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  1. We call it Mild Bunch. .45 can be difficult in some states of Australia and some ranges aren't approved for it. Therefore, some shoot what they call Mild Bunch with 9mm. However, all Titles are in .45.
  2. Found it Pat Garrett.pdf (australiansingleactionshooting.com.au)
  3. It's even harder for us, we are both in Australia.
  4. I am surprised that as bad as the casualties were in the US Civil War they weren't worse given they were using smoothbore flintlock tactics (lining up and shooting at one another) when they had rifled, percussion guns capable of so much better accuracy.
  5. There is a bit of 2207 still around in some of the Gun stores as well. I think ADI are still making and distr it.
  6. Check this out too. forum.accurateshooter.com I cant vouch for the accuracy on this website- do your due diligence.
  7. We have something similar we call Pat Garret. I think there are rules on this site somewhere for it. You could swap the pistol for your .22 rifle.
  8. H4198 is ADI- AR2207 rebranded. Look up ADI Load Data on the inter webby thing. here is a starting point. Data – Rifle – ADI World Class Powders and Ammunition ADI Handloaders guide 2013.pdf (ballisticstudies.com) Note that at the end of the loading manual is a Single Action Section with lead projectile loads for Trapdoor rifles.
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