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  1. Does any know a good source of lead shot who actually ships? Thanks, Dang It
  2. One of our Florida Boys (Cracker Crew member OTJ) is working with a new way of videoing the shooter in action. I was thinking this would be cool at EOT. https://youtu.be/nuTQ-0Ai804 Dang It
  3. Looking for a little help. Recently bought two Ruger Special Edition 38-40's with the .40 S&W conversion cylinders. The guns appear new or "as new" with all the paperwork and the black box. I was getting ready to ship them out to be short-stroked and tuned but a buddy of mine said that would not be a good idea due to their potential worth. Now, after searching the Interweb, I know these were built by Davidson's and only about 1,600 were produced. That was 2005/2006. I found some old auction sites where these have sold in the past, but the latest I could find was 2016. I can always shoot blackpowder with .45LC, so before I make a mistake, anybody really know what these things are worth? Thanks in advance. Dan
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