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  1. Just watched it. Have you ever watched Alan Hale Jr in a sit com? He basically plays "The Skipper" in every role. When he was on the Andy Griffith Show, he was looking for a wife. he even called Barney "little buddy."
  2. Not tonight, but a couple of nights ago, I cooked up a mess of navy beans seasoned with country ham, chow-chow on the side, mixed greens and fried cornbread.
  3. Have you posted on the North-South Skirmish Association's site? Shooting Spencers come up for sale over there on occasion. https://www.n-ssa.net/vbforum/forumdisplay.php/7-Wanted-For-Sale-Items
  4. I can just barely see ".357" stamped on the boxes. I assume this is the caliber.
  5. That looks like a Common Rifle patchbox.
  6. Fort Shenandoah is still there, outside of Winchester VA. You are welcome to come back and shoot N-SSA again.
  7. If you get into long guns, don't forget the Richmond rifle musket.
  8. Might be worth your while to drive up to Winchester VA. http://www.blackpowderva.com/
  9. Don't feel alone. Question: What are divorces so expensive? Answer: Because they are WORTH IT!
  10. Tell us about your Buick, MM. My first car was a 1952 Buick Super four sedan. It had been my granddaddy's car and my grandmother kept it after he died. in '58. She gave it to me when I was 17. I sure miss it. Mine had the 263 straight eight and a DynaFlow transmission. Not real quick off of the line, but it would fly when it got to speed. Got it up to 104 MPH one time.
  11. A married man doesn't have to have a good memory. His WIFE will remember everything for him.
  12. When I go to town (16 plus miles either north or SE), I carry a Benchmade auto 5000. I carried it in Kosovo and in Afghanistan. When I'm out on my land, I have a NRA Buck folder that is about the same size as a 110, only it has an orange plastic handle with finger grooves. This one in in a nylon belt pouch. I also have a Swiss Army knife in my back pocket.
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