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  1. Check here often: Wanted/For Sale Items (n-ssa.net) Unfortunately, the site isn't taking new members. However, you find something you like, PM me & I'll be a go-between for you.
  2. I'll take them. Send me a PM with your address & I'll send the gold.
  3. Those little 1 1/2 S&Ws point very well. I'd love to have a modern one in .22 LR.
  4. Ithaca shotguns came with a red plastic front sight for a while. Can't remember what they were called though.
  5. How about this one? That's Betty Boop in the center, Jake the donkey and Sylvester the cat.
  6. I passed the PD as the taxi went from the airport to the hotel and back. There was a comment about cop equipment. One year my city bought some new Malibus. When we went by the city garage to look at them, they still had the stickers in the window. The sticker said-Taxi cab package, heavy duty shocks and heavy duty floor mats. On top of that, they had six cylinder engines.
  7. I traveled through Dubai many times when I was working in Afghanistan. The police station there is a beautiful building that looks NOTHING like Mayberry. dubai police station pictures - Yahoo Image Search Results
  8. There's a feller on the North-South Skirmish Association site that is making his own powder: My experiment with making black powder. (n-ssa.net)
  9. "I am a bit of a portly fellow. I wear jeans in size 40. " Heck, unless you're only 4 foot tall, size 40 is slim and trim around these parts.
  10. I have made pins using the "poor man's lathe": a good quality 3/8" portable drill held sideways in a vise. Using numbered drill bits, determine the diameter of the firing pin body. Buy an oversize grade 8 bolt or screw and cut off the head. Chuck the screw in your drill, set a low speed and use a good file to get the screw to the diameter to fit in the firing pin channel. Repeat to get the proper size of the point of the pin. Check the size often. It is much easier to remove metal than it is to replace metal. It will take you a while, but it can be done.
  11. Welcome Whiskey John, You say you know what revolvers (pistols) you are getting. I recommend you shoot a few at a match or two, then decide. Once you decide, you can post again and the members here will help you find the gear you need.
  12. A friend had a bolt action Mossberg 20 gauge. I hunted with it a time or two. That second shot was always awkward to me.
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