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  1. I prefer shorter, lighter rifles and carbines myself. If it were my rifle, I'd cut it back to 20" or 22". Some companies offer short barreled RBs. Check websites to check weights.
  2. Ain't no woman out there stupid enough to put on a suit made outta tin cans, git on a hoss, armed with a big pointy stick and chase another one like her around a football field .
  3. Looking for Colt Service Ace .22 LR magazines.
  4. I'll take them. Shoot me a PM as to where to send the loot.
  5. S&W triggers come in .265", .312", .400" and .500". The .265" can be smooth or serrated, .312" comes smooth, .400" and .500" can be smooth or serrated.
  6. I have the Springfield Armory SOCOM, which is a short (16" barrel) version of their M1A, the semi auto only M14. SA is now selling a "Tanker" model which is the SOCOM with a wooden stock.
  7. The Dems have made a big deal over future justice Barrett and her beliefs. As I remember, the last two female justices swore up and down during their hearings that the recent rulings on the Second Amendment were "settled law" and that they would abide the decisions. Of course, the first time a 2A issue came up, look how they voted!
  8. I have one that is identical, except in .44 Special. Nicer than my friend's 2nd Gen Colt.
  9. I was hoping that wasn't the case. Screery to think about.
  10. Nice looking old TD. "I've always wondered in what way JB used this rifle?" He probably shot stuff with it.
  11. Many times, family stories are "off" a bit. According to family legend, my great, great granddaddy, Cpl Elijah S Davis, Co I, 6th Alabama Infantry CSA, received a wound to his stomach. Checking the records reveled he had suffered from "debilitis" aka diarrhea. After some time in the hospital, he was able to return to his unit.
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