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  1. thanks, now that I know that do I still have to pay Funds will go in mail today, I missed mail carrier yesterday.
  2. Looking to buy a pair, or a single, Ruger Vaquero, not a Black Hawk, in 32-20 with or without the 32 H&R cylinder. You can email me at outlawgambler@gmail.com
  3. Yes they did. Actually the buyer is from your neighboring state, South Dakota.
  4. Bars were packed in Shawano (Shawano County, WI) Wed prior to the Gov's reopening. No masks or social distancing were apparent in pics posted on social media. Sheriff said he will not arrest anyone for excersing their rights. I am also waiting to see when, not if, the virus starts spiking. I understand people's frustrations of being under the safer at home rule but I think it is too early for opening the state. Especially since the adjoining county is still seeing cases climb in the meat packing plants. Lots of workers there commute to other adjoining counties going to and from work, guess what they may be carrying back and forth.
  5. Jerry, I will take it and just keep it. Will contact you about sending payment.
  6. I have one you might like. Sending you a pm
  7. Al, as per out pm, I will take the deal we discussed. I sent another pm requesting your name and address to send the funds. Thanks, OG
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