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  1. I’ll have some pictures up Monday when I get back home. Thank to all for your input.
  2. I recently found a 92 that has extensive water damage at the end of the stock. All the finish is gone at the damaged end and the wood is water stained. I could use some suggestions on the best way to remove the stains. Refinishing will be done after that. Thanks in advance. Added some photos of the gun and stock. I know it’s not a SASS firearm, not much of a pistol, nor a rifle. But I couldn’t resist, even with the damaged stock. The rest of it is fine. It was just to cool to pass up especially at the price I paid for it. It seemed no one wanted it due to the damaged stock. I’ll post pictures of it refinished.
  3. Hey! I thought he was just helping me. Darn so disappointed.
  4. Very nice. Looking for a cap and ball in 44. Thanks for showing it.
  5. I’m interested in getting a Pietta 1860 in 44 with a 5 1/2” barrel steel frame. Doesn’t need to be new but in good shape no pitting. What do you have.
  6. Mine are Uberti. No problems with them.
  7. I have a pair of Schofields in 38 that have been worked on and are very smooth. The design of the internal mechanism is such that the issue you refer to can’t be avoided without reworking. I’d love to have something done about it on mine but never found anyone who knows how to do it.
  8. Browning also made some very fine 92’s in 44 and 357 years ago. They can still be found and they are faithful reproductions of the original Win 92. The only drawback is they are expensive and not common.
  9. Cleaning out the parts bins I found these. I have no further use for these parts and would like to send them to someone who may have. 1 Pair of new model hammers, these were takeoffs but in as new condition. 2 Pair of old model pawls new never used. 3 Old model loading gate spring new never used. 4 one trigger spring new never used. 5 Wolf springs, 2- 19# 1- 18# Asking $100 shipped CUS for the lot. I’d be willing to sell individual items, contact me with what you need.
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