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    Firelands Peacemakers, Tusco Long Riders, OH Valley Vigilantes, Sandusky County Regulators, Brown Township Regulators, SWFL Gunslingers, Arcadia OL

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    Retired in Florida (from OH)
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    CAS, fishing and retirement (finally)

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  1. It is so evil loving BP. How dare you?
  2. Just relax and visualize the shooting sequence. Best of all, just have a good time.
  3. The town of Stoney Bottom in Sandusky is a great place to shoot. Always one of my favorite places to shoot CAS. Y'all have a good time, will try to make it up there again someday. Miss all my pards/pardettes in Ohio.
  4. You are good to go with 1.5f. There's not much difference. Best bet is to make sure you get a good pattern when developing SG loads.
  5. Cut a piece of felt pad to fit the bottom.
  6. It makes people think of that "I could've, should've" kind of thinking. If you know what I mean.
  7. This and might as well change the cylinder latch.
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