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  1. I would like to sell my Cimarron “Doc Holiday” 45. It is stainless steel with 3.5” barrel in the box. It has “Doc Holiday” engraved on the backstrap. I fired about one box of 45s through it snd is was not what wanted. I would like $775.00 which includes shipping. Irish ☘️ Pat, sass 19486
  2. My cousin lives near Hattiesburg, Ms and was hunting in the military area around Camp Shelby . He was walking on a tank trail and came across an M-16! He turned it in at gate. I figure some private had it fall off a military vehicle and got in big trouble
  3. Guys I am surprised at all the comments. I am happy to get a clean match, maybe a door prize and a good meal and get to hang out with my friends. Sometimes I even get a cigar and a bourbon! Let’s have a good time and forget what I started. One of my good buddies that has quite a few buckles told me he would just give me of his old ones if it would make me feel better. He has gives away old buckles and I just found out that he gets a kick out that! Irish ☘️ Pat
  4. What is the difference between this one and a Sig P-18. Irish ☘️ Pat
  5. I want to find a good used 38 or. 357 to keep as an extra on my Gun cart. Prefer a blue vaquero but a good price on an Italian will certainly be considered. Let me know if anybody has a one for me. Stainless is ok also. Irish ☘️ Pat, sass 19486
  6. Those ivory puma grips are on a 1910 Colt 45. I bought like that. That is my coolest pistol. I got a letter on it and darn if it left the factory as a 4.75” blue 32-20. I much prefer a nickel 45, I think I will lose the letter!
  7. It is a pretty shooter but these two are for really showing out.
  8. I never found anything like it listed for sale. I never heard of an incorrect commerative but I guess that’s what I will call it. Has anyone ever had something like that before?it sounds like a rare factory screw-up. Would that be correct?
  9. Mine has Stoeger uberti Italy under the barrel in the third picture.
  10. My fanner 50 was a Mattel Spit’in image with bullets and greenie stickon caps. I still the holster and also the “Dick Tracy” snubnose pistol. I tore up so many plastic Tommy guns that my dad bought me a WWII Japanese carbine and welded the barrel and chamber and I played “army” with it
  11. The “TR” is bound to be Teddy’s initials. I think.
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