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  1. One pair of lightly used Wolverine lace up boots. They have a shaft height of 5” . Leather is soft with no cracks and only some minor scuff marks. Soles and heels are made of some type of man made rubber like material and have plenty of wear left in them. Size is 10 1/2 D but they run a little wide. Asking $65 shipped CUS.
  2. I started using Win 244. It is designed for pistol use and is supposed to be cleaner burning and made for coated lead bullets. So far it’s holding up to its promotion.
  3. Check out this article on lubes. Extensive comparison of corrosion resistance and lubricity. http://www.dayattherange.com/
  4. I'm using the Evil Roy gunfighter grip and they are great.
  5. +1 for Gunslinger. He did two for me and they turned out fantastic .
  6. This is a little off topic but I’m curious, what is involved in obtaining a handgun in your country.
  7. I’ll take them. Send me a PM with details of your address and how you want payment.
  8. My hats off to Hornady again for their excellent customer service. I was having problems with some older shell plates that were converted to the new LNL press. I was given a return authorization to ship the plates back to them and in a week I received two new replacements. They both work flawlessly. It’s a great press and the support Hornady provides is exceptional. Thank you Hornady.
  9. Don’t mean to start a ruckus here. The following are dimensions on MY Uberti 73’s both from EMF. Both 20” octagonal barrels. 44 spl. outside flat to flat at the muzzle. .781” 357. outside flat to flat at the muzzle. .743” 44 spl. wall thickness at the muzzle. .194 357. wall thickness at the muzzle. .184 measured at the grove inside the barrel to the outside flat all measured with a caliper Draw your own conclusions.
  10. Measuring the wall thickness of my 357 and 44 Uberti 73’s, they are the same. That implies that the 44 is slightly heavier.
  11. My Browning 92 in 44 mag is as close to the original Winchester 92 as you can find. Great shooter well made. I have the Centennial model with gold engravings.
  12. I use them in a 44 mag because that’s what I have. There are 44 special revolvers. I also have a Charter Arms Bull Dog in 44 special. Great shooter.
  13. Just checking here to see if anyone has one they don’t need first.
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