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  1. Eyesa Horg, I read about your problems with it and I would like a chance to look it over. If you will send it to me I will not charge anything to find the problem. It may be something minor but not sure without seeing it. If it is one of the items that Cap made me aware of I will update it at no cost to you. All I ask is that you pay for shipping back to you. Let me know by email at outlawgambler@gmail.com so I can reply with a copy of my FFL so you can ship it. If you do ship it please remove and keep the stock. This way it won't be damaged in transit. I accept shipments from individuals and will return it directly to you without you paying a dealer on your end.
  2. Lassy LaRock, email me at outlawgambler@gmail.com I have a customer in Germany that can help you.
  3. The only ones they made with 26" and 30" barrels were on a very small number of early production models, they had serial numbers starting with 3 and 4 zeros, ie 0000513. I have only 20.5". If you can find one, be sure to stop and get a lottery ticket.
  4. Abline Al, this is one of the problems caused by mismatching parts between cnc, new non cnc and old non cnc. The ejection is a timing issue and can be corrected, one of the many things Coyote Cap taught me. If you would like it fixed send me an email at outlawgambler@gmail.com
  5. Serial numbers beginning with 04 started to be better than the 01, 02, 03 series. I stock a full supply of screws for Norinco and IAC and right now I have about every part for them, including barrels.
  6. Is the barrel threaded into the Barrel Extension & Adjusting Sleeve? (Videos I’ve seen are inconclusive). The take down extension is threaded onto the barrel as is the adjusting sleeve. To remove, and install, there is a lock and locking screw in the take down extension that must be removed and reinstalled after the adjustment is made.
  7. You do not have to retain the original take down extension, and if you try to remove it you will be one "oop's" away from ruining it by twisting it out of the figure eight configuration. I would suggest a replacement barrel, either already shortened or you can shorten it, with a take down extension already installed. It can be fit to your receiver using the adjusting sleeve. Then use your existing mag tube and action slide to enable you to switch between barrel lengths.
  8. These are not clones, IAC, or Norinco. They are Winchester. A Winchester will fit all Winchester 97's and some clones, since they are narrower than the original clones but there very well could be some fitting issues. Don't buy these if you need a carrier for a clone. Contact me and I will sell you an original clone carrier for the Norinco and IAC.
  9. I have shot a Uberti 66 yellowboy in the white for about 15 years, live in Wisconsin, no rust or surface problems, wipe down with light oil on a rag.
  10. I have lost my information on some of the pards that do laser engraving on guns. Could you please list those that you know of, I am sure I will recognize him when/if I see the name. Thanks.
  11. we watched it and agree, a very good movie based on true story.
  12. Spent alot of time in a small community. Two brothers from one family married two sisters from another family, both families have 13 kids.
  13. btt, Lead Ringer, still trying to get a reply from you
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