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  2. Gunsmoke in Minnesota. It's going on this week.
  3. I believe it was the 2015 legislative session that state preemption passed which mooted the Lost Wages handgun registration requirement. Repealing preemption was one of the wet dreams of the anti 2A legislators & governor voted in Nov 2018 that didn't survive the 2019 session. Prior to the 2013 legislative session you could only carry the type of firearm you qualified with, revolver or pistol. That restriction as well as the breaking the law if the concealed handgun becoming unconcealed was removed in 2013. Of course you could carry open any firearm without a CC license.
  4. That web site is way out of date now. The current one is http://cagunslingers.com Doc
  5. Excellent condition Cimarron 1873 in 44 Special has 24” octagon barrel straight stock, wood has been oil finished. Rifle is short-stroked, carrier milled & lightened as well as all springs. I am not sure who did the work but it runs well. Looking to sell for $1100 shipped or trade for an 1873 in 357/38 might consider one in 45LC.
  6. Pat, In Fresno County, we qualify using a silhouette target. Also, I've carried my off-roster XDS 4.0 without an issue from my issuing agency. But, like you said, it could be dependent upon your particular Sheriff. Keep me posted, I'm interested in what you find out.
  7. Hello, I'm looking for Grips for my Old Single Six's. The frame is the kxr00300 XR3-red frames. They say its old/new single six or old Black Hawk's. I like the Eagle gun fighters. Thanks Smokewagon Grampies
  8. Hello, I'm looking for Grips for my Old Single Six's. The frame is the kxr00300 XR3-red frames. They say its old/new single six or old Black Hawk's. I like the Eagle gun fighters. Thanks Smokewagon Grampies
  9. Check with the club you are shooting I shoot the same main match loads out to 180 yrds here
  10. I would just throw out if you are considering playing Wild Bunch, consider either 44-40 or .45 as WB requires .40 or larger rifle.
  11. Mine is my custom .220 Ackley Improved Swift. I built the rifle and stock. started with a 03 Springfield action, Shilen SS match barrel and topped with a 6 x 20 Leupold VXIII scope. I built the thumbhole walnut stock. Shoots sub moa groups and I shoot lots of prairie dogs and coyotes with it.
  12. Ya'll please lift up my father in law if ya find a few moments. Last Tuesday he was heading to town on a section of Hwy 278 that is 2 lane. In the approaching lane, a car was stopped waiting to make a left hand turn. As he reached the halted car, it was rear ended by someone in a pickup truck going 15 over the speed limit, and screwing around on her phone. Its a pretty straight, flat stretch. She said she never noticed a stopped Chevy Impala in front of her and hit it full speed. 65 mph. This collision propelled the Impala into my father in laws lane and the two cars banged sides. My father in laws car was going 50-55. The collision knocked him off the road, out of control and head into a 150' tall or so, 4' diameter concrete utility pole about 125' away. They had to cut him out and life flight him to the hospital. His upper left arm completely shattered with bones projecting out. Right forearm, similar thing. Left knee shattered. Left knee dislocated. Multiple ribs cracked. Neck injury and hes in a massive collar that extends down to the shoulders, though no one has told me any details on the neck yet. He has all of his mental faculties, thankfully, and is fully alert, aware, talks, and everything. He was moved to a rehab center yesterday, and will be there for what they expect to be 3-6 months. He's really looking at his knee having to fully recover before walking. With two arms injured so badly, and the broken ribs, he cannot put any weight on either arm or on his ribs, so crutches and walkers are out. They have repaired the arms and the knee, but right now, hes flat on his back unable to feed himself, scratch an itch or anything. He'll probably be in bed at least 6-8 more weeks they said. And he needs full time professional care til he recovers. We have been warned that he may very well lose full use of his hands or arms. We all get the sense they are not telling us everything, though the amount of information they do share is too much to recall. On a positive note, he did get into a dedicated rehab center, rather than a typical long term care/nursing home. This place is really really nice and his nephew being a doctor just down the road making a call or two made all of the difference. They usually don't take people longer than 2-3 weeks, and his nephew knew that before calling. Told us all it was a long shot. And they even said they don't typically hold people more than 3 weeks. They think he'll be in as much as 3-6 months. The rooms are huge, private and just plain comfortable. And its fairly new and modern, built within the last year or two. The staff is really good too. Doctor/nurse/therapist ratio real good compared to other facilities that rely heavily upon low paid, low skill overloaded caregivers. No one else in the wreck was hurt. The driver of the truck admitted fault, and gave all the details about the phone, her speed, everything. She was transported by ambulance due to a panic attack. She thought she may have killed someone.
  13. Welcome to a great game and way of life. Being on a limited budget and all I’d suggest the .38/.357 it’s a bit cheaper on the reloading side but if you get hooked, and there’s a good chance you will 44-40 holds all of the charm, IMNSHO, of course. There’s just something about the 44WCF and Cowboy Action Shooting. Later on when you’re considering Classic Cowboy you might give it a try. If you’re like most of us the first set of guns you buy won’t be the last and unprotected gun safe fornication will result in unexpected offspring. You’ve been warned.
  14. SPS, I'll take it. Give me the info to follow up! Thanx, Yosemite Sam
  15. When I got my 66, I too was having failures to fire. Comparing it to my Henry, I could see that the hammer was falling visibly slower than on the other gun. Also, the lever safety had been removed. In other words, the gun had been given a rather poor action job to slick it up as much as possible. I took it to a local smith and said, "Can you restore it to factory specs?" He did. Now it works flawlessly. My guess is that the hammer is falling to slowly, giving you light hits on your primer that don't always go off. Good luck
  16. Paper jacket the 0.308" diameter 143gr "Lever Hammer" bullets. Two wraps of slightly moistened 25% cotton airmail paper will shrink to 0.015" overall thickness. (.308 + .015 = .323.) More wraps of thinner onion skin may or may not get you closer to 0.321", I've never used onion skin. Assuming 0.321" is the actual grove diameter of your rifle. Always "fun" to patch small diameter bullets! Reference Paul Mathews, "The Paper Jacket"; a good read.
  17. WELCOME Don't buy anydangthing, till you get to a SASS shoot and do a hands on.......... Rugers are 'tanks' and what my wife and I use. .38 Special is the best all around choice(IMHO)depending on what category you'll be shoot'n OLG
  18. Im leaning more toward the 38-40. Sent you a pm on the 44-40 and its condition. If your interested I can email or text you pics
  19. As do I and you are correct they don't get the recognition they deserve. They are also listed on Amazon Smile
  20. Wilson 1911 ultra light carry compact 45acp. Perfect balance and excellent accuracy and reliability no matter what is fed it. Doesn't make my pants drop from the weight of carrying it either
  21. For me, it is a shoot that doesn't exist anymore, at least not in it's original format. The Charity Shoot for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Twelve stages over two days at two clubs. Great shoot with great raffle prizes donated by some of the well known names in the sport. Attended by shooters from several states. In 15 years, it raised over $250,000.00 for the hospital. Manatee would post what a great shoot it was and someone would ask who won. His reply was, "The kids."
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