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  2. You send someone a gift. They respond with a thank you note. Do you acknowledge the thank you note?
  3. This photo is from Bordertown. He loved Bordertown so much he called last year to say they wouldn't be able to make it but he wanted us to send 'em something from the shoot. So we did. ...sent him an entire Shooter's Packet as motivation really, to get those 2 back to Tombstone asap! Man, we'll miss you Judge. Although my heart breaks at this moment, when I think of you I just smile! Can't help it because that's what you brought to this world...your big, bright, beautiful spirit! RIP, my friend. And Yazoo? I have his text sent when y'all were traveling to N. Carolina for your 37th anniversary. Last thing he wrote? "I love my wife." Cindi, you are in our hearts and our prayers, girl.
  4. Now Rye, you know the rules, pictures or it didn't happen
  5. C'mon Rye. Most of my favorite quotes have those words too. But, there have got to be a few others you can conjure up , that are lacking those words
  6. Well folks I bought the Marlin. It's a 24" and my .38's feed just fine. Great shooter, very accurate and I forgot how light these are compared to the 73's and 66's. This is an older JM Marlin, love it!! I just may be a Marlin convert!
  7. Rule #1. Never load a rodeo bronc, into a thoroughbred race gate. That's just never gonna work. It's a 90 degree thing.
  8. I saw that. Fortunate the jockey wasn't hurt, and that the horse didn't get mixed up with the others.
  9. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/horse-racing/news/preakness-stakes-2019-bodexpress-riderless-horse-races-throws-jockey-john-velazquez/122xapta5fmur185kn34ehs9mx
  10. My daughter told her daughter's (Brianne), if they got out of line they would have to face Brianne's grandfather and he had a "big assed gun".
  11. Not for me. My 22 oz. Stanley framing hammer is not a kitchen utensil. It stays in the basement with the other tools.
  12. http://www.srscowboy.com/GA_state_19_match.htm Click on the links that say "Summaries".
  13. My uncle's story I love about Korea was that it was so cold that the zipper on your sleeping bag would freeze closed from the condensation from your body heat. He said " Don't ever let anyone tell you you can't run in a sleeping bag.
  14. Bubba, Your post has brought tears to my eyes. Tears of sadness for the passing of the Judge and other good pards that have passed but also tears of joy and gratitude that I had the chance to know the Judge and fellow cowboys that have passed.
  15. That strangely is making a lot of sense to me this morning...
  16. Suspenders make the 5 gun belt stay up better Imis ask me how I know
  17. The world ends when you're dead. Until then, you got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man - and give some back. Al Swearengen to A.W. Merrick, after the Deadwood Pioneer paper was ransacked.
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  19. Hooligan, all they show now for sale is wooden grips...
  20. I can't speak for Chilli Pepper, but my assumption is that he likes to have the primer pocket exposed to the timbling media to allow it a chance to get cleaned. I have done it both ways. Deprimed and tumbled or tumbled and deprimed. I have started depriming and tumbling every fourth reload now. I am also using an rcbs case prep station to use a carbon scraper on the primer pockets at that point to just help clean them out. I actually think that the scrapper gets the pocket cleaner than tumbling does. On top of it all, I am reloading for 4, so the time savings of not depriming first everytime keeps me mildly sane.
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