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  1. Spray down with Balistol after a match and wipe clean the next day. Nice and shiny.
  2. I got these wads in a box of misc shotgun loading supplies. I load my own shot shells using Claybusters wads. I’m not planning to use any of these wads but would like to know how they would be used for reloading. Thanks in advance.
  3. Federal small pistol magnum primers at 89.99 per 1k. Limit 2 per customer.
  4. Silver muzzle brake for Ruger Mini 14 pre 2005. NCSTAR brand. Like new never used shipped CUS $10
  5. A number of shooters have been using .22s at club matches. A question came up regarding copper washed vs. waxed bullets. For any other pistol and rifle ammo used in SASS matches, only lead or poly coated bullets are allowed. Does the restriction for lead only also apply for .22s? And if so why. Interestingly enough I just bought a box of poly coated .22s made by CCI.
  6. Just saw that Brownells has Federal 209 available.
  7. Four years and no new primers, let alone the older design, makes you wonder.
  8. I got these in a box of misc goods and have no use for them. If you can use them they are yours for the cost of shipping. They are gone!
  9. I’ll take the Lee 18 - 00 buckshot mold. PM to follow.
  10. We had a great time at the show helping out at the SASS both. Ruby Ruthless is doing a fantastic job presenting SASS and cowboy action shooting to the folks attending the show. She even signed up new members. Dice and I had a fantastic day with Ruby.
  11. It will be interesting to see if the new primers are commercial available and at what price.. wonder what the other primer manufacturers are doing.
  12. Closet cleaning of clothing I don’t wear anymore. All are medium size and in good condition. The light blue with stripes has had the right breast pocket removed. All 3 for $45 shipped CUS. First I’ll take it posted has preference.
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