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  1. I just picked up by a Springfield Mil-spec for $599.00 at a local sporting goods store. They had another in stock
  2. Congratulations I know y’all are proud and I am proud also. That is a beautiful church. Where are y’all located? Irish ☘️ Pat
  3. I have Luftwaffe helmet and an American helmet that were painted on when I was a kid. The German helmet luftwaffe sticker is original and in good shape but for some reason I painted “Frog” in big letter on the front. I painted the American helmet Orange! Does anyone know or recommend who could get this back to military condition. Irish ☘️. Pat
  4. II have a chance to get either a Colt 45 acp in either 1991A1 or a series 80 colt. What is the difference
  5. Pioneer Gun Works sells a carbine barrel band with a nice grabber front sight on it. You just change the band
  6. Shoot Cowboy Classic and enjoy your 45s
  7. Since yours is a regular new H&R cavalry carbine just change out the rear sight for a normal modern rear sight. No one will notice and it will shoot great for 100-200 yards which is plenty
  8. First come first serve. They did not do you right. If you look back in your PMs you would see that I offered to buy one of the Rugers from you after got them. I would never dream of going behind your back. Irish ☘️ Pat
  9. Who is the girl in the mirror in the green cap? I can’t concentrate on the Ruger
  10. I have changed a hammer spring before using a fork but how can you change the trigger spin with taking off the grip frame Trigger spring
  11. Ok once you drop the little screw into the action of your Ruger how do you get it out?
  12. What about the trigger spring?
  13. Are they very hard to change out? Are there any you-tubes on how it is done? what pound spring should I put in a RNV 357
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