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  1. Did you state you had ruger parts in the nickel conversion pistols?
  2. One of my friends just got a 45 ruger new vaquero 5.5 inch and is looking for a nice right hand cross draw. Anyone got one for sale. Irish Pat, sass 19486
  3. I would like shoot 1911s or 1917 revolvers in sass matches in 10-10-4 stages. Wild bunch is just too much 45 auto for me. One thing is that is just too much of a beating and too much 45 ammo involved. Irish ☘️ Pat
  4. Darn, somebody in Arizona is faster on the draw than me, I just called and they are already sold. Really looked like a good deal. They said they had them for seven moths. Irish Pat
  5. Got one already! Thanks everyone. Irish Pat
  6. I need the thing that dovetails into the barrel to hold the magazine. Not a barrel band but the other Style. Anybody got one for sale or know where they sell them. Irish Pat
  7. Slick McClade and the Jackson Hole Regulators put on a Huckleberry of a two day shoot this past weekend in north Louisiana. We had over a 100 happy shooters from all over. The ten stages had no traps. Food and fellowship could not have been any better. No mud or mosquitoes but it was a little cooler than usual, Freezing. Seeing all my friends and everyone getting along like they say, It was a family reunion where you like everyone. Thanks again for having us as your guests. Irish ☘️ Pat
  8. Anybody use one? What is supposed. To be great about them?
  9. I will take it. I will send a PM.... Irish Pat, sass 19486
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