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  1. This Lariat is as new, The small wall hanger is in fair condition. 32.00 shipped
  2. A very nice Hawke 4X12X40 scope .Adj. Objective ,Red and Green Illuninated Reticle With rings. 160.00 shipped.
  3. A very nice MEC 600 jr. It has a new bar (1 1/8 oz.) and 34 powder bushing.Ready to reload. 175.00 + shipping.
  4. Is a postal money order OK? Where do I send the funds?




    1. Dakota Fox 24875

      Dakota Fox 24875

      M.O. fine

      Steve Wright

      8156 N. 750 W.

      Ridgeville,  Indiana  47380

    2. Marlin Buckhorn,SASS 51727

      Marlin Buckhorn,SASS 51727

      Got it, out in tomorrows mail.


      My info for when after the funds get there;


      Gerry Hansen

      806 Joyce Ct

      Grand Mound,IA 52751


      Thanks Steve

  5. This is a nice scope and has been treated with a heavy hand.It has ring marks on it but utherwise its a fine scope.It has the Hunter hold over reticle.(I believe thats what they call it) It would make a fine humting scope. 25.00 8.00 to ship.
  6. All three of these loaders are in excellent condition used very little, Mec. 600 Jr. 12 gauge Ready to start loading 175.00 + shipping Mec 600 Jr, 20 gauge excellent ready to go. 175.00 + shipping Lee Breech lock single stage loader . Breech lock quick change system. Strong O frame press. Spent primers go into the trash. Like new. 65.00 + shipping.The 12 has no charge bar.
  7. Bullett SASS 26" I.C. bbl. is yours,I will send a P,M, with address,
  8. Three Remington 1100 bbls. all are in very good condition.None of them are choke tube bbls. All are 12 gauge. 1 - 28" full 2- 26" Skeet 3- 26" Imp. Cyl. 120.00 each plus 10.00 shipping.
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