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  2. I use my Loadmaster with a universal decapping die in a similar way for de-priming.
  3. In .38/.357s I use the RNFP which works well in everything..... except a fussy '92 that prefers TC
  4. For me: Nikon Monarch 5 around 300 dollars Bushnell legend L or M series 180 to 200 dollars Celestron makes a nice 10x56 or a 10x50 with ED glass for 180 dollars Vortex diamond back 200 dollars All are excellant binoculars, you can pay a lot more and in some cases get less or in some get a little better. But I haven't found a quatum leap in performance or functional image quality. But in the end buy what makes you happy. A lot of good suggestions made here. I have an electronic scale for powder measurement that is consistently accurate enough to measure one or two granules of powder. It is overkill and really not necessary but it made me happy.
  5. Cat Brules


    Thanks very much. I’m glad you are following this topic. Cat Brules
  6. Browsing around I came across a new press from Lee. Strange little machine. It's tbreaded for dies on top and bottom and is available with case or bullet feed. Here it is decaping brass. Bulge busting. Bullet sizing would work the same way. I'm thinking it can be set up as a single station press also. Grafs has them listed - both standard and deluxe but out of stock. Deluxe $79 regular $56. https://www.grafs.com/catalog/product/productId/8271 Here is a really long unboxing video with some setup and testing.
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  8. If the deal falls through with Sathington please put me in line for #1 and #2.
  9. Have been using Badmans 160 gr. with 4.0 Tite group works well, but the steel is only 15 to 20 feet away. Will be using the same in this year's new gun for B-western --a lightning and will see what happens.
  10. Kirk James


    Someone could be assigned to sit the dad down and explain the problem. The young junior shooter could also be involved. Most of the time that will be all that is needed. This doesn't involve mine by the way. They are no longer juniors .
  11. Tombstone Mary reports that 230 shooters have signed up for Main Match, leaving about 70 slots remaining! 49 shooters have signed up for Wild Bunch. and now that the required number have signed up for Traditional category, Senior Traditional category is opened. If you are planning to join this group of cowboys and cowgirls for an exciting State match, send in your registration. Hit the 'Buy Now' button on this webpage: https://www.texicanrangers.org/events/comancheria-days to sign up. A good time will be had by all!
  12. Not all RNFP are shaped the same. Bear Creek has a 125 RNFP pictured above that feed reliably in all six of our 73s. Other 125s are more flat on the nose and keep their diameter longer. Bear Creek has a flat point diameter of .207 and overall length of .549 where another brand had a flat pt of .269 and length of .517. We currently shoot Cimarron 105 TCFP and BearCreek 125s for knockdowns. Shoot what works best in your rifle. It only has to feed reliably and go ding. It is the ding part I am struggling with. I know, use your sights!!!!!
  13. Respectfully, Will the SHB be revised or footnoted in the Penalties Overview Section to reflect the apparently long-standing ROC interpretation that "Sweeping anyone" does not include the shooter sweeping himself? Recommendation: I feel we need a SHB that has all of the rules and interpretations written down in one book, and organized logically so they can be understood clearly and applied properly and equally across the SASS landscape. I would recommend a format with numbered sections and subsections, and an index, in order to maintain logical and concise organization, consolidate redundancy and existing tangential discussions, and make it easier to find and cite specific rules. A CRO/TO shouldn't have to look in three or four places or in different books or manuals to find the applicable rules and interpretations to situations. All of the past interpretations, like the one you cited, ought to be visibly included, at least as errata notes or footnotes in the SHB. Not everyone has been historically involved in the rule evolution, and not all SASS shooters have read the WIRE over the past decade or so. The SHB is really the only go-to resource they have to guide their on-the-clock shooting decisions. In taking the timer, we have to rely principally on the SHB. The supplemental RO training and manuals help for those of us who have taken the classes, but the majority of shooters don't have that as support. There needs to be a process for getting all of the rules and interpretations into one handbook that all of the SASS shooters can have and read. The above are just my suggestions. Apply whatever value they are worth. I do write this respectfully of the time, process, and sincere effort that is continuously spent by the ROC and TGs in addressing interpretation and clarification, not the least of which are your clarification efforts (and endless patience) here on the WIRE. I honestly don't mean to insult or test that patience with these comments. I note that prior to retirement, I had 25 + years experience in legislative code writing (California State Fish and Game Code, CA Water Code, and CA State Resources Code). In those transactions, we couldn't have unfootnoted omissions, conflicting sections or cumbersome organization. To do so assured they would be ineffective, unfair to the public, and unenforceable. With that as a qualification, I'm happy to be of service however I can be, toward producing a better organized and comprehensive SHB. And again, thank you for the service which all of you energetically provide to our sport.
  14. It looks like there are three documented cases of planes catching up to there own bullets.
  15. Bisley #1 and Bisley #2 SPF to Sathington, Thanks! I cleared out my inbox thanks for the heads up.
  16. I used RNFP for a few years before changing over to TC for my '73. As others state the TC is longer for the same weight compared to RNFP. I think TC feeds better
  17. Hi Lottie, Yes they are Buckaroos. Dbl sole, spur ridge on a 2" heel. Two tone saddle vamp on the instep. 14" tall. And obviously dirty.
  18. Griff


    Frankly, I'm not just "anyone", ergo, if I sweep myself while holstering or other such, I'm not sweeping "anyone". Another case of applying rules that don't exist. Or applying rules using incorrect definitions. The "sweeping of one's self" has been adjudicated long before there was a "SASS Wire"... Sweeping "anyone" ELSE is a violation of basic safety tenants. And has an appropriate penalty listed in the SHB. I see PWB beat me while I was watchin' TV....
  19. It was determined MANY years ago that there is NO PENALTY for "self-sweeping" (for the reasons CBB noted)...REF: RO3 There ARE penalties for breaking the 170 (e.g. when reholstering into a X-draw), unsafe firearm handling (e.g. staging a long gun in an unsafe manner for downrange movement)...REF also: GF category regs. In reference to the T/O "plucking" a stuck wad from the end of a SG barrel, the shooter would not be penalized for the T/O's action. It could theoretically be done SAFELY by the shooter (e.g. w/action open & cleared) The ROC review is focused on what the shooter should be allowed to do in order to "make the firearm safe". (as well as a few related "WtC?" Q&A's)
  20. Well, I tried to PM you, but it says you cannot receive messages. Please PM me.
  21. I have one, but no drop tubes. Would like somewhere around $90 shipped. Can get picture tomorrow if interested
  22. Could be... Hydrox accuses Oreo of hiding its cookies in stores You can buy online or try to locate a store selling them using this website
  23. Heck, they'll already had to bus off the empty glasses five or six times now.... Next round is on you, right Old Man?
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