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  1. Looking for a new or used 1866 carbine (19"). With or without action work, with or without shortstroke. Specifically looking for a carbine in 38 special. Hopefully something I won't have to take out a loan for. LOL Let's see what ya' got!!
  2. LOL-----I won't send that much, need some my own self. But I will make sure you have enough.
  3. Send me your info and I'll send you some for free-----got prob 2000+ once fired
  4. Check with John Blarneycorn over on the vendor page----he usually has some. Or check with Jason Widner, he also does gunsmithing.
  5. What do you have for sale?? Inquiring minds would like to know?!!
  6. Capt Stephen

    You may send funds for the books to:


    Steve Wright

    8156 N. 750 W.

    Ridgeville,  Indiana  47380



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