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  3. My taste buds are VERY sensitive to spices such as hot peppers, etc..... But I know some folks are not effected in the manner I am..... i.e. runny nose, watery eyes, burning tongue, etc..... Isn't it possible that some folks can actually eat some of these super hot spices and not have those unbearable effects? ..........Widder
  4. Perception #1: it was a low building, with a low window. Perception #2: you had a towel tied around your neck, trying to play Superman. AND...someone thought they heard you yell..... "Geronimo". Perception #3: your brother tried to grab you and stop you from jumping. Perception #4: someone said they saw a trampoline below the window ..........Widder
  5. If I read things like that I don't think that a squib can be unerringly removed on the line on the timer. Imho, the barrel should be properly cleared, cleaned and be declared safe at the ULT without time pressure. If a shooter pushes the wad (or some of it...) out with a rod, a bullet or whatever, I don't consider it easy for the TO to tell what kind of residues are in the barrel (especially after a couple of stages).
  6. I'm sure we'll talk again when you get into that Marlin AND when you get your Henry .22 ..........Widder
  7. Congratulations to Medicine Creek Johnny and Alberta Annie, top non Montana shooters.
  8. That is totally believable. Plastic used in wads is not formulated to endure excessive heat (witness their heat deformation after being fired). If retained in a hot barrel, they can burn up or melt to the barrel wall, depending on material. When I had the earlier described squib that ruptured the Mossberg barrel 30 years ago, the second shot that blew out the barrel did not clear the original stuck wad, because it had melted and essentially welded to the hot barrel inside. The barrel let go before the welded plastic did. The pellets and second wad went out the side of the barrel.
  9. Contact Nate Kiowa Jones. He's "The Rossi Guy"
  10. I've gone to using a plastic screw thread protector on my 6th nipple. They are cheap & highly visible. I cut 3-4 rings off one with a thin blade. Easy to see which cylinder chamber is not loaded. I take 'em off when cleaning, & put 'em back on when I'm done. After 35+ years of shooting cap guns, I've shown that you can teach an old Dawg new tricks!
  11. We get Downy, Hairy and Red Bellied wood peckers at our feeders. We also see Flickers and Pileated wood peckers around here.
  12. Here's what I sent....... + receipt.
  13. I read about a RORO boat carrying 500+ new Nissans from Japan to San Fran. The boat went to a 45°list and got rescued before disaster occurred. In the end, all vehicles were crushed. Nissan did not want to worry about the warranty failures on things like transmission seals.
  14. I get one caller almost daily and sometimes more than once a day trying to sell my wife and I one of those medic alert devices. One problem is that it seldom is the same number but there is the same recording and if you say no they disconnect. If you say yes then someone comes on with the hard sell. I did answer it once and said yes the guy came on and I asked why his caller ID showed Sappi Fine Paper (that is a nearby paper manufacturer) all I got was a hang up. They still keep calling and I usually do not answer. I let it go to voice mail. I tell my wife if it is a number that we don't recognize and it is important they will leave a message.
  15. If I answer a call and it’s one of these Indian fellows the conversation goes like this. (It is quite entertaining) ”Hello” ”Hello, this is agent (whatever) calling from the (FBI, IRS, whatever)” I am so glad you called. You sound like a strapping young man...what are you wearing right now?” “Excuse me?” ”I said what are you wearing right now you brown luscious bit of chocolate” At this point there is usually lots of yelling and cursing and some name calling and they hang up. I then block the number. Ah...It gives hours of entertainment. I am laughing now remembering long blocked friends. Improvise, have a little fun...life is short.
  16. Short answer: Yes... hope to never see those days again.
  17. Only for WB and Only in 12 Ga. ... Jabez Cowboy
  18. Still plannin on usin my wood made cart for local matches. It's big and heavy but will hold six long guns which will work well when my better half decides to start shooting. Just need something that will fold and take up less room when traveling a long distance. My wood cart rides on the back of the flatbed. We're heading to The Show Me Shootout in Missouri in September and then to Branson for a few days. I didn't want the wood cart ridin around Branson on the back while we're there. Looked at the Gun Stroller but not sure about the open tray, although it looks to fold up pretty small. So I'm considering the Rugged Gear 4 gun Deluxe, pretty seriously. Thanks again for all of the replies, pardners. Been a great help.
  19. What I need is an Idiot Detector. But I am afraid it would overload and self destruct. I used to have a great idiot detection system. I looked for cell phone antennas... that is no longer an option.
  20. It looks like it's going to be a nice day on Thursday. 79 degrees for a high in late afternoon. I'd like to see a little more wind! Windy is good!
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