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  1. The 38-40 was the only cartridge that had the bullet size and powder load reversed. It carried a 40 caliber bullet over 38 grains of powder. The 44-40 had a 44 caliber bullet over 40 grains of powder.
  2. For sale are a pair of Pentax lenses left over from my photography days. Both are very clean no cosmetic issues and the optics are clear. Comes with a brush and a Hoya 52mm polarizing lens. Asking $150 shipped CUS.
  3. Price reduced. For sale is my backup Rem 220 sxs. This one is basically new in the box as I only test fired it with a few light load rounds, never used in a match. Russian made by Baikal. No action work but it does open surprisingly easy and wide similar to my tuned Baikal. Asking $465 shipped CUS to your FFL by me. First I'll take it posted here on the wire get preference.
  4. I have 150 Fed and 70 Win yellow brass all large primers. The Win is once fired the Fed used a few times. Cleaned but not de-primed. $28 shipped CUS.
  5. What would a stock Marlin 1894 in .32 H&R be worth? Local auction will have one offered. Pictures and description indicate like new with the box. I shoot a pair of Ruger .32's and a '73. I thought it would be nice to have a matched rifle caliber to the pistol in .32.
  6. I have two LNL AP presses. After looking at the assembly video, the only interchangeability would be the reloading dies. The RC5 is an interesting design having a tool head similar to the Dillon and a ram assembly similar to the LNL AP. Everything else is unique to the RC5. If I were looking for a press I would consider it depending on cost.
  7. Anyone have a contact for Fast Eddie for work on an SKB.
  8. New in the box never used American Defense quick detachable scout scope mount with 1" rings. Asking $100 shipped CUS.
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