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  2. Avoid using hydrocarbon-based cleaners and lubricants in weapons that you shoot black powder or black powder substitutes in. The combination, when burned, causes a hard to remove sticky residue that will often clog up your weapon and also cause rust. Cat Brules
  3. 28 and breezy, no more shoot'n events till next year. Praktizen with my Taylor's & Company Remi sheriff models with fluted conversion cylinders in .45 Colt long, great fun, beautiful pistolas. Go'n out for breakfast at the Cowboy's Cafe in Minden, ya'll is invited. You know bout the lawn. Carlos Murphy
  4. Black MZ and APP load and perform the same. Lots of smoke but no deep boom and flame like BP. A good starting point on the way to black powder. I shoot 45 colt and have migrated to Reenactor grade for the 10 (Winchester 1887 lever and Remington 1883) and 12 gauge shotgun (Boito Kmart special), and 2F for the 45 cases both regular and cowboy special under a 200 gr bullet (Miroku 73 and Rossi 92, Ruger OMV Bisleys). No filler, all smooth shooting nice boom, smoke, and flame.
  5. I just want to see Verlander do well. He deserves it. We miss him in Detroit. Even though he's with the Astros, he still does things in Detroit. He has a foundation that supports veterans. http://winsforwarriors.org/
  6. Run 45 colt with good crimp. Normal BP cleaning regimen. Used brake cleaner to bare metal then Ballistol when switching to BP. Now everything stays soft until I get around to cleaning it. Recommend a full size inert cartridge to help reassembly. 44-40 should be no problem what so ever.
  7. Since you feel guilty your penance is that you must buy everyone in the Saloon at least two rounds of drinks today. Bottles, please see that this fellow makes good. And congrats on your new toys.
  8. Their former flagship location in Sidney, Nebraska is like a ghost town, along with Sidney. If anyone is looking to purchase an inexpensive home in the center of the country Sidney is the place, I-80 runs right through it. Considering Sidney is centrally located and easy to access it would be a great location for EOT, if it was to relocate.
  9. 30/15 with Blackhawk hammers. Shoot only federal primers to be safe. Significant difference from stock. But we'll worth it. Watch the videos it's pretty simple to do your self.
  10. Ummm...I think these guys had better read the regs again. I would not buy that and try to say it's a featureless legal rifle in CA. CA does not recognize that gray area of calling a gun a "Firearm". It must be a "handgun" or a "long gun". There is no "firearm" designation. Maybe some folks get their kicks talking / arguing with law enforcement about their guns at a shooting range or a traffic stop. I do not. I take risks on my motorcycle but those risks won't cost me thousands in court / attorney's fees or land me in the pokey. Fooling around with gun laws is a risk I prefer not to mess with in this state. I wouldn't give this "firearm" a second look if it were presented to me at a gun show.
  11. “Go forth and sin no more” just doesn’t seem right. Mostly ‘cause I see no sin having been committed. Now if you let those puppies sit unloved and unused, that might be a crime worthy of penance.
  12. At this point we have to conclude that previous cleaning did not remove all the fouling residue. The oil has trapped some bad stuff onto the steel. I think you need to disassemble enough to get all parts scrubbed with soapy water, perhaps use aerosol brake cleaner in those areas you can’t scrub, and then re- lube.
  13. Had some pretty good discussions (fights) when the major/minor power categories were being desperately wanted by a single member. BTW, I have learned that the best way to start a fight is to bring up an old one!
  14. Today
  15. That right there is the issue with Red Flag laws. Period. Poor bastid.
  16. did you use water when you cleaned originally?
  17. Three Cut in North Carolina. You can drop him a message here: https://www.facebook.com/james.clubbiii
  18. Last week I picked up the prettiest Colt Peacemaker .22 with a gorgeous case hardened frame and last night I finally gave in to my age old itch for a real Colt SAA from gunbroker. I need forgiveness and absolution but I don't know what church provides services for such as I.
  19. And make sure you use some form of gun oil/preservative when you're finished cleaning. BS
  20. 1867 Alaska Purchase: US takes formal possession of Alaska from Russia, having paid $7.2 million This made it possible for continental U.S. citizens to learn about exciting new things like oosiks, muktuk (whale blubber), muklucks, giant bears, cariboo, walrus, corrupt politicians, gold rushes, oil pipelines and more. It also brought the “Deadliest Catch” and other series about intrepid people conquering the wild out doors.
  21. Grass is about done for the year, we are still shooting. Get off (fill in the blank) Imis
  22. McCandless - who did the welding it looks seamless.
  23. I always thought the kid was thinking, "What the H, we're on the front line and you know the first to get shot you idiot"!
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