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  1. KKM fully adjustable trigger group for Walther 22 rifle. Great condition with all adjustments fully functional. $100 shipped CUS. Offers?
  2. XR-3 were the original grips for single six, also used on the early Old Army.
  3. They were made with various grip sizes. Just looking for XR-3 grip which were the early models.
  4. Do these have the larger grips like the old model Vaquero or the smaller ones like the new model Vaquero. Pictures?
  5. Hi Sgt. you might check with Midway or Brownels if Hornady doesn’t have them.
  6. I have this lot of sharpening stones that never get used, so $115 shipped CUS. Selling as a group, one price for all. First I’ll take it posted gets preference. Smith’s Tri-hone in cedar cradle. Buck knives hard Arkansas stone#136 in cedar box. Norton Vintage Alundum Oilstone in original box. Two sided, medium and fine. Norton Vintage India Oilstone medium MB7 in original box with paperwork. Appears to be unused.
  7. Last year at an auction I picked up a leather possibles shoulder bag with a quantity of black powder accessories. I’m not a muzzleloader shooter but I bought the item because of the leather bag. Included was this folded out multi-tool which I thought was just a standard tool. When I looked at it closer I realized that it was a special tool for muzzleloaders. I think I know what each of the items do. Never seen anything like it before or since. I tried to search the internet for anything like it but nothing shows up. Any of you black powder shooters know anything about it other than it’s Italian made and marked CVA?
  8. Howdy Church Key! Good to hear your doing well. You may want to consider the C02 SAA. Great for practice indoor or outside. About $100 each. Get two for practice and you to can shoot gunfighter.:)
  9. Are your spent primers extended slightly past the bottom of the case, that would make the case tilt. Try one with the primer removed or a new unprimed case.
  10. Vintage Lee hand priming tool with three shell holders. Shell holders are marked J, F and 378 WBY. The tool includes only the large primer assembly. Small primer piece disappeared. $25 shipped CUS
  11. I was planning to buy a gun with mine. But the gun stores around here are sold out, it appears that all those anti gun types went into a panic and starting to buy up anything they could. Can’t find a shotgun anywhere. LOL
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