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  1. I have a custom Austin Behlert model 25 in 45acp with Galco holster looks great rare revolver asking $900, holster was $80, Irish ☘️ Pat
  2. I have two stocks off winchester 97s for sale. I would like $150 for bothIrish. ☘️ Pat
  3. I have two at home. Send me a PM with your phone number and I will text you pictures both of this are off winchester 97s. I believe one was shortened Irish ☘️ Pat
  4. Is it time to register for next year? I have not found the form.
  5. Last price drop $500 plus $20 shipping, This is a great deal! Irish ☘️ Pat
  6. Texas state match is there this weekend. I heard they have terrible weather, can anyone there tell us about it? Irish Pat
  7. It is just a new gun. You need to be more aggressive with the lever Than with an Uberti. Work the action like you are under attack and it will smooth out. I just went through that problem last weekend. At first I had to take it off my should to work the lever as the next round did not want to rise up. After I finally got tough with it and showed it who boss no more problem.
  8. I saw a British lee enfield that was imported from India. That big red paint is used to designate that those rifles had been altered to 308.
  9. This is the tiny double action only 380. They are hard to find. Mine is very reliable, no jams, I only shoot 95 grain FMJ. I only have one magazine no factory box great shape asking $625 shipped to your FFL from me. Irish ☘️Pat. Sass 19486
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