper and stronger than Marlin factory pins. Don't ask me how I know. Harbor Freight drill bits are cheaper and yet stronger than the pins.
  7. Try out the drill bit that fits then cut to length.
  8. This is a great screw knife, bought the #1 and they are new and unused. They sell for 130.00 and for 75.00 that is a great deal. BTT
  9. Geeeez! everybody complaining about being cold, It's 81 degrees down here. He, he, he,
  10. Lever is cut and rewelded back to a specific angle. Lifter modified by tig welding extra material in the area where the lever contacts the lifter. Links are OEM but in some cases the link channels have to be modified such as lengthening the channels on both links. Springs such as lifter, lever and mainsprings are modified and lightened. Retime rifle after all the modification are performed. To note: tolerances on these rifles varies, so cut/weld short stroke depends on certain rifle's tolerance and functions. It's best to have a gunsmith that do this type to work on your rifle. IMO.
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