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    CAS/SASS/Anything from the 'ole West/Victorian Era/
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  1. I'll take #5/second one----#6-----and #7 Please send info for gold dust includng shipping--Thanks
  2. I messed around and didn'tbuy this at the time. Could you possibly contact the person who bought it and see if they want to sell it. I have since found a match to it and would like to pair them up. Thanks in advance.
  3. Go to "Sportsman's Warehouse" online, unless there's one in the Houston area. Very resonable price too.
  4. I'll take the Lee double disc set---send me info for $$
  5. Don't know about online, but my "Sportsmans Warehouse" here in Yuma has it in stock. Might be able to order online. Good price too.
  6. Capt Stephen

    You may send funds for the books to:


    Steve Wright

    8156 N. 750 W.

    Ridgeville,  Indiana  47380



  7. thanks for your "NOT" so interesting comment------can't anything nice --stay off my post
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