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  1. I think I am going to go with the Slix Shot wrench which also takes standard 1/4" bits, giving me a bit more leverage if/when I need it. Plus it has a wrench for Stoeger firing pins, which could be useful as I have a Stoeger coach gun.
  2. Looks like a i need a special wrench for the mag tube?
  3. This is 44-40 loaded with Buffalo Arms soft lead billets which actually don’t have a crimp groove. I used a vintage Winchester loading tool. I have still to do a strip down and clean up. I have a can of Sure Shot so I appreciate that tip.
  4. Just made up 10 dummy rounds and the last to load doesn't fit straight into the carrier and so I can't eject it. I found I needed to push it further into the carrier, with another round for it to then sit straight. The 11th round was just used to push the 10th round further in. i did not load 11.
  5. Singin Sue, I appreciate what you say, I am just looking to familarise myself with the more common sweeps. There's already a lot going through my head as a new shooter as it is :-)
  6. I seem to be confused. At matches I see folks holding a revolver in their strong hand, with trigger pulled (at least from 2nd round on) and cocking the hammer with their offhand. I was looking at the rule book and it lists: Duelist: The revolver, hand, or shooting arm may not be touched by the offhand except when resolving a malfunctioning revolver problem or when transferring the revolver from one hand to the other. Gunfighter: shooting with a revolver in each hand Neither of these describe what I see at matches. What am I missing here?
  7. Cockney Rebel


    Where do I find a description of all the various SASS target sweeps?
  8. Wow, that's a scary video. In my case the dummy round was in the carrier at an angle and would not straighten out. I had to push the next round back in the magazine to allow the crooked round to straighten up.
  9. OK. I am checking with him to see if any of his short stroke kits will work in older Uberti's. Is there a product number on your kit?
  10. The Pioneer Gun Works YouTube channel says that these only fit later Uberti's? I have just picked up a Navy Arms/Uberti 1977 1873 in 44-40. Any idea if it would fit?
  11. I just ran some dummy rounds through it and it seems to work fine on first pass. Only issue I had, when loading multiple rounds in the magazine tube, was that the first round loaded crooked into the brass lifter. I am putting that down to my technique as subsequent tries did not have the same issue. I will be doing a tear down later to check the state of internals. Italian proof codes puts this at 1977 so I am assuming most parts will have worn smooth already/
  12. Without a known good lifter, how would I be able to determine?
  13. Dusty, Thanks for the details and correcting my mis-naming. I have also called it an elevator in the past. I will run through some dummy rounds first. The rifle doesn't appear to have been slicked up in the past but I intend to do a basic field strip and inspect but I am not very knowledgeable on what to look for. Is there a good reference somewhere?
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