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  2. Aside from the caliber I can't see any of these over-priced 1911 variations being able to do anything my Rock Island Arms 1911 can't do as well and for around $400.00. Springfield is as good, but costs more. Still inexpensive, but a bit more. Of course if you're willing to pay for bragging rights, then.........!?
  3. Howdy; I zero the rifle at 50 yards. I like the bullet to hit above my sights as sometime I pull down on the trigger. Also use the same rifle for field pistol silhouettes with a different load. Revolver are set to 15 yards, as minimum target must be 10 meters are not always huge.
  4. Losing a dog is hard. Sorry for your loss Wolfgang.
  5. Who knows for sure? No guessing, please.
  6. Same thought sprung into my head when I saw it!
  7. https://www.ksn.com/community/veteran-salute/veteran-salute-ball-turret-gunner-says-you-never-get-over-combat/2018748578
  8. Lyman "M" Die 44 Mag for .428-.430 bullets 44-40 for .427 bullets Bulging eliminated
  9. I thought Tupper Ware was fer storing stuff .... For bottom feeders make mine a 1911 ... Jabez Cowboy
  10. I have a Rossi Puma 16' barrel and it holds 10 .38 special at 1.50 OAL with no problems & slicker than owl crap. JRJ
  11. What July Smith said. The nominal price increase for a DW you'll pay over a Colt, Kimber, at al is money well spent. From what I've seen I'd say they are almost on par with Les Baer 1911s.
  12. May God continue to bless Both you and Him ... Jabez Cowboy
  13. I don't zero my rifle(s) at all. If I had windage issues I might, but so far no. I know what the sight picture should be at the distances we typically shoot and that's about it. Works for me. I got multiple hits on the 200 yard buffalo at GA State last year with it (18 inch barrel, 125 grain TCFP over 2.7 of Clays) but it did take me a couple of shots to figure out what the hold over was.
  14. Liberty and it's Brother aren't Free .... And Freedom can be lost by not keeping your eyes ever open .... Jabez Cowboy
  15. So sorry for your loss. She was always warm and kind towards me.
  16. https://aviation.stackexchange.com/questions/24441/do-jet-fighters-have-air-conditioning-systems
  17. I don't know exact temps but the flight suits are not really insulate. The normal coveralls are nomex for fire protection. When you start looking at the U-2 or old SR-71 suits, those are indeed pressure suits. Cargo planes and helicopters only wear this along with life preservers. Fighter jet pilots wear g-force suits over flight suits to help with blood flow to prevent the pilots from blacking out during high-g maneuvers.
  18. One piece of equipment worth mentioning is the Redding Competition Bullet Seating Die, which will only seat the bullet but will do so absolutely straight into the case. This can be important in the 44-40 and 38-40 because of the thin case mouth. If a bullet is seated a little crooked, the thin case does not "straighten out" the bullet like, say, a thicker 45 Colt case may. You can actually see a crooked seated bullet as it bulges the case neck on one side, imprinting the bullets shape and/or base. You are then left wondering why your completed cartridge won't chamber, especially in some revolvers. These Redding dies are a little expensive and are not absolutely necessary if you take your time as mentioned. However. I shoot the 44-40 and 38-40 a lot. I have used the Redding Competition Seating Dies now for almost 20 years and like the fact that they virtually eliminate one potential source of problems for these two cartridges.
  19. This is the next reloading skill on my list, Hollifer. I'll talk with you about it this weekend. MH
  20. I was given a trimmer similar to the one in this video & it works like a champ. The one I have uses an Xacto knife blade instead of the trimmer blade screwed to the dowel. Looking for a picture of it now. The blade in my trimmer works like the one in this video, you mark the length you want, then stick the Xacto blade in the dowel at that point. Angling it about 30 degrees works best.
  21. Nice . . . . . . just recently lost my dog . . . .
  22. Thanks for input. Will increase up to 5.5g for now and then will try a heaver bullet, 250g, when my stock runs out. Have a great day
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