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  1. I had one of these a few years back. It was a wonderful shooter.
  2. I converted an old baby stroller using scrap wood I had around the shop.
  3. I have the following on one of our vehicles-YMS 55, which only makes sense to members of my family and some WW II veterans.
  4. I've owned a couple of these 1 1/2s. They point really well. I'd love to have one in .22 Long Rifle.
  5. No, but I have flashlights handy in every room. Currently, there is one behind the computer screen, one by my wife's easy chair and one by my chair. There is one on each side of our bed. There is one in the middle room, one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. There are also a few others laying around.
  6. Check the Noth-South Skirmish Association website. They show up there every now and then. Wanted/For Sale Items (n-ssa.net)
  7. I usually used the term "offender". The TV news uses "suspect", unless it is a law enforcement officer involved.
  8. NEVER take a NAA mini revolver apart. The bolt spring is the size of a hair pin in diameter and extremely easy to bend out of shape. One day I was given two to reassemble. One went back together easily. The second, I ruined two springs trying to reassemble it. Sent that one back to the factory. Putting the cylinder release back together in a Charter Arms revolver is also a pain. Working on H&R top break shotguns requires a few slave pins as well.
  9. Works for me! I wish the ole piggy bank had sumpthin in it except dust. The Enfield design is better anyway, with the slot for cleaning patches.
  10. That appears to be a British Enfield ramrod, not a Springfield ramrod.
  11. Why oh why do nice guns like this show up when I'm so broke that if steamboats were selling for a dime a dozen, all I could do is run up and down the riverbank, hollering "AIN'T THAT CHEAP?"
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