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  1. How did you get the RO pins to stay on your badge?
  2. You will find that cowboy target loads and hot 357s will shoot to different points of aim. Marlin sent me two different front sights years ago for free
  3. If your belt is over 44 you won’t be able to reach your pistol as your arm will be too short to reach across your stomach. Believe me I have tried! Irish ☘️ Pat
  4. January 8, 1815. American losses 62, British 2,034
  5. They did not do well at the Battle of New Orleans!
  6. I have my grandfather’s 1917 S&W revolver. It is a low serial number PawPaw was in the army in 1916 and went into Mexico after Pancho Villa. Pershing told his troops they could be the first to go to France or be instructors recruiters etc. PawPaw said he had seen enough in Mexico and I have a picture of him in his uniform in Boston with a recruiter badge on his cap. He also was a sergeant at a POW camp in Missouri for Germans. After the war he carried his Smith while running whiskey
  7. I had a friend that ran a SAM Anti-aircraft missile battery and shoot down US planes regularly. He said it was made up with vacuum tubes portable and easy to repair. His was at at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. The markings on it were Russian, Egyptian, Hebrew and English and it had a few bullet holes. His job was to teach pilots to avoid radar! He said he learned to watch planes with binoculars and turn on the missile radar at the last minute. Col. Jack Pitchford, a Wild Weasel pilot and POW , our good friend always kidded he wished he had learned the lesson better before he went to Nam.
  8. Would you believe our power went out
  9. Wild West mercantile and Texas Jacks used to sell them
  10. I had a friend that was listed MIA from being hit over Hanoi during the Christmas bombing. They never found anything. I was told by other aircrews that they used the older models for Vietnam and kept the newer B-52s for the nukes. I understand the reasoning behind the decisions but I still hate losing a friend
  11. Shooting USA episode tonight is filmed at a SASS club in Tennessee. 8 PM on Outdoor Channel. Irish ☘️ Pat
  12. The Tom Hanks movie “Greyhound” just about made me sea sick. It is action from start to finish.
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