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  1. Doc, what part(s) do you need? Email me at outlawgambler@gmail.com
  2. might help if you put the belt size you need. welcome back.
  3. Mr Barleycorn, part of what you said is correct. The double cocker was, and still is, a huge production. It is one of many reasons the CB 97's are so smooth right out of the box without any other work required. Another reason was the main components, ie bolt, receiver, and carrier were to be made by cnc production. In the first sample batch of CB97's that were sent to Cap, all internals were found to be correctly assembled with all cnc parts. They were extremely smooth and cycled flawlessly. IAC gave the chinese the go ahead for production. 450 were delivered to Coyote Cap and distributed to various dealers and onto the cas members. Most were very good guns but some had problems with ejection and feeding out of the mag tube. It was discovered the chinese were not using all cnc machined parts but were instead mixing old norinco parts with cnc parts thereby causing the feeding and ejection problems. The reason Cap started signing the bolts was to indicate which guns were checked and equipped with the modifications and updates. In the background, not aware of the problems, IAC was monitoring the success of the sales of the CB97's and without warning imported another 1,000 of them. The chinese continued to build some with all cnc parts and some with norinco parts. Have you wondered why there were no more made? Because they ran out of norinco parts. I would not call it a double cross but instead call it a very poor decision and lack of respect to Coyote Cap, the person that made trips to china on behalf of IAC to get the designs and help set up production of not only the CB 97 but all of the IAC shot guns. And for the record, IAC did not sell them to other distributors for less. They sold them for more, so IAC could make more $$. Sorry for the length of this reply but sometimes facts take up space.
  4. Looking for a pair of Ruger 32-20 cylinders, or a pair of Ruger single six in 32-20. Thanks.
  5. I will take it. email me at outlawgambler@gmail.com
  6. The TTN is not a very good. There are other "not very good 97s" but I won't get into that list. A good 97, Norinco, IAC, or Winchester, in safe and proper working order can be found in the $450 to $550 price range. CAS action work increases the price from there. Garrison Joe nailed it on the order of quality 97's.
  7. If you still have the gun, does the mag tube turn inside the barrel band? If not, remove the barrel band screws and try to turn it. Sometimes when a replacement mag tube is installed it will not turn once the barrel band is tightened.
  8. Is the 07 still around?

    1. Outlaw Gambler

      Outlaw Gambler

      Hi Happy Appy, it is too early in the morning I guess, what 07?

    2. Happy Appy

      Happy Appy

      sorry 97 lol

    3. Outlaw Gambler

      Outlaw Gambler

      I have a bunch of 97's. Winchester and IAC. Which did you want?

  9. If that doesn't work shoot me an email at outlawgambler@gmail.com
  10. let me know if you have one, reply to outlawgambler@gmail.com
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