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  1. While I had my 1897 dissembled for cleaning, the hammer snapped forward. Now I cannot get the hammer backed to cocked, therefore I cannot reassemble the action. Any tricks to get the hammer back to cocked? Its an 1897 take down made in 1908.
  2. Stupid question: Are there other versions of the venerable 1897 pumpgun other than the take down version? I am looking for a replacement barrel for my 100YO takedown gun. I saw one on Ebay but the seller said it was not for a take down.
  3. This is the letter I sent to SASS HQ asking for an exception for Ruger 327 7 shooters. I have never shot one, but I know of some folks who would benefit from a 32 caliber pistol. Until Ruger makes a 6 shooter for CAS in 327, I think the 7 shooter should be allowed. Discuss. If I am wrong I am wrong. But I think allowances can and should be made. Aloha, I am writing to submit an exception to allow the 7 shot Ruger 327 revolver to be allowed for SASS matches. The current handbook does not allow for anything but a 6 shooter (with one exception I believe) for sanctioned matches. However, I think an exception for the New Model Single-Six / Single-Seven. Many smaller shooters, youths, women and many older shooters would benefit from a 32 caliber pistol. Also this would be advantageous for people who want to use a 32 caliber rifle such as a Henry. Ruger products are well known to SASS members. The 7 shot Ruger can be loaded with 5 rounds and used for CAS matches. We must look to the future and adapt current products in order to help recruit the next generation of shooters. Mahalo, Colonel Del Rio #100248
  4. Are the Ruger 327 “New Model Single-Six® : Single-Seven™ “ SASS legal? Does anyone here have experience with them?
  5. Aloha, I have an 1897 pump (made in 1908). Since I am not shooting it any time soon, I was wondering if there any recommended shops out in cowboy-land that could give it a bit of work. Any recommendations? Col. Del Rio
  6. Greetings, Since I a lot of time on my hands, I am doing some gunwork. I have a series 80 1911 (1991) 45. It is standard. Who makes an affordable full length guide rod and spring? Colonel Del Rio
  7. Col Del Rio


    I need to get a new/another gun safe. What are the preferred brands? Anyone buy a safe from Costco? Remember, I like in Hawaii so pickens is slim.
  8. Thanks. That is what I needed to know.
  9. Anyone use one of the 1873 Taylor Youth Models? I am looking at them for my wife (she is quite petite). Any feeding issues with the 38 Spcl?
  10. Success! For the first time my wife came to a match! She loved it. She shot 22s but wants to move up. She is quite petite so what are the better brands for smaller sized rifles and pistols( preferably 38 Spcl).
  11. I should know this, but what is the rule of thumb for reloading 38 specials to feed properly in 1873 actions rifles?
  12. A White Noise generator or fan helps me sleep at night. Hearing aids during the day.
  13. Thanks All. I think it may be my grip. I gotta go to the range and do some serious paper research.
  14. Greetings, I have a 1911 (really 1991) Colt 45 I use for Wild Bunch shooting. I shoot traditional (i.e. one handed). The pistol has fixed sights. Is there a proven method to "adjust" the sights?Thanks, Col. Del Rio
  15. Thank you all for your inputs. To answer Sedaila Dave, I live off the beaten path. I live in Hawaii.
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