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  1. Yes they did. Most were .41 mag but some were.44 mag. That was many years ago and they would be very difficult to find today.
  2. I've seen spacers used behind the 11# springs to add tension. Something like small washers the same diameter as the springs. Also a couple of coils from another spring added behind the 11# 1911 spring.
  3. Same here. No problems with my ROA and CCI 11
  4. A friend of mine gave me these bullets for a muzzleloader. When I opened the box I found that the lube was dried hard and flaking off. I have some Nature Lube 1000 and my question is would that be a good replacement lube to use on these bullets. Thanks Snake eye
  5. Greetings Church Key. Hope to see you at Thurmont soon. 20" as with any other coach gun. He's a great guy to deal with.
  6. I guess it’s for 58 cal muzzleloader rifle. Added the 4 powder holders also, these are new never used. The green holders are for 50 cal. muzzleloader. $15 shipped CUS.
  7. I’ve been using .32 S&W long brass in my Rugers for about 4 years using the following with very good success. 78 gr coated and lead bullets. Any of these loads have been able to take down shotgun knock down targets as well as plates. They provide good ring on steel for spotters as well. T. B. 1.8 - 2 gr Win 244 2 - 2.1 gr Red Dot 2.1 gr Clays 2.2 gr.
  8. I dug out two bags of 35 Whelen brass with 50 in each. These are Remington brand. Both bags are sealed. $70 shipped CUS.
  9. I’ve been using one for about ten years. Must have loaded 10000 rounds on it. Mine is setup fit REM STS hulls. The only time things go wrong is when I make a mistake. My biggest one is running out of primers and spilling powder as a result. Adjustments are easy if you follow the instructions from Hornady. My opinion, good as any top end machines and better than most.
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