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  1. I have used a 6 cavity Lee mold for 93 grn bullets for years. They also have one for 100 grn.
  2. I don’t remember where or when I got this holster but I have no use for it. The only thing that fits in it is a 1911. There’s no name or marking on it and though it’s kind of cheap looking it’s very sturdy. Yours for the cost of shipping it to you, probably less than $10. First I’ll take it posted here by a SASS member gets it.
  3. You may want to look here for one. I have no interest in this except to provide a leed https://www.mdshooters.com/classifieds/carl-gustafs-swedish-mauser.47943/
  4. These are the parts you need to remove. Jackaroo made replacement springs that I installed my 100. Made it real easy to open. Don’t know if he still has them. After you remove the stock make certain the the stock is in contact with the thrust block 616005. If not it will cause crack in the stock.
  5. Having two is always better than one. In 24” and another in 20”.
  6. J E S rifle can rebore a Marlin to a different caliber if that’s what your after. http://www.35caliber.com/
  7. Schofields will need new holsters made to fit them. They are wider in the frame than a SAA requiring a wider opening in the holster and without an ejector housing, the lower end of the holster is narrower. Both aspects required for a good fit to secure the gun.
  8. Shoot many matches with Gun at West Shore and enjoyed his company. He will be missed.
  9. I’ve had good success with Lee 125 grn flat nose. 358-125-rf. Works well in pistol and revolver.
  10. 300 count of 140grn. tcbb hard cast lead bullets. $30 plus shipping (they will fit in a small priority mail box).
  11. I have a pair of Taylor Schofields, Uberti made. Great revolvers. A blast to shoot! But they handle way different from a SAA. The grip profile requires a different hold. There is nothing like opening the action and having all the case’s eject. Great for those matches were you are required to do a reload. I hated the safety in mine so I took it out, now the operate just like the originals.
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