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  1. they can't get one carrier to do it correctly, how the heck are they going to get two to do it.
  2. Everyone is over looking the best fat to use for breaded mushrooms. We use an iron skillet and on low to med low heat use only BUTTER. Nothing we have experimented with is close to the flavor of butter.
  3. Thanks for the information. I have started contacting some of the people mentioned and recommended. I knew they were legal as I used one before but sold it when I made a new set of traditional belted leather. I sold all my leather working tools or I would make another. As for the misinformation that is posted, not only on this post but many others, with or without good intentions, be sure of the validity of your information before you post it. A new shooter or a wanna be may get spooked as they may not know the rules.
  4. I am looking to buy a "Doc Holiday" style double holster shoulder rig that will fit a big guy. Holsters need to fit a six shooter the size of a Cimarron Lightning. In lieu of finding a used one I am interested in finding a maker, if you have any recommendations for someone that makes this style of rig, I would appreciated hearing about them. Thanks.
  5. Cap did do something special with the ejection system but your problem is as identified above, a new ejector spring. Very easy fix, remove the screw and old ejector spring and instert new spring and install screw.
  6. I would like to weigh in on this topic. For years I used usps money orders for buying and selling firearms from auction sites and individuals. While I have never had a problem with them being lost or stolen, my experience with claims for damage in shipment opened my eyes to the non customer service provided by usps. They try to beat you down to get you to drop your claim. My claims have been refused as many as 5 times and finally they allowed me to speak with a higher level supervisor and state my case. Finally I received payment. This has happened numerous times, not just once. DO NOT US
  7. Wife and I shoot them. 3 Colt lightning rifles and 4 Cimarron lightning pistols.
  8. 'Gilligan's Island' star Dawn Wells dies of COVID-19 complications Dawn Wells, the actress best known for her role as Mary Ann in the '60s sitcom "Gilligan's Island," died Wednesday from COVID-19 complications, her representative told USA TODAY. She was 82. Wells died Wednesday morning at 7:30 in Los Angeles from "causes related to COVID," representative Harlan Boll told USA TODAY in an email. He said she "passed peacefully . . . in no pain." Portrayed as a perky wholesome Kansas farm girl, Wells told USA TODAY in 2019 the series always provided some life lessons beyond the come
  9. Wife and I shoot original Colt Lightning rifles. Had them set up for CAS years ago and my wife has about 6 years of trouble free shooting and I didn't shoot mine as much or every match. That means no jams, double feeds, none stuck on carrier and won't chamber or any other failure associated with lots of other non Colt originals. We have three and all are set up for CAS and all are 32-20 caliber.
  10. We were in Ireland and toured the Waterford Crystal plant. While someone looking at it may think it is made by pouring liquid glass into a mold they would be incorrect. The gun, like everything else they make, is all hand produced. Didn't get to handle the gun but it is much more to look at than the picture shows. My luck, it would get broken in transit home.
  11. Short and simple answer is yes. However, the long tube with screw cap action slides are hard to find, and expensive. You can probably find the long tube action slide for the take down model with a little digging. However obtaining a long tube action slide for a solid frame will be a lot more difficult task. From a cost stand point you will be better off to get a replacement three screw forearm wood and install it on your three screw action slide.
  12. I will take them. email me at outlawgambler@gmail.com and let me know about funds.
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