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  1. Ruger over under 20ga, 45-70 quigley rifle, German Lugers, pythons, glocks. I got rid of all of them, just weren’t fun , lugers jammed all the time(had three) couldn’t see long distance targets never got comfortable with over under or glocks
  2. Ruger blackhawk 30 carbine revolver. My ears still hurt. Loudest gun I ever shot.
  3. Get a browning hi-power. That’s what a 1911 9mm wishes it was. Irish Pat
  4. Looking for a shooter. I need a 357 ruger as described, anyone got one for sale or trade? Irish Pat, sass 19486
  5. Would you by interested in a Glock 380 or old model colt detective special in nickel with holster? Irish Pat
  6. Ruger 10-22 rear sights on go on
  7. Hombre that is what I am looking for
  8. I I am allergic to nickel
  9. I would like some recommendations for a good gunsmith outfit to re finish my 1906 colt. It is a shooter not a collector item but I want it to look nice. The barrel is re nickeled the ejection housing is gold plated along with the back strap. It has ivory grips but looks like it came from a whore house. It is a 45 but my colt letter stated it left the factory as a 32-20. Irish Pat
  10. What are those piettas or uberti and markets them. What are they called? I want a pair like them. Irish Pat
  11. One of my friends flew an OV-10 at night along the East and West German border listening for electronic signals from the Russians. One night his controller radioed him to immediately return as he had two Russian night fighters behind him.
  12. I am interested the 44” belt. Can you add pictures and price on it separately? Irish Pat
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