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  1. I do love my cheese puffs
  2. I put a greasy styrofoam box of onion rings in the micro for too long and ended up with a baseball
  3. Appreciate your keeping It going for me
  4. Flash tell me how you corrected the problem or if you can suggest someone
  5. I don’t want to start all the mess about uberti and miroku again. My Browning’s and Winchester are made in other countries and I call the by the name brand on the barrel. Thanks for your suggest about just backing up
  6. Does anyone else have a 1873 Winchester that throws fired brass down range? Were you able to Figure out how to stop it. Irish Pat
  7. I have been a life member many years and always support the NRA. I thought Ollie was going to be a great asset. What I heard was that he found out Warren Lapierree and his pals had huge expense accounts and were wasting NRA money so they got rid of him. Please tell me it is not true. Irish Pat, sass 19486,
  8. Been sold long time. I still have Another just like It I use in Cody-Dixon matches whenever I can. I found that one for a friend that would borrow mine in primitive weapon deer season then backed out on paying me for it. Irish Pat
  9. One of my best shooting buddies was shooting a scholfield at a match and reached a little far forward for the hammer and unlatched it. The pistol swung open and all the cartridges flew out. We all had a great laugh on him
  10. That double headed eagle is the coat of arms for the Russian Czar. Sword would at least made before 1917. If you have any background on the sword it may help selling it
  11. I thought you could free spin Ruger by just taking out the tiny ball and spring under the grip on the left of the hammer
  12. His real name was not AndrewJackson Higgins. He changed it as he wanted to be known as the second savior of New Orleans. He also built PT boats. One has been restored and runs on Lake Pontchartrain and belongs to the D-Day museum in Nawleans. After the war the navy was destroying our PT boats in Formosa. He wisely bought the motors and imported them back to New Orleans to build cabin cruisers. No one knew the wood they were crated in contained Formosoan termites which have ate up many old buildings in New Orleans. He was a fantastic guy and his children blew his estate
  13. Galco holsters search ended up with me in the Gay and Lesbian Alliance web site. I did not stay there long!!!
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