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  2. Hey, at least they're not the Seattle Mariners. The only team in Major-League Baseball to have never been to the World Series... in fact the last time they even played a post-season game the World Trade Center towers were still standing.
  3. Well deserved honor for a wonderful cowboy that Fannie and I, like so many others, feel privileged to call our friend. And like I told you, I want to be the first to buy you a drink when y'all get here in Tombstone! See ya soon.
  4. Looks more like Minimus than Maximus to me.
  5. Howdy all, I just picked up a pair of piety’s 1851 navys. The good, They have had some work done and the action isn’t bad, cap rake and slick shot nipples installed. The bad, the cylinders have quite a lot of rust, I soaked the cylinders in oil and was able to scrub away most of the rust. However there are a few tough spots that are being stubborn. Any my advice on something that will get the rust off without destroying the blueing?
  6. If you were to post your info, it could very well help other shooters too. OLG
  7. That's some good stuff right there Joe.
  8. Of course the Baptist Category would require "Cross" draw Duh
  9. Right now I use a Kirkpatrick shotshell belt. Whenever Blackhawk gets time I look forward to using one of his bandoliers.
  10. halloween was much more fun with homemade costumes. These are me from the early 70's.
  11. You do have the occasional rifle reload and I keep a couple of pistol reloads on there also.
  12. We broke 240 shooters today with more applications on the way. Gonna have a party!
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  14. Granddaughter wanted us to put solar panels on our roof so we could run the cloths dryer. We use a clothesline.
  15. I'll be using a side x side double barrel, hammerless, two trigger 12 gauge shotgun...
  16. That's interesting the way your shotgun loops are positioned above your cartridge loops... I hadn't thought of that design, figured there wouldn't be room for both. It's nice having a full compliment of extra ammo at your fingertips if you need it.
  17. So I am relying on very old memories to answer this question. Sepharia translates as people of the book. Sephariam therefore would be books or more accurately texts of the Old Testament or of Talmudic teachings.
  18. 17-OCT-2019-0910AM-PACIFIC Have you found what you are lookin for yet? I have some information, but I’m not going to list at all and less I know that you still need it. What caliber is your rifle? Message your email address and phone number to me, please. Cat Brules
  19. That's part of what made me move to Vermont and it wasn't even quite as communist then!
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