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  1. Dawg is 200% correct on the shotgun butt stock for a lady, or youth, shooter. Regardless of the lop, make sure you cut the stock at a negative angle. This will remove the sharp point of the bottom of the stock resting on the ladies uh, um, uh you know, their chest and absorbing all of the impact from the recoil.
  2. penny loafers, rolled tee shirt sleeve with pack of smokes inside, duck's a$$ hair cuts, guys hair gel - can't think of the name but can still smell it, some of the best looking cars ever made in late 50's, low cut converse white basket ball shoes. As I look back, growing up in the 50's was the greatest time ever.
  3. Thanks Jackaroo, you are correct it is an error and should read $950.00 I will update it when I get to the shop.
  4. Doc, I am sure it has not been short stroked. The previous owner passed away and I am assisting his widow, who is still shooting CAS, in moving some of the guns. So there is no way to be certain, but I am pretty confident it has not been short stroked because of how far the lever goes forward. Let me know if you would like more info or pics. OG
  5. Title says it all. Need a shooter barrel. Contact me at outlawgambler@gmail.com Thanks
  6. I served in the Air Force, stationed at a SAC base in upper Michigan, K. I. Sawyer in early 60's. Lots of B52's and KC135 tankers. Was on actual alert during missel crisis. Our commander was Curtis Lemay, cigar and all. I found out later in life that my Dad served under Lemay in the European theater in teh 8th Air Force
  7. Wisconsin, Minnesota, Wyoming, Kentucky, Illinois, New Mexico and enjoyed the people at each shoot.
  8. sent some pics, if you didn't get them email me at outlawgambler@gmail.com and I will resend them.
  9. Sorry I am not but if you are interested in some hulls shipped to you I am reducing the price per hull to $.03 with actual shipping cost applied.
  10. I tried to send a pm and was told I couldn't until I emptied my inbox. Where the heck do I find my inbox?
  11. Got your information and sent you copy of FFL and funds will be mailed tomorrow. Thanks, OG
  12. If Mr. Barleycorn doesn't, I will take the Norinco regardless of configuration. Consider it sold and send payment info to outlawgambler@gmail.com Merry Christmas.
  13. I hope I will make your Christmas a little better, I will take them. Shoot me an email to outlawgambler@gmail.com with your particulars. Merry Christmas.
  14. Doc, what part(s) do you need? Email me at outlawgambler@gmail.com
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