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  2. Hello I new to this site I just got an 1866 navy sporting rifle in 38 spl and wanted to know what ammo you would suggest both factory and I reload so any suggestions on handloads? Thanks .....BigMike
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  4. I have cleared my inbox. Your daughter will look good with shiny pistols.
  5. I wouldn’t believe CCDC if they swore on a stack of Buddhas.
  6. It says you can’t get messages so I will check back with you in the morning Thanks!
  7. As far as tv is concerned it’s whatever makes the story work.
  8. I’m interested. My daughters are getting into the game and I need a good set of pistols. I will send a pm. Might be morning before I can respond. Thanks
  9. Watching a Castle rerun. 5 years ago their dead body was a missing person. And they keep harping on how her husband waited a whole day before reporting her gone. I've read many cop stories where the police told the concerned families that they could not even report them missing until they had been gone 24 hours. These two things don't jibe. So what is the official way of looking at it now? If my wife was supposed to get home from work at 5:00 and it's 9:30, would the cops want to hear about her being "missing"? If I came home from work to an empty house and no smell of supper cooking, and the neighbor said she drove off at 2:30 that afternoon, would the cops be interested to hear that she is "missing"? is there an official time that you are supposed to wait before you report somebody missing?
  10. According to Business Insider, the Chinese Center for Disease Control has indicated that the virus has a mortality rate of 0.2% for people between the ages of 10-39, 0.4% for people between the ages of 40-49, and 1.3% for people between 50-59. According to the CDC, reports indicate that young children “generally” present mild symptoms if they do contract the virus. According to Business Insider, about 80% of people who contract coronavirus only exhibit mild symptoms. However, the mortality rate among individuals older than 60 is higher, but could be due to factors such as pre-existing medical conditions, particularly conditions related to smoking. The news agency reports that people between the ages of 60-69 have a mortality rate of 3.6%, people between 70-79 have a mortality rate of 8%, and people over the age of 80 have a mortality rate of 14.8%.
  11. I will still appreciate a link to your information source. Everything I can find online says the flu has a higher mortality rate than coronavirus.
  12. I certainly hope that is the case, especially considering one of my nurse daughters, who lives in my house, is in the UC Davis Medical Center where the CV19 patient is. They locked down 124 staff as a consequence.
  13. And you still have a better chance of hitting the lottery than catching let alone dying of this flu
  14. Since China is involved, we don’t know if 20x is overstated or understated.
  15. Those are chrome-moly steel and will rust/discolor. They are not SS at all. You can't blue SS. OLG
  16. Since you are in a correcting mood, you might want to look further into plague also being airborne. Excavations under Charterhouse Square in the Clerkenwell area of London reveal evidence of Yersinia pestis that spread so fast it could only be airborne by droplets (sneezes and coughs). This wordsmithing has obfuscated the meaning of my original comment, which is the publicized death rate for coronavirus is some 20x higher than the common flu.
  17. Those die sets were designed back in the day for a single stage press. That type of die combines 2 ops into 1. Dillon dies are made for progressive presses. Seat and crimp in 2 separate stages works very well when running mixed brands of cases. OLG
  18. Epi Pens should have swap deal with the manufacturer. They may send you fresh ones (they're usally 2 packs). Check your box. They got STUPID expensive a few years back, have come down somewhat. Another stupid is the same company makes Epi Pens and the generic. Mylan. JHC
  19. Original models. Both were pulled off the rack and brought at the same time. I was not concern about consecutive serial numbers at that time. I was glad to get two Irovy grips at the same time (in stock). My local gunsmith is Carolina Lucky. He did the basic "slicking up" that most people had done. Improved trigger, hammer, polishing, etc. Excellent condition. You will be please.
  20. Be careful not to confuse morbidity with mortality; morbidity is the number of symptomatic cases in a population, mortality is the number of deaths caused by that particular disease. Morbidity is usually higher than mortality because there are few diseases that are 100% fatal. I will appreciate a link to the statement that the morbidity rate is 20X that of the common flu.
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