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  1. Its $2.49 if you buy one can and $35.99 for the case of 24. This is Australia clearly beer is going to be cheaper than Coke, or water for that matter Each $2.49 Case (24) $35.99
  2. Benson & Hedges Smooth Dark Blue 20s $48.99 So nearly $50 for 20 cigarettes ($2.50 each- that's about $1.60USD). and a can of Coke Coca Cola 375mL 24pk $2.49 each So, about the same as a cigarette? So, the pic wasn't too far off
  3. Thanks PWB, I knew the answers were out there. I didn't think it made sense, thanks for the edumecation. Oh, and it wasn't me, it was a discussion about a shoot elsewhere where a member was given a MSV for this and it just didn't gel with me.
  4. I know I am going to regret this, but here goes. If the long gun is the last firearm used, it must be cleared prior to it leaving the shooter’s hand(s) at the unloading area. (SHB page 17 & SHB page 16). There are some exemptions but let's go with this as the scenario. Two questions: 1. I couldn't find a specific penalty in the SHB at the two locations above (so long as it is clear and open, and assuming I put it down and went back to pick up the SG), I could be missing something? 2. This seems a little counter intuitive (I got a Thesaurus for my birthday), I can shoot the rifle dry (I can't count to ten) and put it down clear and open when I am moving to another string (say SG) and then at the completion of the travesty I call a stage I go back pick up my rifle and drag my sorry tail to the ULT to the sound of laughter from my pose. However, if the rifle is last, I can't put it down (clear and open) go back pick up my SG and then pick up the rifle on my way thru to the ULT (still laughter in the background). I am sure there is a reason for this, but I can't see it, please feel free to point out the obvious I have missed.
  5. Its Zinc cream and the nose and cheeks are just the worse places for sunburn. They probably have the usual rub in type of sunscreen on the rest of their face and arms/legs.
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