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  1. Found this one: (22) FOR SALE - Navy Arms .58 Buffalo Hunter | The Muzzleloading Forum I have no connection to the seller.
  2. I lived in Alabama for 29 years and grits with butter, salt and pepper was the most common way to eat them. I had one friend who would mix in butter and little bit of granulated beef bouillon. Sometimes, I add sauerkraut to my hot dogs. My wife puts mayo on her hot dog buns. Marshal Mo Hare, grits can be white OR yellow.
  3. Most cylinders are a drop-in fit. Usually the arbor is a bit long and can be filed/stoned to fit.
  4. Don't tell me you live in Alabama and don't like mater sammiches! The horror! White bread, Duke's mayo, home grown maters, salt and pepper.
  5. And the price is.................................?
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