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    CAS/SASS/Anything from the 'ole West/Victorian Era/
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  1. Capt Stephen

    You may send funds for the books to:


    Steve Wright

    8156 N. 750 W.

    Ridgeville,  Indiana  47380



  2. Doc---long time no hear from. We sure miss y'all down this way. Wish I had the extra $$$, because this a great price, and I know you keep your irons in good shape. Any trade interest, let me know. We're just down the road pard!
  3. I shoot a carbine '66 in 45colt. As long as I shoot rnfp I have never had a problem. I use a LEE 4 hole. I used to have alot of blowback in pistols and rifle until I got myself a factory crimp die. Now less blowback & never a problem shooting any grain bullet. BTW, I shoot 160's with TiteGroup power, Federal primers, and have brass i've reloaded at least 50-100 times. Load them until they split.
  4. Rifle & SG found----now looking specificly for a pair of SASS pistols in "RED BOX" in 38/357 short bbl---thanks to all
  5. Did you get my email?? My number is (409)727-0411---or you can send me yours
  6. We have a new shooter here in Orange Tx looking for some guns. He has decided to shoot 38's. Preferably looking for a 1866 carbine, and a set of SASS Rugers. Any help would be appreciated, and hopefully near S.E.Texas. Let me know what you've got, and i'll pass the word. Thanks
  7. Pit---do you have a Ruger in .357 for sale---I have someone looking
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