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  1. Galco makes those leather doreen’s hand guards. Irish ☘️ Pat
  2. we were out in the country between corn fields and the edge of the woods. I remember putting on the tape of a squealing rabbit at my home and calling in every cat and hawk in miles
  3. we used to put a CD of a crow and owl fight on a Johnny Stewart game caller an shoot them as they came to it. you. would need to change to different location after you shot some. they get smart quick.
  4. a 38 special cartridge will slide completely out the end of a 45 lever action. I know….Irish Pat
  5. anyone ever tried to polish and buff up a flat matt finish like on Smith & Wesson stainless model 66 .357 so it would more like nickel?
  6. i have a book full of those stories. A flight of 6 B-25s overflew England and landed in occupied Holland, the Germans used a lot of DC-3s that were being used as Airliners in Europe by different countries. The only instance of an American bomber being shot down by an American plane was a P-38 captured and flown by Italians. they could not get high octane and burnt up its engines later
  7. we go to the beach near Pensacola Naval Base every year and I would always go to the Museum. Now the base. is closed unless you have a military ID
  8. 300 Blackout is very popular in Louisiana
  9. will my 650 tool head that is completely set up for 45s slide on the 750? Irish ☘️ Pat
  10. stay with her don’t leave her alone. I still regret leaving one of my dogs wishing now i had stayed. Irish ☘️ Pat
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