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  1. LH, yes it's been too long...(no pun intended). And, you are correct, I should have listed the primer which is a Winchester small pistol magnum. I don't use these for knock-downs so I try to keep the velocity between 680-700. I use a 125 gr. bullet for knockdowns at least in this area. And as always, check your loads with a chrono and never just guess at it. Take care my friend. Dan
  2. Capt. Burt, Stan is a pretty even tempered kinda guy, unless you are betting for bourbon. I would be careful what you kinda contest you get yourself into. Just some friendly advice. Dang It
  3. I just went through this....105 gr coated bullet, 3.6 gr of VV320. Make sure you have a good crimp. On sunny days you may see unburned powder coming out of the barrel but that just part of it. It's very consistent.
  4. Both sets are sold!! Thanks, OK Dirty Dan and Will Burn Powder!! Dan
  5. Here we have two sets of chinks that were both made by Otter at Jackson's. One set of smooth-out and one set of rough-out. The rough-out set is about 2" shorter with shorter straight fringe. The smooth has an adjustable waste of 36" - 42". The rough out set will go from 36" - 40". Both are in good shape with no stains or tears. Smooth set $200.00. Rough set $150.00 Price includes shipping USPS CONUS. I would prefer you text me at 863 206-9665 if interested. I will check this from time to time. THANKS! Dang It Dan
  6. I personally don't know ANYONE who would see a downed target before they run a stage and think to themselves, "hey, I have an advantage here". No one.
  7. You have touched on the very thing I was trying to illustrate. If you have say 20 knock down targets, the shooter isn't counting shots, they are looking for available targets. If no targets are standing, the shooter thinks they are through and moves on. Couching them at that point impedes them. Calling them back for "one more round" costs them time even though it is not technically improper coaching. Here is the crux of the problem.
  8. Let me clarify, I am not talking so much about monthly matches, I am aware of the cost of a good target. I am talking about State Championships and above - matches that mean something to folks who put in the work. I know you can't control everything including the weather and even good targets will malfunction from time to time. I am talking about offering a reshoot to those effected. If their attitude is that it didn't bother them, they can decline. I'll also say this, almost every other action sport offers the shooter a reshoot if a target goes down prematurely and they manage to keep their matches moving in the process. Dang It
  9. So, it has been many, many years since I posted anything here other than to ask for help from other shooters (and they have always been great in that regard) so it is with more than just a little trepidation that I venture forth with an opinion post. And folks, keep in mind that this is just MY OPINION and i'm not trying to start a mutiny. When I started (1997) and right up through today, it was/has/is accepted practice to coach a shooter who is actively shooting a stage to "shoot where it was" if a target goes down prematurely. I have heard many reasons for this practice but in my mind, none of them are fair to the shooter. I have heard match officials say that it really didn't bother the shooter (like they can read their mind) so it doesn't matter. I have heard that it's just too windy to give everyone a reshoot. To me none of these are legitimate reasons. I don't care who you are or how many years you have been competing, once you have committed a stage to memory and started your run, a missing target is a surprise - it's an unplanned event. Let's face it, the mere act of the TO yelling directions at you is enough to make you pause. Todays top shooters can regularly post 10-13 second stage times. Even a small hesitation counts. To me, if a target isn't reliable then it's no longer match-worthy and if the club/match insists on using it, then if it malfunctions the shooter should be at least offered a reshoot. For a match to be "fair" or at least as fair as possible the stages have to be consistent which means the targets have to be consistent as well. I don't know why we would continue a practice which doesn't reflect the much more advance skill level of today's shooters. Just my $.02 worth. Dang It Dan
  10. Flat Top, the website just says that registration is closed and I can't find an application to print. Maybe I am missing something.
  11. How do i get on the waiting list? Can't seem to find it. Thanks, Dang It
  12. Almost ten years ago I was shocked to learn that my lead levels were high enough for concern. I went through two rounds of Chelation, started taking a daily dose of vitamin C, started using gloves whenever I used a solvent to clean my guns and started wearing a dust mask when I cleaned my brass. All of these things have been discussed here in the past so there is nothing new about that. BUT....two years ago, my lead level was 14 (nothing to worry about) but I still wasn't happy. So, I stopped running the timer. My lead level as of yesterday is 8. Now I am not telling you not to run the timer but I am suggesting that you share that duty with more folks. Run four or five then GET OFF THE LINE and away from the smoke. And, get tested. It's better to know than to hope. Dang It Dan
  13. Anyone use this powder for downloaded shotgun loads? I have four pounds of it and need to do something with it. Thanks, Dang It
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