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  1. I will be traveling over 2100 miles (one way) to attend EOT. I can't bring EVERYTHING...so, if you want to be sure that I have what you need... please preorder! Cowboy Cartridges - 38 (105 & 125), 45 Colt (160 & 200), 45 ACP (ALL loaded with Federal Primers) Bullets - 500 or 5000 I will have them set aside for you to get at your convenience. Powder - I HOPE to have Clean Shot - 5 pounders and 1 pounders. Rugged Gear Gun Carts, Parts and Accessories. Ryder Umbrella Holders, 8ft Umbrellas American Pioneer Powder - 3 F and 2 F Rio Grande Custom Grips Ballistol KingSnake's Bolt Blocks & Brass Magazine End Caps Jimmy Spurs - Cowboy Gunworks Aluminum Magazine Tube Insert with stainless steel spring & follower 18', 20',24' You may EMAIL your order to bulletsbyscarlett@gmail.com - please don't private message me here - I don't always get the notifications. Text/Call me @843-833-0770 order online and select local pickup and put EOT in the Note to Seller. You can pay ahead or at End of Trail. https://bulletsbyscarlett.com/shop THANK YOU so much for your support! I sure appreciate your business!! Look forward to seeing everyone at EOT! BIG HUGS! Scarlett
  2. Thanks but I am not allowed to post business/sales posts on the Wire. Hugs!
  3. PayPal, Square, Stripe, Go Daddy Payments, Venmo, Zelle, CashApp DISALLOW ammunition, smokeless/BP Sub purchases. Hugs! Scarlett I forgot! Happy New Year!
  4. I am the SASS REP for APP. Brett, the owner of APP, sends direct emails to his “long time customers” from time to time - this being one. These emails, again, sent to a few of Brett’s long time cowboy customers, make it to the wire. The implication is that there may be a shortage of APP however, at the moment, there is an ample supply of powder. I am offering, until January 13 (a week from Friday), any case quantities of APP at 2022 prices. No LIMITS. I apologize for the confusion… I will see y’all at EOT! I’ll be smoking it up with APP defending my LFCGF world championship! I am also committed to shooting EVERY State and above 2023 match I attend exclusively with APP! Great big smoky hugs! Scarlett bulletsbyscarlett@gmail.com 843-833-0770
  5. If you’re coming to End of Trail 2023 from outside the US or are unable to travel with all of the necessary ammunition needed, please contact me. I have already gotten orders for several shooters. Special requests will be accommodated when possible IF I KNOW EARLY!! 38 special - 105gr & 125gr; 45 Colt 160gr & 200gr. 45 ACP 230gr. **The 200gr 45 Colt meet WB power factor as do the 230gr 45ACP. https://bulletsbyscarlett.com/shop/ols/categories/cowboy-cartridges Please email me bulletsbyscarlett@gmail.com Big hugs!! Scarlett PS you can place orders now for Clean Shot, American Pioneer Powder, Bullets, etc!
  6. 38 Special 500 count 105gr bullet - New Brass $360 125gr bullet - Reman $325 45 Colt 500 count 160gr bullet - New Brass $425 200gr bullet - New Brass $450 45 ACP 500 count 230gr bullet - Reman $375 Cartridges are sold and shipped in 500 count packages with an initial limit of one per each. Shipping is UPS Ground $20 per 500 count box. You may buy 500 of each caliber weight. To Order: Place your order online at my website https://bulletsbyscarlett.com/shop/ols/categories/cowboy-cartridges Put your preferred payment method in the NOTE TO SELLER. Payment by Check is preferred (address will be on your order confirmation bottom right hand side) however, if you would like to pay with a credit/debit card (V/MC/D/Amex) there is a 4% charge. I have worked very hard to keep the costs down and am unable to absorb the fees. Payment by Check - By Scarlett, LLC, 114 Court Street, Laurens, SC 29360 Credit/Debit Card - I will email you an invoice that will be from By Scarlett, LLC and my CC processor, Clover. It is secure and easy. You don’t have to create a login or anything - just Click to Pay and follow instructions. The fee will be added to the invoice. QUESTIONS? Please email your questions. I will be traveling a LOT in the next 4 weeks and it is hard to answer the phone while at a match or driving. I get so many inquiries via FB, FB Messenger, text and it is hard to keep them all straight. I check my email at least several times a day if not at a match and at least morning, afternoon and night when traveling. I WILL get back to you. Promise! I don't always get my messages from here - so email directly to be sure I get it. Cartridges are loaded using new/remanufactured brass depending on availability. Due to proprietary load data, specific component information is not available. ALL cartridges have been tested in various ‘race’ guns with light springs, short stroke, etc and have performed flawlessly. We have plenty of components and do not foresee any issues going forward at this time. All cartridges are loaded by a fully licensed and insured ammunition manufacturer. Great big hugs! Scarlett
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