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  1. The three clubs that are closer to you are : Miami Valley Cowboys in Piqua, Big Iron Rangers in Middletown and Green County Cowboys in Xenia.
  2. There's also the Greene County Cowboys in Xenia, Ohio.
  3. Stainless steel is not a "rust-proof material" it is rust resistant. Rusting is just delayed but eventually it will rust. Occasional oiling of the metal grip will further reduce the chance of rusting. Perspiration or sweat will accumulate between the grip and the metal and if left there for a long time, oxidation will occur.
  4. Lady Crossdraw and I are deeply saddened by his sudden passing. We will miss him. Our shoot will never be the same without his great friendship and humor. He was truly a great cowboy. Our prayers goes out to Annabelle and family. RIP Catlow. You will be greatly missed by all.
  5. This seems to be that someone tried to modify the pawl to make the cylinder to be free spin. The pawl was modified without disassembly therefore the scratches (file marks) you see on the recoil shield of the Ruger. Filing an incorrect angle on the pawl will result on gouging the ratchet and sometimes will lock up the cylinder. The marks on the cylinder ratchet looks bad but changing the pawl to an unmodified pawl, the cylinder will function as it should. However the gouges on the ratchet may alter the shape of the pawl in time. Sending it to Ruger is a wise choice.
  6. You can go on Marauder's Cowboy Page for some info. However if you want to do this yourself, WARNING: DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. You have to know what you are doing and have a very good understanding of how the SG works. If in doubt, have an experienced cowboy gunsmith do it for you as mentioned above. Good luck.
  7. Or we can just call it LARGE VAQUERO or SMALL VAQUERO, to distinguish between large frame vs small frame. Just saying.
  8. Yep picture provided is just upside down. But that is the part for a lever cam.
  9. Seamus, you could've borrowed mine. Mine don't skip. But you have to shoot BP with it.
  10. I joined a year before you and I'm still waiting for my gold pocket watch and pension. Okay Allie Mo, I'm going to my room now and will shush.
  11. Sorry Allie Mo, I can only wear one hat at a time. I do own more HATS though.
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