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  1. This puppy has got to go. Price drop to $400.00. Text me at 863 206-9665. I don't check back here too often so texting is the best way to reach me. Thanks, Dan
  2. I think seven is too much. Hell five is too much. I think three is about right. It's a big commitment for someone to take that much time off in such a short span of time. Most folks don't shoot seven state matches all year. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a good idea but it's a tall order to shoot all seven. Dang It Dan
  3. All above is correct EXCEPT there would be no CHN category. And again, I "think" they would want at least five in the category to make it official.
  4. I am a bit premature with this, but there has been some discussion about adding a King of Kaboom category at The Ides of March. Let me say that NOTHING has been decided and I am acting alone with this post but it may be helpful to know who(m) would be interested. I "think" that if there was enough participation they would add it, but obviously they would need an indication. So if you like to shoot big bullets with lots of fire and smoke, now is the time to speak up. The rules for King of Kaboom would be the same that were used at Dark Days on the Santa Fe.
  5. Here we have a MEC Grabber that I used for about six months. Everything looks and works like new. A new machine is about $695.00 without the extra shot bars and powder bushings. I am asking $500.00 for all. Buyer pays shipping outside of Florida. You may text me at 863 206-9665. I will take a personal check but will hold the loader until it clears. Thanks for looking.
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