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  1. Just wondering if our mascot has a nickname.
  2. Congratulations, Jubal, you sure don't look as old as dirt. Your pal, Irish Pat
  3. I will be making my first trip toWinter Range. Some friends Told me I should stop and spend some time at Old Tucson. Has anyone been there and what do you suggest? Irish Pat
  4. someone buy the carbine. it is a great deal on a fine carbine that is not made anymore.
  5. The browning designed 1886 will handle whatever you put in it but that Hornady ammo kicks like hell shoot pleasant loads and have more fun. If I was in the woods in grizzly country then I would put the Hornady ammo in it . Irish Pat
  6. I have one and love mine. The 24" barrel gets heavy. I hunt with mine but do not shoot ever shoot Hornady "Leverevolution" ammunition in it as your head will spin around. The carbine handled it just fine. Irish Pat sass 19486
  7. I have an old one that works great otherwise I sure would love to have it. BTT for a friend.
  8. PLease explain how you put the duct tap over the carrier. I can't quite follow that.
  9. Thanks, that was good reading but not a good solution yet.
  10. I have discussed this before. Cody worked on one of my Winchesters a few years ago and said the reason they do that is because the sample guns were sent to gun writers that did not shoot cowboy and they suggested to the factory reps make them that way to get the brass out of the shooter's way. Anyway, has anyone thought of a way to save our brass from going down range? I love my Winchester but it would be nice to get some brass back sometimes. Irish Pat sass 19486
  11. I sent Grass a message that I was passing on the trapdoor rifle. It sure is a good deal for someone. Irish Pat
  12. Grass, send the information Irish Pat
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