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  1. The drip rifles were set up to cover the last night of the retreat from ANZAC Cove. As the last troops were leaving a trench they would punch a small hole into the top tin and some time later the rifle would fire, there was no one left to reload it. https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/H19321/
  2. Was this it? https://onlineoutpost.net/product/large-and-small-interchangeable-brass-bead-front-rifle-sight-uberti-1873-1866-rossi-and-marlin-410-and-450/ Also available from here http://www.thesmithshop.com/beadbrass.html
  3. This is from Guns and ammo Internationally, primers are manufactured by several firms in different parts of the world. Armscor in the Philippines, for example, Sellier & Bellot in the Czech Republic, Fiocchi in Italy and JSC in Russia are some of the more prominent companies. An industry insider told G&A that several million primers are currently en route from Europe to the U.S. by way of ship, which may help meet at least some of the demand for loaded ammunition. Still, those primers need to arrive, be offloaded, clear customs and then be distributed to the various manufacturers who can use them to produce ammunition. This will take time. https://www.gunsandammo.com/editorial/great-primer-shortage-2020/383204
  4. I have the same dream. I bought a Baikal DR in 45-70 and had nothing but heart ache. I then bought a Sabatti DR in 45-70 and couldn't be happier. Make sure its a later model and the barrels aren't ground down and you will be pretty happy. Mine was $6,000 but I am guessing they will be a fair bit cheaper in the USA? https://www.sabatti.it/en/shotguns-and-rifles/classic-92-side-by-side-express/
  5. This is for the total campaign: British Empire: 160,790 (31,389 killed)[11] 3,778+ died of disease 90,000 evacuated sick[7] France: 27,169 killed, wounded or missing deaths from disease: unknown 20,000 evacuated sick Total: 302,000 (46,000 killed)[11] Ottoman Empire: 56,643 killed 97,007 wounded or injured 11,178 missing or PoW 69,440 evacuated sick[12] 21,000 died of disease[7] Total: 250,000 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gallipoli_campaign
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