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  1. Does Ruger still make the Vaquero Birdhead? Who else makes such a pistol?
  2. Aloha, I am tired of repairing my ancient (110+YO) Winchester 1897. I want something better. AND my wife want's one too!!!! I know that the good replica are hard to get but I open to suggestions. Col. Del Rio
  3. My wife has finally joined SASS! "Diamondhead Dame" needs a set of holsters. She shoots Vaqueros. She is very petite. She wants crossdraw. Recommendations for outfitters? Thanks, Col. Del Rio
  4. Greetings, I am going to modify a Stoeger coach gun for my wife. She is very petite. Before I start worrying about length-of-pull (LOP), I want to get a really good recoil pad for her. Then I can make the needed adjustments. What makes/models of pads do you all recommend? Thanks, Co. Del Rio
  5. Greetings, The locking pin spring (#13 on many diagrams) on my 110+ YO 1897 went flying off into the brush. Looks like I gotta find another. Anyone know of a place to find one? I lost the spring and still have the pin (#12) but if they come as a pair I'd get both. Or does anyone know of a good work around/substitute for the the spring? Thots? Co. Del Rio
  6. Anyone have experience with the Tippmann Rolling Blocks? I'd like to get a 45-70 rifle someday.
  7. Are 1/2 inch 12 ga shells legal for use?
  8. I have an ancient (110 YO) Win 1897 pump. I put a newer barrel on it. Now it won't feed well. Any suggestions?
  9. Aloha,


    I just got back on island. Thanks for the loading block. Wife loves it!!


    Mahalo (Thanks)


    Col. Del Rio


  10. I want to get a Stoeger coach gun for my wife. I have heard that the single triggers are harder to maintain than the double triggers. Anyone have knowledge of this? Also I am still debating 12 gauge vs 20 gauge. Lighter gun that is easier to control verses lesser felt recoil. Thoughts?
  11. You really don't need to bring anything for a match. We have loaners and first time guests shoot for free! https://www.sashgunclub.com/ has all the info you need for the matches HPD laws: HPD Information http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/hrscurrent/ Hawaii Rifle Association has the latest info https://hawaiirifleassociation.org/
  12. SASH (https://www.sashgunclub.com/) is back in the saddle! We have our first match since July last year. If you are ever out in the 50th State , come on by.
  13. Thank you all for your inputs. To answer Sedaila Dave, I live off the beaten path. I live in Hawaii.
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