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  1. Nice looking old TD. "I've always wondered in what way JB used this rifle?" He probably shot stuff with it.
  2. And the size is...………………………….????
  3. The original Blackhawk, introduced in 1955, was the mid size .357 frame. Then, the .44 Magnum Blackhawk was introduced and it was larger than the .357 Blackhawk. In 1973, Ruger introduced the New Model Blackhawk with the transfer bar. This revolver was/is able to safely chamber six rounds. When the New Model was introduced, Ruger dropped the mid frame .357 and all Blackhawks were built on this larger .44 Magnum frame. The Vaquero was introduced and built on the larger frame. Many shooters wanted a smaller frame, similar to the Colt SAA, so Ruger brought back the mid frame, with non adjustable sights, and called it the New Vaquero. The first Vaquero, built on the large .44 Magnum frame, was dropped and the New Vaquero became the Vaquero. I believe the .357 and .45 Colt Blackhawks are built on the mid sized frame and the .30 Carbine, .41 Magnum and the .44 Magnum are built on the large frame.
  4. The old common law definition of burglary, that I learned back in criminal law class, is "The breaking and entering of the dwelling place of another, at nighttime, with the intent to commit a crime within." Of course, different states define crimes differently.
  5. This young lady is a fine old time musician.
  6. Many times, family stories are "off" a bit. According to family legend, my great, great granddaddy, Cpl Elijah S Davis, Co I, 6th Alabama Infantry CSA, received a wound to his stomach. Checking the records reveled he had suffered from "debilitis" aka diarrhea. After some time in the hospital, he was able to return to his unit.
  7. Please let me know if you decide to sell the M27 holster and speedloader pouches separately.


    Gil Tercenio aka Muley Gil




  8. Does it have a "S" prefix serial number or an "N" prefix serial number? Please send pictures to ass0mine1@yahoo.com .
  9. The 1873 Winchester action isn't strong enough for .44 Magnum.
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