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  1. Brings back memories. That is the first saa I ever owned, started me on my road of 44 mags. Great six gun. Sorry I let it go years later.
  2. Gives a whole new meaning to the term “grease gun”.
  3. Thanks to all for the response. Now I have to buy one. Wallyworld has the plain ones for $297.
  4. I keep reading various posts about action work/short stroke on Henry 22’s. Does it involve a cut and weld on the lever as is sometimes done on ‘73s. I’m considering getting one and would like to know what’s involved.
  5. Now that’s a knife But it’s heavy. Makes me lean to one side.
  6. Shotgun powders like Clays, Red Dot and Solo 1000 work for all those calibers as well as shotgun.
  7. I have access to a quantity of Linotype and was wondering if it would be a good substitute for the wheel weight material I have been using for casting bullets for CAS. Any input would be appreciated.
  8. This is an older Lee 3 die set for 44 spl/mag. Includes carbide full length sizer (the decapper is missing), powder thru die and seater/crimp. It has been used but in good shape. A decapper is available from various suppliers. Asking $20 plus shipping.
  9. My friend had a similar problem. After taking it apart, I noticed that the screw that holds the lever in place was not tightened down completely and that may have been the problems he experienced. Also the lever rides in a slot in the bolt which is next to the firing pin. Check the firing pin to see if it’s damaged to make sure it moves freely in its slot and doesn’t rub against the lever which is right next to it during the levering operation.
  10. Looking for a brass cartridge carrier large caliber .44. Plain or skeletonized. If you have one laying around, send me a message.
  11. I’ve used it for years for personal transactions. Never a problem.
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