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  1. Not very hard, did it myself. I had to take them apart to do the bead blasting finish so parts got deburred and polished.
  2. I've been using 78 gr. lead and coated. Last batch came from Bullets by Scarlet. Currently using Win 244 powder, 2.3 gr. in S&W long case. Nice mild load. Trail Boss works well also.
  3. I shoot a pair of Schofields in 38 spl. from time to time. That don't feel any heavier than my Ruger 357's. Lot of fun to shoot but they sit in your hand differently than a SAA. Longer reach to the hammer than the Ruger shooting one handed. Also need different holsters than SAA.
  4. Good oil. I use it to lube moving parts after the firearm has been thoroughly cleaned.
  5. If the stock is tight after removing nut and trigger guard use a round dowl in the stock hole and tap with hammer. It will loosen the frame from the stock without twisting the stock and causing cracks.
  6. The 38-40 was the only cartridge that had the bullet size and powder load reversed. It carried a 40 caliber bullet over 38 grains of powder. The 44-40 had a 44 caliber bullet over 40 grains of powder.
  7. For sale are a pair of Pentax lenses left over from my photography days. Both are very clean no cosmetic issues and the optics are clear. Comes with a brush and a Hoya 52mm polarizing lens. Asking $150 shipped CUS.
  8. For sale is my backup Rem 220 sxs. This one is basically new in the box as I only test fired it with a few light load rounds, never used in a match. Russian made by Baikal. No action work but it does open surprisingly easy and wide similar to my tuned Baikal. Asking $435 shipped CUS to your FFL by me. First I'll take it posted here on the wire get preference.
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