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  1. USAF on SAC base, news came thru and entire base went full alert. scrambled B52's and tankers, fighters on ready.
  2. If the 12 ga is set up correctly for a lady or youth shooter and the lighter loads shot, the recoil is reduced considerably. Don't go the 20 ga route is it the worst of all.
  3. Dirt Farmer, to answer your question. I am assigned a "vendor or merchant" status and rightfully so. Along with the vendor status comes a stigma and loss of normal membership benefits associated with selling on the SASS Classifieds. In the simplest terms, Vendors are not allowed to offer for sale items on the classifieds. "The SASS Wire is for NON-COMMERCIAL POSTINGS ONLY. Commercial Posts, Pile On Infomercials or links from merchants or dealers will be deleted and repeat offenders will be suspended from using the SASS Wire." However, at an additional cost over the normal annual membership, vendors can use the "Merchant Corner", so aptly named, to advertise items for sale.
  4. Thanks, Gambler.


    Lets go to email, mine is Tramway101@BellSouth.net

  5. Ok, I WILL TAKE IT. Let me know where to send funds.
  6. I mailed a package via USPS Priority Express in April 2020 and it delivered October 6, 2020. I'm just glad I used "Express" or it may still be sitting someplace. Phew!!!
  7. if you are still looking, email me at outlawgambler@gmail.com
  8. 97 1. ejector spring (s) 2. if newer model the two shell stop pivot screws that go in from the bottom of the receiver 3.right extractor and plunger pin, won't break these but the extractor can come out and will be followed immediately by the plunger 4. The left extractor could break but not likely, unless you practice with oversized dummy rounds. This will break them or weaken the spring leaf so it breaks on the range right in the middle of a stage, when else do they break. Which by the way also breaks and or weakens the ejector spring. My wife and I have about 40 years of combined shooting our his and her 97's and both have the same left extractors in the guns. A little preventive maintenance of checking the tightness of the screws on the 97 will eliminate loosing them and ensuring the right extractor is locked in place will do the same
  9. contact shotgun boogie. he make all of his own springs and could probably do what you are looking for
  10. I will take the 97. Let me know where to send the $.
  11. Yes it does. For general information the only parts that don't interchange between solid frame and take down models are action slides, mag tubes, take down extension, barrel bands, mag plugs. I might have missed something but these are the main and most obvious differences that don't interchange
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