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  1. they are sold but the ad is locked by SASS due to being old and I can't edit it to show they are sold.
  2. There are some good clubs around you in Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois. Best bet is your timing couldn't be better as the CAS End of Trail shoot is in June if I not mistaken. There will be every CAS legal firearm you can imagine being shot there. It will be held in kinda north central Indiana. I don't have the link handy but it is posted and or pinned on the CAS web site.
  3. Pale Wolf, I would like for you to tell me exactly what specific guideline I broke when I posted about pay pal.
  4. Hey moderator, here in the sass wire you show moving my post to the sass wire. maybe I am still upset enough to not be thinking straight but will whom ever moved it please explain where the heck you put it since this IS the sass wire where it was originally posted and since you moved it to the sass wire it should be here. But it is not.
  5. I will take it for $150, sent you a pm
  6. check out north american arms, they made them for awhile but I don't know if they still do. I had one and it is a pretty neat package.
  7. Shuck's, it were nothing. Glad I could help.
  8. Null, you have one of the CB97's that the Chinese installed a mix of cnc and non cnc parts. The two parts in question are the carrier and the bolt. One is cnc and the other isn't. This causes a timing issue that affects the carrier dropping soon and quickly enough for the extraction and ejection of the empty shell to be done properly. Sometimes it causes the next shell out of the mag tube to hit on the top of the carrier and the empty being ejected to rattle around in the ejection port before tumbling out, if at all. It is an easy enough fix but time consuming. What is the serial number o
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