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  1. OK...even though you didn't follow the rules...'cause I KNOW YOU and love you! PLUS, you're an awesome entertainer!
  2. I offer Cowboy Cartridges in 38 Special (125gr hi-tek coated bullet, new brass, Federal primer and 3 gr of Clean Shot by Shooters World) and 45 Colt (200gr hi-tek coated bullet, new brass, Federal primer and 4.5 gr Clean Shot by Shooters World. Supply is VERY limited and as such I am showing them as OUT OF STOCK on my website, CONTACT SCARLETT for availability. This will ensure that ONLY SASS/Cowboys can purchase the ammo! I want to support the folks who support me! When/if you email me, please let me know that you are, in fact, a cowboy shooter. bulletsbyscarlett@gmail.com
  3. I’m a shooter, vendor and supporter of SASS, shooters and matches. I sponsor, at some level, EVERY annual, state or above MATCH I ATTEND.  I think it is important to support (and give back to) the sport and its participants as much as I’m able.


    Just to be clear, I cast/lube the bullets myself with one part-time employee... so it really is Bullets BY Scarlett.:D


    You’ll not “win” coupons from me - if you win Bullets, you pick size/caliber - no $$ off a future order. Most importantly, I give a free hug with every purchase or win! 


    I love this game and the folks who who play it. Thank you!

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