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  1. I wonder if they are the same design as the single six .22, except for the frame and cylinder material.
  2. Hard to find powders for .32's. I am playing with the new powder from Win, 244. So far so good..
  3. I have the micro disk but lost the slide that goes with it. If you have one laying around contact me. If you have both and want to sell the assembly that would work as well. Thanks Smake eye
  4. Come out to the WB match at Thurmont and check out the variety of 1911's that will be there. April 13. A bunch of us shoot the Ruger SR1911 with great success ( not necessarily hitting all the small targets) functionally. Other models will be there and you can get all the options you need to make a desicion.
  5. How you doing Hochbauer, Snake-eye here.

    I wanted to contact you about my 1878 sxs. I decided to sell my backup which is basically new unfired with original box and paperwork, no work done on it. Thought I'd give you first crack at it before I advertise it. Get back to me if interested.

  6. Grumpy curmudgeon Looks like a contest going here.
  7. I know it's a long shot, but I thought I'd try. I used Solo 1000 for all my pistols and rifle reloading until I ran out last year. Looking to see if someone knows of a stash of it somewhere. Seems it hasn't been imported for a while, at least two years.
  8. Try John A. Kopec. I have two artillery models with letters from him. The amount of detail he includes is truly amazing. Much more information than the Colt letter. He co-authored the definitive book on Colt SAA.
  9. Clean out the hole and screw with acetone when use some clear nail polish. It will hold the screw in place but easy to remove when needed.
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