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  1. One gunsmith told me that if you have the barrels cut to 22-24” it leaves room if the ends get damaged to recut the barrels.
  2. Cleaning out some bins I came across these and since I have no use for then I thought someone else might want them. One has a corner chipped but otherwise they’re ok. They will fit 2nd and 3rd gen Colts. $25 shipped CUS.
  3. Sold to Ace. I stopped casting a while ago and have this nice mold to offer for sale. Lee 105 gr. .358 dia. SWC 6 cavity, no handles. I used it for revolver loads, produced very accurate rounds. They don’t work in a ‘73, don’t know about Marlins. The mold is in very good condition, I tried to clean off the blackening but it stubborn. Asking $20 for the mold and guessing $10 to ship it CUS by 2 day priority mail.
  4. My 8 year old grandson likes to play cowboy (have no idea where he gets that from). I recently picked up a toy double barrel cork gun what he plays with. The old Daisy Red Rider goes with it quite well. I would like to compliment that with a set of pistols and holsters. Not looking for high end collector grade, but something reasonable that any 8 year old can enjoy. There are some for sale that are vinyl rigs with really cheap metal pistol, but I’m looking for something a little better. If you have something your willing to part with, let’s talk. I have a few items advertised on the wire that could be used for trade as well. Thanks in advance Snake eye
  5. Brown leather vest for sale. Size is medium. Leather is still soft and supple. Very good condition. Asking $30 shipped CUS.
  6. The scales are real bone of some type, my guess would be antler.
  7. I bought this years ago to carry on my gun belt but never did. Very sharp and never used other than look at it. The pictures tell the whole story. $55 shipped CUS. First I’ll take it posted on the wire has preference.
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