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  1. The bear continues to grow. Original news item here in Wisconsin listed the weight at 578 pounds.
  2. Her sister got a black bear on the same day but not as large.
  3. Baily, I did not get your pm, the email address associated with this forum does not work and the people in charge won't allow me to change it. Anyway, the best, and only, way to communicate is by email. My address is outlawgambler@gmail.com I see you live in Streator, IL. We lived there for awhile back in 69 to 72. How long have you lived there? Let me know what I can tell you about the box.
  4. Sorry to hear this, RIP RRT
  5. Let's look at it this way. You have an item to sell and are asking $100.00 for it and a offer to buy it is made by someone you know will resell it. Would you sell it to someone else for less money because you know they will not resell it, at least for awhile? Almost every used firearm sold on the classified section and merchants corner was owned by someone else that sold them for a price they were comfortable with, or they wouldn't have sold them. Then they were played with for awhile, maybe some work done on them, maybe the love affair with that gun didn't last. Then they were again put up for sale. That is the cycle of used guns in most shooting venues. So if you have an item for sale and someone offers to buy it at your price, what difference does it make what they may or may not do with the item.
  6. IF it is an 09 series it will/should/was the best series that came out of China. Coyote Cap had finally got the Chinese to listen and understand how important the tolerances were to the manufacturing process and quality control. The pictures do not show the ejection port so I will assume, based on the poor description in the ad, that it is a 93/97 model. It was made by Norinco but will be stamped IAC alone or Norinco and IAC. IAC is Interstate Arms Corp out of Billerica, MA. As a general rule any of the models of the 97 stamped IAC will be the best overall 97 that came out of China.
  7. I will take the 97. Let me know who and where to send funds.
  8. RIP.. My Dad was one of the best Cardinal fans ever. I have one of his autographed jerseys. One of the best players to watch.
  9. Last fall I took a deer with 6.5 Creedemore, dropped it in his tracks. This was the first time hunting with it, won't be the last.
  10. Hey OD, glad to see your post. I don't seem like that many years ago that I sampled your cooking at a match. Take care and stay safe.
  11. dang, now I know what to do with all of my cut ends of the 97's
  12. Morgan Daniels, as identified very well by Tracker Jack
  13. it doesn't matter which direction in which you remove or reinstall the trigger pin
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